Here’s How You Feel About Clutter, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people might despise a messy environment, clutter is entirely different. Some people end up with cluttered surroundings, but they know exactly where everything is and really don’t mind this set up. For others too much clutter can feel stressful and they prefer to keep everything in a more minimalist style. Here is how you most likely feel about clutter, based on your personality type.



INFJs can often handle some clutter, as long as it is their own doing. If they are surrounded by other people’s clutter it can throw them off and become a bit annoying. They are organized people but they still can have somewhat of an organized chaos around them. INFJs might appear disorganized to an outsider, but they know exactly where everything is. They do however dislike mess, and when someone is incapable of picking up after their own mess it can certainly be unappealing to them.


ENFJs often prefer to keep an organized environment, but that doesn’t mean it is free of clutter. They can become so focused on taking care of their chores and their loved ones, that keeping things perfect in appearance really isn’t of interest in their own personal space. While they might try to keep things organized and presentable in their home where they entertain, their bedroom is entirely different. ENFJs often have a somewhat cluttered bedroom, but they always know exactly where everything is.


INFPs can definitely be a bit cluttered at times, and can even be seen as messy. INFPs have such active inner minds that they can go days without really coming out of this internal headspace, this can cause them to neglect the outside world a bit. When this happens the INFPs environment will definitely become messy, but regardless it is often cluttered. They don’t mind having a bit of chaos around them, especially if they know where the important things are located.


ENFPs can be odd with how they feel about clutter, and can bounce back and forth. One day they might have a somewhat cluttered and even messy environment, but the next day they go on a cleaning rampage. ENFPs often do this depending on their current mood and what will be more conducive to their creative vibe. Some days the ENFP will want things perfectly organized, but oftentimes clutter does not bother them at all.



INTJs are often seen as organized people, but their personal environment might be a bit different. While things are certainly organized, they sometimes live in a bit of organized chaos. Things might be a bit cluttered from an outside view, but the INTJ always knows exactly where everything is at all times. Even if it does not appear this way their clutter is often helpful for them in their personal environment. There are times when they don’t want clutter around them, it entirely depends on their surroundings and what they are working on.


ENTJs really don’t mind a little clutter, as long as it is their own design. When they are surrounded by other people’s clutter it can feel a bit suffocating for them. They keep their environment organized, but clutter does not mean they are disorganized. ENTJs know where everything is and because of this clutter is not a big deal for them. They do hate messiness though, and often become frustrated with people who cannot keep their space clean, especially at work.


INTPs do often have a bit of clutter in their lives, and can even be messy on occasion. Their minds become so distracted and caught up in their own inner thoughts, that the outside world can be hard to pay much attention to. INTPs do become overwhelmed by mess after a while though and might go on cleaning sprees. They don’t often mind a bit of clutter though, especially if it inspires their sense of creativity in some ways. They often like having things organized a certain way, but it still might appear cluttered.


ENTPs do often have a bit of clutter around them, and they really don’t mind this. They can become frustrated if someone comes in and tries to move around their specific way of keeping things organized. ENTPs can become distracted somewhat easily, and so having their environment perfect is not really of interest to them. They can even be messy on occasion, especially when their minds are completely somewhere else. ENTPs don’t mind the clutter most of the time, but there can be days when they want things more precisely organized.



ISTJS usually aren’t fans of clutter and can actually become a bit annoyed by it. They prefer to keep things clean and organized in a way that is easy to function in. They want their environment to be visually pleasing, and don’t appreciate constant clutter around them. For the ISTJ too much clutter just starts to look like mess, and so they prefer to keep things maintained a certain way.


ESTJs aren’t usually fans of having clutter around them, especially when it comes from other people. To them a lot of clutter often just looks like messiness and that is certainly not something they want. ESTJs often enjoy an organized and clean looking environment, since this shows that someone takes pride in their surroundings. They don’t like when things are constantly disorganized, and so to them clutter can feel a bit overwhelming.


ISFJs aren’t usually cluttered people, unless they have a lot of knick-knacks and trinkets around them. This might be considered clutter if they have a lot of these items, but the ISFJ will often have them precisely organized. In these situations every item has a specific place and a purpose, helping to maintain a sense of organization. ISFJs simply don’t enjoy clutter in a way that makes things appear messy or all over the place.


ESFJs don’t usually like being around too much clutter, and might prefer to keep things organized. For them a little bit of clutter is perfectly acceptable in their own environment, like their bedroom. They prefer to keep the area where they entertain organized in a way that will make other people comfortable. ESFJs strive to please the people around them and so making a nice environment for them is important. ESFJs don’t necessarily need everything in their personal environment to be perfectly organized, unless it’s a work environment.



ISTPs often don’t mind a little bit of clutter, and rarely obsess over having things perfectly organized. They might even have the occasional messy tendencies, depending on their current mood. ISTPs live in the present and try to focus on the things that they enjoy most. If they don’t feel up for keeping their surroundings perfectly clean and organized that day, then they will simply focus on it another time.


ESTPs can definitely be cluttered and even occasionally messy people. They can become easily distracted and lose focus on things like cleaning and organizing their environment. While they don’t like living in mess or clutter, they just don’t always seem to find the motivation to keep things together. ESTPs might go on cleaning sprees and organize everything around them, but without constantly motivation they will let things slide once again. For them a little bit of clutter is fine, but they do become overwhelmed with too much after a while.


ISFPs can be both cluttered and messy people, especially since they become distracted so easily. Their minds can wander to other things, and they will lose motivation to actually clean and organize. Their bedroom can often be a bit all over the place, with items scatted about in what appears to be a rather disorganized manner. The ISFP does usually know where the important things are, but there are times when they can also be messy and forget where they’ve let certain things.


ESFPs can definitely be cluttered people, especially since they enjoy collecting and purchasing things. This desire to collect items can cause the ESFP to surround themselves with these things they treasure. They also don’t mind a little bit of clutter and might even design their home with a lot of decorations and knick-knacks. ESFPs do usually live with a sense of clutter, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy living in messy. They might have the occasional messy tendencies but this usually drives them crazy after a while and they need to clean things.

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