ENTJ Broken Trust: Dealing with Trust Issues as an ENTJ

Having trust betrayed can be a truly painful experience, since it isn’t always easy to give for some people. Trusting in someone means believing in their sincerity and allowing yourself to open up to the change of being hurt by them. Having someone you care for and love break that trust, can be rather detrimental to the relationship. For some people it is possible to rebuild, for others it is almost a given that they will not be able to repair a relationship when the trust has been broken. This can sometimes be connected to personality types, as some types have a harder time really trusting people and being vulnerable around them. Understanding how each type responds to trusting others and having that betrayed, can help to understand them better and how to communicate with them as well.

ENTJs do sometimes struggle with trusting others or really opening up to people. They are very independent people which can make it hard to really rely on others. ENTJs focus on getting things done and value efficiency, but they can struggle to allow others to help unless they deem them capable of doing so. For the ENTJ trusting in people is not something which comes naturally, at the same time they deeply want to find people they can depend on and trust fully. This is just something which takes analysis and time for the ENTJ to determine if someone can be trusted. There are certainly ENTJs who might have trust issues, which go beyond the normal skepticism of people.

ENTJ Trust Issues

ENTJs do sometimes struggle with trusting people, and have a hard time relying on others for things. They are very self-sufficient people who prefer to get things done themselves in a lot of situations. This is because ENTJs value efficiency above most things and can become frustrated when people cannot follow through. They want to only trust in those they can sincerely rely on, people who prove this with their actions not just their words. ENTJs don’t necessarily have serious trust issues, they just want to be sure about someone before they turn to them or rely on them too much. When it comes to work or business they want to be sure they are choosing the right people, those who have proven they can be trusted to get things done in a certain way. ENTJs definitely know how they want things done, and this comes from being direct people who are aware of the best ways to be efficient and accomplish their goals in life.

When it comes to close relationships ENTJs do have a hard time trusting easily. This doesn’t mean they really have trust issues or are incapable of putting their trust in someone else, it just means they don’t jump into things without thinking it through first. Before the ENTJ lets someone into their inner circle, they want to be sincerely sure about this person and their intentions. Loyalty and trust are truly important things for the ENTJ, and they want to know that they are building a connection with someone who possesses these qualities. Someone who is capable of being there for them and who is honest with them, is all the ENTJ really needs. Loyalty is such an important thing for the ENTJ, and so anyone who would betray their trust or go behind their back, is not someone they want around. This is why it can take them time before they really let someone in, since they want to be certain that this is someone they can trust and keep around long-term.

ENTJ & Broken Trust

When trust has been broken for the ENTJ it can be near impossible to ever earn this back. While they are generally capable of being rational about mistakes and can see when someone is working to make amends, there are certain things which are difficult to move on from. Smaller mistakes are not likely to break the trust for the ENTJ, and simply leave them wanting to help this person find ways to improve themselves. If someone is receptive and willing to change, then the ENTJ is often willing to forgive and understands that no one is perfect. They do however, have certain morals and personal boundaries which they do not want crossed. When someone truly betrays them and shows a lack of loyalty and honesty, then the ENTJ is not so willing to forgive. It might take a while or something serious for that trust to be broken, but once the damage is done they don’t see much reason in maintaining this type of relationship. Once the ENTJ has reached that breaking point they can actually disconnect from this person, hoping to find people who respect them and their boundaries.

Mending Trust Issues

For the ENTJ who has been betrayed a lot and is dealing with trust issues, the best thing is to take time to figure out what they want and need. Understanding their own boundaries and learning how to better communicate them to others, can help the ENTJ set those standards in relationships. Taking this time to distance themselves is good at first, but eventually they need to open themselves up to people once again. While ENTJs might seem strong-willed and cold, in reality they feel things very deeply and do want to find people they can connect with. For the ENTJ recognizing the traits which they want in someone and which tend to align with their own morals, can help them feel more confident in their choices of who they connect with. Someone who is different from the ENTJ can often seem appealing to them, but in reality if they are struggling with trust issues they need to search for someone who at least shares their morals and ideals. Recognizing people who value trust and loyalty as well, can really help the ENTJ feel more comfortable connecting with others and helps them trust in them.


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