Here’s Something Each Personality Type Finds Relaxing

Here’s Something Each Personality Type Finds Relaxing

Relaxation can be a difficult thing to acquire, especially with responsibilities and other people to worry about. Here is how something each personality type finds relaxing.

INFJ Relaxation

INFJs are often relaxed from time spent by themselves, and just enjoying some of their favorite things. If they can find a hobby, like reading or writing, it often helps the INFJ to clear their mind and recharge. When they are around others, the INFJ is constantly concerned about their own behavior, and desire to make sure the other person is comfortable. INFJs become quickly drained when they are surrounded by others, and especially feel this way if they are concerned for caring for that person. They do have certain people who relax them though, and they will enjoy spending quiet time just enjoying their presence.

ENFJ Relaxation

ENFJs enjoy being around their loved ones, but can become drained because they are constantly trying to please them. The most relaxing thing for an ENFJ is seeing their family happy, and feeling as though they have helped to accomplish this. When they are surrounded by loved ones who are smiling and enjoying themselves, it gives the ENFJ a strong sense of joy. They are definitely the type of people to become easily stressed, simply because they are constantly worried about the needs of others. ENFJs drive to make sure everyone is happy can make it difficult for them to relax. When they have certain hobbies that they personally enjoy, it truly can help the ENFJ find time for themselves.

INFP Relaxation

INFPs find themselves most relaxed when they are alone, or with someone they trust. It takes a lot for the INFP to feel a connection with someone, but when they do, the INFP will often feel relaxed by their presence. Just having that person beside them, enjoying the silence together, is actually one of the best experiences for them. They enjoy feeling the energy beside them without having to communicate verbally. INFPs often feel relaxed by just sitting and reading a book, or by simply exploring their rich inner world. They enjoy being inside their own minds, and often find themselves taken over by it.

ENFP Relaxation

ENFPs are very outgoing and passionate people who often find little space for relaxation. They enjoy being able to jump from one activity to the next, and absolutely hate being stagnant for too long. If the ENFP can find something that clears their ever busy thoughts, they will definitely feel relaxed by that. Some might find that video games helps to ease their minds, or something like writing. They certainly need something that keeps them busy though, and usually won’t be relaxed by the simple pleasures of a bubble bath. ENFPs have extremely active inner worlds, and truly need to find something that captures their attention long enough to relax them.

INTJ Relaxation

Oddly enough, INTJs often find research to be a soothing and relaxing activity. They find themselves becoming stressed when they have to be around people for too long, and will need to retreat. INTJs do best when they are by themselves, and truly need this time to recharge and feel like themselves again. Being able to spend hours alone, just reading though different subjects and enriching their minds, is a wonderful place for the INTJ to be. INTJs do not find learning stressful, but rather a great way to feel comforted and at ease with themselves. Having something to occupy their thoughts and help them feel productive and useful is actually very relaxing for the INTJ.

ENTJ Relaxation

ENTJs feel most relaxed when they get to see their hard work and planning come to fruition. They often feel at ease when they get to see those final touches bringing everything together. ENTJs are constantly striving to better themselves, which often makes them high strung people. When the ENTJ knows they have accomplished something to their rather high standards, they feel a sense of joy and excitement. They also feel relaxed when they are free to participate in fun, new hobbies, and enjoy being able to keep themselves busy.

INTP Relaxation

INTPs often struggle to feel relaxed, since their minds are always running through different possibilities. When the INTP is stagnant, they are often even more stressed and uneasy than people realize. If they feel like there is something useful or productive that they could be doing, the INTP will become frustrated with themselves. They are actually most relaxed when they are by themselves, simply learning about a new idea or subject. Being able to find a way to occupy their thoughts is actually rather relaxing and useful for the INTP. Music can be a surprisingly relaxing tool for INTPs, as long as they are listening to the right tunes.

