Do You Sometimes Need a Change of Scenery, Based on Your Personality Type

Sometimes people just need a change of scenery to feel refreshed and drop that stagnancy they might be experiencing. Some people seem to need to mix things up a bit more than others, wanting to explore different opportunities and places. Here is likely you are to need a change of scenery, based on your personality type.


INFJs can struggle with finding the courage to really change their scenery and find someplace new to explore. They do often need this in their lives, but taking the chance and forcing themselves to step outside of their comfort zone can be a bit unnerving at times. It might be challenging for the INFJ to really create a change of scenery for themselves but it can often help them remove some stagnancy and find new ways the grow and experience something which might be missing from their lives.


ENFJs do often need a change of scenery, even if this is just for a short time. Maintaining their roots and having a more grounded sense of stability is certainly important to the ENFJ, but so is dreaming and being open to things. They often need a change of scenery to get out of their own heads and stop worrying so much about the many things they have to juggle in their lives. Having the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones for a moment and step into something new, can be rewarding for the ENFJ.


INFPs need a change of scenery often, even if this is just for a short time. When things become stagnant in their lives the INFP can get rather stir crazy. They became on edge and even unhappy in their current situation when they aren’t given the opportunity to explore something new. Sometimes a short change of scenery can help the INFP get out of their stagnant mindset and find something which can spark their passion and excitement once again.


ENFPs really need to mix things up once in a while. If they are stuck in the same stagnant position they can become anxious and even a bit unhappy. The ENFP needs to feel free to mix things up and really dive into something new. When they have the opportunity to change their scenery it can help them get out of any stagnant mindset they might be experiencing. For the ENFP the occasional change of scenery is certainly necessary.


INTJs enjoy having things a certain way and often prefer to keep structure in their lives. While they often like having things maintained the way they are and want to be grounded, INTJs so benefit from the occasional change in scenery. For them it is about getting into new things so that they can research and learn about them in a more direct way. INTJs are all about learning and growing, and so sometimes they need a change of scenery to do so.


ENTJs do sometimes need a change of scenery in order to gain inspiration and find new things to learn about. They enjoy having things done a certain way and enjoy having a sense of commitment and structure in their lives. Because of this they might not always find the time to explore a change of scenery, and so they might need to make the space for it in their lives. ENTJs always find time to grow and continue advancing, and so a change of scenery can help them step outside of their sometimes focused and overworked lives.


INTPs do enjoy a good change of scenery, since they don’t like when things become stagnant in their lives. They want to feel free to experience new things, and find new ways to learn and grow. When it comes to feeling stagnant or stuck in the same place for too long, the INTP really needs to find a way to shake things up a bit. For them changing their scenery can help them explore something new and really expand their minds and knowledge.


ENTPs really need a change of scenery every so often, or else they start to feel stagnant. Without new opportunities to learn and grow, the ENTP doesn’t quite feel like themselves. They enjoy a change a scenery because it helps them to shake things up and often stir up new thoughts inside of their minds. Since they are often rather creative people, changing their scenery can help them spark this sense of creativity and find something new to dive into.


ISTJs don’t often feel comfortable with too much change, but it can be necessary from time to time. They don’t always finding themselves wanting a change of scenery, since they enjoy having things a certain way. Having to change their scenery means having to plan accordingly for this, as most ISTJs don’t want to just jump into something new without knowing what they are getting themselves into. While sometimes seeing something new and stepping out of their comfort zones can be rewarding, it isn’t always an easy step for the ISTJ.


ESTJs prefer to have things a certain way and so they don’t want to change their scenery constantly. While they can benefit from changing their scenery and experiencing something new, they often want this to be thought out and planned. Spontaneously hopping into a new situation or scenery, isn’t going to be thrilling for the ESTJ. They simply want to be sure they are prepared for this new situation, so that they can handle it properly.


ISFJs don’t really enjoy change all that much, since they don’t want to take the risk that something might go wrong. ISFJs want to be prepared for things and prefer to have time to really get ready for the situation. When it comes to changing their scenery the ISFJ simply want to the proper time and information so that they can be ready for this experience. Most of the time though they enjoy having things how they are and don’t really want to mix it up too much.


ESFJs enjoy having things done a certain way and often put a lot of pressure on themselves to ensure everyone is cared for and happy. When it comes to changing their scenery the ESFJ simply needs time to properly prepare for this so that nothing can go wrong under their watch. They care about ensuring that everything goes smoothly, which is often the reason why they are a bit uncomfortable with too much change. For the ESFJ a change of scenery can sometimes help them relax and get outside of their constant desire to work and help others, but it isn’t always easy getting them to experience this.


ISTPs really do benefit from a change of scenery and might need this fairly often in their lives. They need to mix things up fairly often or else they start to feel stuck and too stagnant. ISTPs enjoy a bit of change and want to be able to experience things which excite and inspire them. When they are feeling a bit trapped or bored, the ISTP might need to change their scenery so that they can find something new to explore and experience.


ESTPs do sometimes need to change their scenery, especially when they are feeling a bit too stagnant. They don’t like feeling as if they are stuck, and really need to have new opportunities. Sometimes the ESTP just needs to mix things up in order to feel like themselves and to feel inspired by their surroundings. ESTPs might not need to permanently change their scenery, they just need to see new things and dive into something a bit more exciting for a while.


ISFPs do need to change their scenery fairly often or else they can feel a bit bored. When the ISFP becomes stagnant for too long this can weigh heavily on them, as they really need to be able to dive into something new in order to find inspiration. For the ISFP changing their scenery every so often gives them a chance to find new things to excite them and entice their creativity a bit more than usual.


ESFPs really don’t enjoy feeling stuck, and they do feel bored rather often. When they are feeling like things in their lives are stagnant the ESFP can often benefit from changing their scenery and finding something new to dive into. For the ESFP mixing things up is an important way to find what they are passionate about and really dive into something which could be inspirational for them.


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