INFJ Weight Loss & Dieting: How to Burn Fat

Dealing with weight loss and healthy dieting is a struggle for so many people, and so we are often looking for tools and ways to make this easier. Sometimes finding more personal means of becoming healthier is the best way to be successful in your approach. So many diets and methods are not personalized and they end up being more of a struggle for people than they are a help. This is why diving deeper into your personality type can actually be a helpful tool in uncovering better steps towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan. While it sometimes requires more professional assistance, there are some important things to learn about which might be beneficial for each personality type.

A big struggle for INFJs is often being hard on themselves, which can make it difficult to improve in some situations. When it comes to dieting and exercise they are capable of being rather determined people who can accomplish their goals if they set their minds to them. They simply struggle to focus on the physical world and this is something which holds them back sometimes with noticing when their body needs a change. For the INFJ being healthy might be important, but they don’t always find that internal motivation they need, especially dealing with certain diet or exercise plans. This is why finding something more suited to their personal desires and focus can be so vital in helping the INFJ to lose weight and become healthier.

Best Type of Exercise

For most INFJs having to go to a gym or workout around others can be rather draining and make them feel uncomfortable. It is so important that they don’t feel like they are forcing themselves into this type of situation, as it is likely they will give up in the end. They need to find more solo workouts, or things they can do with a close friend they trust. Something like yoga, running, or just finding workouts on youtube or phone apps. Trying to do anything which seems like a fad or forces them to connect with people, is only going to make the INFJ more stressed and less inspired by their workout plan.

INFJ Diet Plan

For INFJs the most difficult thing with food can be that they don’t always pay close attention to their physical self. This is why setting a schedule is actually more beneficial for them when it comes to staying on a healthy diet. The INFJ who forgets to eat for long periods of time can find themselves binging later on, and this really isn’t a healthy way to maintain their weight of diet. Keeping only healthy snacks and foods around the house is helpful for them, and INFJs are often capable of sticking to schedules once they make a habit of it. If they plan things out in a way which is organized and gives them a sense of habits without having to force this, it becomes much more natural for them. Just having that plan in place makes it easier to get things done, as INFJs can struggle to remember those details if they have to think of it in the moment. This is why a well-planned diet can really benefit the INFJ, as it gives them goals and something more clear that they can work towards rather than winging it. Writing down these goals and keeping track of them can really benefit the INFJ and make the process more obvious to them. They are goal-oriented people, and so it does help to have those goals in their mind before they begin.

The Struggles for the INFJ Diet

One of the biggest struggles for INFJs is that they can struggle to pay attention to their physical presence. They can become so caught up inside of their own thoughts that they don’t realize how much time has passed since they have eaten. This can cause the INFJ to go a long time without eating anything, and so when they realize this they can binge eat something unhealthy. Focusing on maintaining a schedule is important because INFJs just aren’t as focused on their physical body, but they often want to be healthy people and so they need to find that middle ground. Forgetting that they haven’t eaten is often what causes that unhealthy binge, and can cause them to resort to food which is not good for them simply because it is fast and easy for them to consume.

Another major struggle for the INFJ who is trying to diet, is that they can be very hard on themselves. They are perfectionists and so they often feel like if they make a mistake then they have failed completely. They put so much pressure to succeed when they are trying to lose weight and have a goal in mind, and can become overwhelmed when they feel like they aren’t accomplishing this goal at the right pace. INFJs need to learn to give themselves some credit for their hard work, and to take a step back when they start to feel that sense of guilt. In order to properly diet and focus on a healthier lifestyle, we need to be able to forgive ourselves when we struggle or falter. The process is a challenging one for everyone, especially when they are attempting to change your entire lifestyle in the process. This is why learning to be more forgiving towards themselves is such an important step for the INFJ who is wanting to learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Constantly putting on guilt only causes their stress levels to rise, and of course this makes it much harder to lose weight and get themselves into that healthy physical shape they desire. When the INFJ is under stress they do find it difficult to maintain their focus on these things, and can break away from their diet more easily if they are not careful.