Here’s Why People Underestimate You, Based on Your Personality Type

We can all feel underestimated from time to time, but this often occurs for different reasons. People can be underestimated because they are quiet, because they are playful, or even because they are honest. Here is why others underestimate you, based on your personality type.



INFJs are often underestimated by others because they can appear rather quiet around most people. They also don’t show much of themselves, because they keep things within their many layers. This makes it easy for people to underestimate the INFJ and not fully realize how capable and aware they truly are. INFJs are highly intuitive and empathetic people, which can make them a real force to be reckoned with. They can often understand others easily, and can read their actions and patterns without much effort. INFJs are very strong and understanding people, but the fact that so much of their personality is hidden beneath layers makes it truly easy for them to be underestimated by others.


ENFJs are often underestimated because of their compassionate and giving nature. The fact that they are so kind to others often makes people feel like they are doormats. They can be underestimated by those who wish to take advantage of their kindness, and this will certainly be something that backfires for them. ENFJs might be caring and extremely giving people, but that does not mean they are weak or naïve. They are also very strong and fierce, especially when they are protecting someone they love.


INFPs are often underestimated because of their sensitive and kind hearts. They are in touch with their own emotions and can appear rather sensitive to those around them, which makes it easy for people to underestimate them. While INFPs do care about others and they do have strong inner emotions, that does not mean they are weak or incapable of standing up for themselves. They can be truly fierce when they believe in something, and always strive to do what they feel is right. INFPs can actually be pretty intense when they feel like someone is trying to push them around.


ENFPs can be easily underestimated because of their playful and caring nature. They have big hearts and they often wear them right on their sleeves. This openness and warm-hearted demeanor can definitely cause others to underestimate the ENFP. They also want to have a good time and can turn many things into a joke, which makes others lack a full realization of how fierce they can be. When the ENFP has been pushed too far they can show a different side to their normally cheery disposition, which can be a bit frightening for those who don’t know about it.



INTJs are more likely to be underestimated by those who do not know them, since the people close to the INTJ realize what they are capable of. When the INTJ is underestimated by someone it is often because they want this to be the case, and so they don’t show all of their cards right away. While they are strong and focused people, it can sometimes benefit them for newcomers to lack a full awareness of who they are and what they can actually accomplish.


When it comes to getting things done and accomplishing their goals, ENTJs are rarely underestimated. This usually only occurs when they meet someone new and intend for that person to lack a full awareness of their own capabilities. Where ENTJs can actually be underestimated is in their ability to care for others and be truly loyal companions. Since they aren’t highly emotional people it can seem like they would make for cold partners in life, but in truth ENTJs are extremely loyal and considerate to the ones they care for most.


INTPs are often underestimated because they can be rather quiet and internal about things. They don’t always express themselves openly and at times they can be seen as reserved. The fact that INTPs are such introverted people, can make it easy for others to underestimate them and their abilities. INTPs are intelligent and great at problem solving, they also pay close attention to what is going on around them. The fact that they are always analyzing things makes it so the INTP often knows much more than anyone truly realizes.


ENTPs can often be underestimated because of their sense of humor and desire to make everything funny. They can make a lot of jokes and sometimes deflect away from their emotions. This can cause others to underestimate the ENTP and expect that they cannot be taken seriously. In truth ENTPs observe everything around them and are always striving to learn and grow from their situation. This definitely makes it so that others underestimate their abilities and sometimes even their intelligence- that is until they get into a debate with the ENTP.



ISTJs are often underestimated because they aren’t likely to speak loudly or constantly express themselves. They can keep to themselves a lot and try to focus on getting things done. People might not recognize just how capable of strong-willed they can be, since the ISTJ doesn’t feel the need to constantly showcase their abilities. They simply want to focus on improving themselves and are highly introverted people. Their introverted behaviors definitely cause them to be underestimated by others, until something happens were they see otherwise.


ESTJs aren’t often underestimated, since they can be rather aggressive and upfront people. They go after what they want and don’t allow anything to stand in their way. ESTJs are more likely to be underestimated in social situations where they are simply there to have a good time and be friendly. When people get to the ESTJ it is less likely that they will underestimate their strength or their abilities to get things done rather efficiently.


ISFJs can usually be underestimated because of their kindness and the fact that they keep quiet oftentimes. They like to create a sense of harmony and comfort in their environment, and sometimes this makes them seem like pushovers. Just because the ISFJ cares for others and wants to make their loved ones happy, does not mean they are incapable of being protective and even fierce. They do have a line that once crossed can bring out their more aggressive and commanding side.


ESFJs are often underestimated because of their kindness and their desire to please others. Many people might not really see their fierce side or even their intelligence. People can easily peg the ESFJ as the caregiver, and while this is true it does not show all that they are capable of. When a line is crossed for the ESFJ they can be rather intense and even aggressive people. They are also very protective of their loved ones, and so people don’t realize just how far they can go once they are pushed.



ISTPs are usually underestimated because they keep to themselves most of the time. Others might not realize their problem solving abilities, or their intensity, simply because they don’t get a chance to see it. ISTPs don’t really open up to most people and can prefer being on their own. People who know the ISTP rarely underestimate them or their abilities. The people who underestimate the ISTP are strangers who haven’t had the opportunity to get to know them, simply because they keep others at a distance.


ESTPs can be underestimated because of their friendly and outgoing nature. People might see them as simply partiers who enjoy living in the moment and so they won’t be taken as seriously from this point of view. While ESTPs do like having fun, they can also be driven and truly intense people. They also have secrets, ones that most people can’t even fathom. ESTPs are good at keeping certain things to themselves, and so part of their personality is hidden beneath.


ISFPs can be underestimated often, mostly because they are quiet and kind people. They can be a bit shy when they are meeting new people, and so they don’t realize how friendly and fun the ISFP can truly be. Their sensitive nature can also cause others to see them as fragile and so they underestimate their abilities and their inner strengths. While ISFPs are caring and giving people, they are also capable of standing up for the things they truly believe in.


ESFPs can be underestimated because of their friendly and fun-loving nature. They enjoy making the most out of the present moment and strive to put a positive spin on just about everything. This positivity and upbeat attitude can cause people to entire underestimate the ESFP. They might see them as flighty and they won’t realize just how strong and fierce they can truly be. When the ESFP is pushed over the edge they can be intense people, and even a little bit vindictive when protecting someone they love.


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