Here’s How You Feel About Poetry, Based on Your Personality Type

Poetry is something that not everyone can fully appreciate, since it is often filled with metaphors and symbolism. For some it is a way to express themselves, or connect with others emotions on a deeper and more complex level. Here is how you likely feel about poetry, based on your personality type.



INFJs often enjoy certain types of poetry, since they do find themselves drawn to metaphors and the written word. Hearing different poetry styles and searching for the ones that speak to their soul, is definitely exciting for the INFJ. They might have certain moods where poetry can feel trite to them, but this is often when they are feeling a bit cynical and overwhelmed. Deep down the INFJ often does enjoy poetry, and they might even enjoy writing it on occasion.


ENFJs can often enjoy poetry, since they often enjoy metaphors and hidden meanings. Being able to read poetry which conveys strong emotion and connection can be truly rewarding for the ENFJ. While they might not share their interest in poetry with everyone, it is still something that they often enjoy. ENFJs are usually drawn to the written word, and like being able to hear other perspectives and points of view in this way.


INFPs usually enjoy poetry, and might even be great poets themselves. They might not like all poetry in such a broad sense, but they enjoy the writings that they connect with the most. Being able the read the emotions of others in such a complex and expressive manner, is definitely something they find rewarding. INFPs are complex people with deep emotions inside of them, and these feelings are very personal to who they are. For them poetry is often a way to feel connected with others, and to appreciate them as well.


ENFPs might not always admit that they enjoy certain poetry, especially if they are around others who would judge this. It can be nerve-wracking sharing the more intimate parts of their soul with others, and so for the ENFP it might be kept a secret. ENFPs can definitely enjoy poetry though, since they like metaphors and expressive words. They might not be drawn to the more over the top poets, but can often appreciate their intentions.



INTJs might not appear like the type of people to enjoy poetry, but they are complex people. They often do find themselves drawn to certain poetry, especially if it has a deeper meaning which takes some effort to understand. Being able to read into the metaphors and potential symbolism within the words they are reading, is often an enjoyable challenge for the INTJ. They do have an artistic side even though they don’t share this with everyone and can even be excellent poets themselves in some cases.


ENTJs might enjoy the arts more than people realize, as long as they have the time to engage in them. When they do have the spare time many ENTJs like different types of poetry, especially if it speaks to them personally. While some poetry might seem a bit trite and even corny for their tastes, ENTJs do enjoy the more complex and enriching poetry. They might even be great poets themselves if they invest the time and energy into this art form.


INTPs are complex people with many interests, and so sometimes poetry can be entertaining and enjoyable for them. They often like being able to explore different things, and this often includes different poetry. While the INTP might find some poets to be a bit lacking in depth, the ones with more complex expressions can be very enriching for them. They also might enjoy this as a means of expressing themselves, since their inner emotions don’t always come out as they would like.


ENTPs like being able to explore many different subjects, and don’t like feeling restrained or boxed in. They will often explore different poetry, and might even find some that they truly enjoy. ENTPs do possess complex emotions and so sometimes poetry can help them feel connected to people who feel similar things to them. While they might not let the world know that they enjoy some poetry, it is often something they would rather keep personal.



ISTJs aren’t always the most metaphorical people, and so some poetry might be a bit boring to them. This type of expression can feel a little trite and over the top for some ISTJs. They might appreciate the effort that people put into their artwork, but not all ISTJs will actually enjoy sitting down and reading poetry. They also aren’t super connected to their own emotions, and so sometimes this can make too much expression feel a bit overwhelming.


ESTJs aren’t usually drawn to poetry themselves, and might find most of it to be a bit over the top. For them these types of emotional expressions can feel too exposed, and might seem like an attention grab. While ESTJs can appreciate some poetic efforts, it is not often something they find themselves wanting to dive into. For them metaphors and these types of things can feel a bit pointless, and like a whiny excuse to avoid getting things done the way they are supposed to.


ISFJs might enjoy some poetry, especially if it is shown to them by someone trying to convey their inner emotions. ISFJs appreciate the feelings of others and want to be supportive of them. While some poetry might be a bit too metaphorical for their liking, it doesn’t mean they cannot appreciate the effort and the emotions that are put into it. ISFJs can be very practical people and so sometimes things like poetry can struggle to really maintain their interest.


For ESFJs poetry can be a great way to connect with the emotions of others, since this is something that is most important to them. If someone they love enjoys poetry they will definitely be drawn to it, and will enjoy being able to understand them a little better because of this. ESFJs often enjoy the written word and will like poetry that expresses an emotion they can truly connect to. For them some things can feel a bit pretentious, and in those situations they won’t be all that interested.



ISTPs aren’t usually interesting in too many metaphors or emotional expressions, so they might not be drawn to poetry. For them in the moment and real world things are often more of an interest. ISTPs are natural problem solvers who enjoy seeking out excitement and anything that ignites their passions. Poetry might be something they can entertain for a short time, but rarely do they find themselves diving into it completely.


ESTPs aren’t usually greatly poetic people, although some poetry might speak to them on a deeper level. In most cases ESTPs might find these emotional expressions to be a bit over the top and even cheesy in a negative way. They are more drawn to the real world around them and find themselves interested in things that spark their passions and thrill them the most. ESTPs can become bored easily and while they do enjoy researching, poetry can be a bit lacking for them.


ISFPs possess rather deep inner emotions and this is something they hold very personal. While ISFPs do live very present in the world around them, they often can appreciate the complexity of poetry. For the ISFP it is about finding the words that connect with them the most and truly make them feel something. ISFPs are often drawn to the arts in many different forms, and to them poetry can be truly rewarding.


ESFPs often enjoy many different subjects, especially ones pertaining to the arts. While ESFPs might not favor too many metaphors, there is still a part of them that feels drawn to poetry. For the ESFP it is often the honest and open expressions of inner emotions. They feel things very deeply and the ESFP follows these emotions where they might lead them. Certain poetry can often connect to them in a way that they truly appreciate.


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