ENTP Relaxation

ENTPs often struggle with stagnancy, and can become more uneasy if they are still for too long. ENTPs do best when they are capable of participating in some sort of hobby that they enjoy. If the ENTP can do something that will keep their overactive mind distracted for a while, then it will actually help them to relax. Having a project that they feel passionate about is actually rather enjoyable for ENTPs, especially if it is something that allows for plenty of room to grow. While some people feel most relaxed with stillness, ENTPs are often the opposite.

ISTJ Relaxation

ISTJs often work very hard and take their jobs seriously, as well as their ability to provide for their loved ones. They do not take many breaks, and are often the ones to push harder than everyone else. This work ethic often makes ISTJs feel as though they deserve their relaxation time when they finally get it. The best thing for an ISTJ is simply being able to watch their favorite shows, or read a great book. Just having some time to themselves to do what they please is going to give the ISTJ a great sense of calm and joy. They often do not ask for much, and will take pleasure in even the smallest joys.

ESTJ Relaxation

ESTJs often work very hard, and might even have the pressure of their entire family on their shoulders. For the ESTJ relaxation is simply having time to sit on their couch with their favorite snacks and TV shows. Just being able to have time for themselves without having to respond to the demands of others is a great thing for ESTJs. They work hard, and when they have the time to just sit back and relax, they certainly enjoy being able to take advantage of that. ESTJs do enjoy being able to go out and participate in activities, but the most relaxing place for them is usually their home, shared with loved ones.

ISFJ Relaxation

ISFJs are extremely focused on caring for the needs of others, which makes it difficult for them to find time for themselves. The fact that ISFJs are actually introverts means that they become quickly drained by crowds of people. They require plenty of time by themselves, so having a chance to be alone is actually extremely relaxing for the ISFJ. Just being able to read a book, or relax by their television, is a wonderful and recharging experience. Not having to worry about their chores, or taking care of others, and just being able to enjoy their alone time is a great way for the ISFJ to relax.

ESFJ Relaxation

ESFJs can often become stressed because of their constant need to care for others. This can become overwhelming, especially if the ESFJ doesn’t feel like their loved ones are appreciative. For an ESFJ, seeing their loved ones happy is actually very relaxing and pleasing for them. Just being able to take a step back, without having to worry about the wellbeing of others, is something the ESFJ rarely gets to experience. When the ESFJ can take some time for themselves to participate in their own hobbies, without worry of their loved ones, they will feel very relaxed and at ease.

ISTP Relaxation

ISTPs are very introverted people, which makes them most comfortable by themselves. They are often more relaxed when they have something tangible they can get their hands on. Being able to use their hands and brains to accomplish something, is truly relaxing for the ISTP. They have rather active minds and might become frustrated if they are stagnant for too long. Being able to dive into a project that will push and challenge them is surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable for the ISTPs.

ESTP Relaxation

ESTPs feel most relaxed when they are surrounded by the people they love most. Being alone is actually stressful for the ESTP and can cause their thoughts to run away with them. They do not enjoy being surrounded by people in general though, and can become frustrated by this. ESTPs are more relaxed when they can just soak up the affection of their favorite people and will enjoy this very much. They are normally adventurous people, but are more relaxed when they can just sit at home with their favorite person with some snacks and a great movie.

ISFP Relaxation

ISFPs feel most relaxed when they can feel present in the world around them. Being able to read a book outside and soak up the beauty surrounding them is going to put the ISFP at ease. They dislike being around too many people, and will become overwhelmed if they are put on the spot. The ISFP might enjoy being near their special person, and will feel relaxed by their presence. When it comes to relaxation, the ISFP simply needs to feel free to be themselves and to do whatever they please.

ESFP Relaxation

ESFPs feel most relaxed when they are surrounded by the people they love most in the world. Just being able to enjoy the presence of their family and loved ones is the best feeling for them. ESFPs will be more stressed out by themselves, especially if they are far from people they love. They will be extremely relaxed if they are able to just enjoy a nice movie or dinner with the people they care for most. ESFPs will be most comfortable if they are getting plenty of attention and affection from others.

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