ENFJ Spirit Animals: What Best Symbolizes the ENFJ

It is said that we walk the earth with various spirit guides, some of which include animals. While to some people the idea of a spirit animal seems like a cute and fun thing, to others it is a serious inner and spiritual belief. Many cultures believe in spirit guides and their ability to help us through challenging times and lead us down the right path. For some this includes animals, and we can potentially have different guides for different times in our lives. There are also spirit animals which stay with us, ones which represent our personality and who are inside. There are other animal guides which are just meant to help us through a specific time in our lives and give us a sense of guidance towards the right direction. It is also said that we do not choose our guides, but rather they choose us. It is important to be open to the different spirit animals around us and the signs they are trying to convey along the way. 

ENFJs are caring and compassionate people, and they do often find themselves connecting deeply with their spirit animals. They have this natural drawing to the animals around them and often want to care for them. It can be a new experience for the ENFJ to recognize that these animals can also care for them in return, and even help bring them important messages which can get them through the hard times in life.

Eagle- The eagle represents freedom and courage, which are both valuable things for the ENFJ. They take on so much at once and do sometimes need a little extra support to continue pushing through the struggles they endure. ENFJs care for those around them and at times they forget to care for themselves. The eagle helps to show them it is okay to take time for themselves, to feel a sense of independence from those around them for the time being. This isn’t always an easy lesson for the ENFJ to learn but it is still an important one. When the eagle comes to them it is teaching them about their own inner strength and their sense of resilience. ENFJs have a means of overcoming things and pushing through even when it seems like they should be falling apart. The eagle really is part of their spirit, and the ENFJ does best when they connect with this animal.

The eagle is also about healing, both for oneself and for others. ENFJs have a natural ability to heal and tend to those around them and this really is something which connects them with the eagle guide. They care about mending the people around them and want to do whatever they can to make them happy and healed. But the ENFJ does need to remember that this healing nature is something that can be turned inward as well. It is more than okay to take time for themselves and be sure that they are healing their own wounds and pain.

Dog- The dog animal guide is a very important one, and is almost naturally connected to the ENFJ personality. They represent loyalty and kindness, which are two of the most important things to the ENFJ. The dog spirit helps to guide them towards their true selves and show them that kindness really is vital in their lives. ENFJs care about helping others, but there may be times when the stress can cause them to become more defensive than they would like. Their dog guide helps to show them patience and helps them to connect with the true kindness within. 

The dog is also immensely brave, especially when it comes to caring for those around them. They will do whatever it takes to help people and to stand by the ones they love. When the dog loves someone there is nothing which will stop them from protecting that person, and this is a quality which matches the compassionate and selfless nature of the ENFJ. They will do whatever they must to take care of the people they love and can be extremely brave on their behalf.

Lynx- The lynx can seem like an unusual animal guide for the ENFJ, but it is actual rather ideal. The lynx represents the keeper of secrets, which is something truly important to the ENFJ. ENFJs have a tendency to be the person others open up to, and everyone around them seems to want to share themselves and their secrets with the ENFJ. Their lynx guide is showing them how vital it is that they keep those secrets to themselves, and preserve that sense of loyalty which is so valuable to them and the ones they love.

The lynx also represents a guardian and guide of those around them, which is certainly reminiscent of the protective ENFJ. They often seek out ways of helping others and care deeply about helping them along the way. The ENFJ can be great at aiding people in their path, especially since they are strongly intuitive individuals. The lynx helps the ENFJ to grab onto this inner strength and helps them to guide those around them towards their destiny.

While there are many potential animal guides, these are a few which will likely be fitting for the ENFJ personality type. We can have various guides throughout our lives, but it is always important to be open to the unique message they deliver. Sometimes it is about connecting with yourself, other times it is about being open to the changes and qualities which are not quite as strong within us. The animal guide is meant to be a teacher and a helper along the way, giving each person a message we might not normally be receptive to.

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