ENFP Humor: Self-Deprecating, Dark & Absurd Humor

When it comes to humor not everyone appreciates the same style, and so this can make for a lot of misunderstandings. While some people might prefer a more traditional humor style, others might enjoy something a bit darker or even absurd. There are so many different things that people can find humorous, and this can sometimes be tied to personality type. Certain types might be more likely to connect with a specific humor style, because of their natural personality and the functions they use. At times this can be challenging for the types with a darker sense of humor, as they don’t always feel free expressing this without receiving judgement.

ENFPs do have rather active sense of humor, and they can be somewhat dark at times too. ENFPs are curious people who enjoy exploring different things, as well as different parts of themselves. They don’t like to feel trapped or stuck in one place too long, and want to feel like they can push outside of their comfort zone. This can sometimes translate into their humor, especially if they are feeling a bit bored and need to push the limit. ENFPs don’t often just have one simple humor style, instead they enjoy many different ways of being comedic depending on their current mood. It also depends on their audience and if the right people around them to appreciate the type of dark humor they want to express.

ENFP Dark Humor

Sometimes for the ENFP dark humor is actually a coping mechanism, and not used because they don’t care. It is quite the opposite really, ENFPs care deeply and can be affected by a lot of things in the world around them. They aren’t insensitive to the pain of others, ENFPs feel things very deeply and really want to be able to make a difference in the world. When it comes to dark humor, this is often a tool to help them let go of some of that internal stress. They might make jokes about things which bother them, in order to make it easier to move on from the situation. ENFPs might sometimes be surprised by their own dark humor, unsure why they can make these types of jokes which can be morbid or macabre. Sometimes it is because the ENFP really needs to ease the tension, especially when something is weighing heavily on them. This type of humor helps them to move forward sometimes, and avoid allowing these feelings to make them fall apart. This type of humor can help them cope and help them process their feelings in a way which can actually be more useful. ENFPs can often sympathize with just about everyone they see in pain, and so sometimes they need to find distractions and ways to keep themselves feeling more positive about life and the world around them.

Other times their dark humor is a means of exploring the many different facets of their inner mind. ENFPs are complex people with rich imaginations, and sometimes they venture off in directions that other people cannot seem to follow or understand. This can make their sense of humor a bit unusual or even absurd to others. Some days it is expressed by a more black humor style, while others they might be silly and playful. Their absurdist humor side comes from a curious and playful nature, where the ENFP can imagine these things as hilarious even when others see them as a bit too much. The point of the humor is that the goofiness and absurdness is exactly what strikes for the ENFP, and makes them feel entirely amused. Their natural curiosity makes the ENFP want to explore different things, and they don’t like feeling like they are not free to do this. For the ENFP humor is about being able to explore their mind and give them a chance to let loose a bit. They often love to laugh and even more the ENFP loves to see the people around them laugh and smile. Humor is often more important to the ENFP than people realize, especially being able to bring positivity to their surroundings by using comedy.

ENFP Self-Deprecation

ENFPs can definitely be self-deprecating at times, especially when the mood calls for it. Often this is simply done because they can see the joke and see how funny it will be. ENFPs don’t want to take them too seriously and sometimes playing this role is entertaining for them. Being self-deprecating doesn’t suddenly mean they are insecure or that they mean the things they are saying, it just comes out as funny for the ENFP. They can see these little jokes to poke fun at themselves, and they often want to take advantage of that. They try their best to do this around people who actually appreciate this type of humor, rather than those who will take advantage of it against them. ENFPs realize that not everyone is capable of understanding that it is just a joke, and so they try their best to respond to their audience and the type of things they find funny. ENFPs can be very adaptable in this way, and only push boundaries when they know they can do so without too much trouble.

ENFPs also have a sarcastic side at times, which can surprise some people. They are outgoing and friendly people, and so that darker or more sarcastic part of them can be unexpected for those who don’t know them on a deeper level. ENFPs are not just sunshine and smiles, they are complex people with richer inner minds and imaginations. They have so much going on inside of them, and this makes them capable of having different layers to their personality. For the ENFP sarcasm can be a way of letting of steam, or even playing back and forth with someone. ENFPs do enjoy a bit of witty banter, especially with someone who communicates it in the same way as them. They don’t want to these jabs to cut too deep though, as it is mean to be fun and not hurtful.


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