Here’s Why You Drive Others a Little Bit Crazy, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s Why You Drive Others a Little Bit Crazy, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone has qualities that can be a bit frustrating at times, even the best of people do. Sometimes the best intentions can be the things that frustrate others the most. While these things should also be valued, they might leave some people feeling a bit annoyed with us. Here is what drives others crazy about you, based on your personality type.


INFJs have plenty of amazing qualities, which makes it easy for the people who are close to them to love and appreciate who they are. When it comes to the INFJs the thing that likely drives others crazy about them, is their subconscious manipulation. While this might not be something INFJs intend to do, they do find it hard to avoid manipulating a situation in order to avoid their loved ones becoming hurt by something. They want to coerce people into being happy, and sometimes they manipulate their loved ones so that they do not lose them. These are qualities that comes from a sincere place, but can sometimes be frustrating for others.


ENFJs can be a bit smothering when it comes to their loved ones, even though this comes from a good place. They simply want to make sure the people close to them are happy and cared for. Sometimes this need to care for everyone can actually cause the ENFJ to be a bit overwhelming for their loved ones. The way the ENFJ can constantly hover over people can cause them to seem a bit intense, and might drive people a little bit crazy from time to time. People do need to understand that the ENFJ does a lot for others, and while they can drive them a bit crazy this comes from a place of love.


INFPs are caring and loving people, but they can be a bit focused inward sometimes. INFPs have such strong morals, which is something that can actually drive others crazy sometimes. While the inner morals of the INFP are something that makes them good-hearted and giving people, it can be a bit frustrated for their loved ones. It can feel a bit judgmental when the INFPs stands so stubbornly by their own beliefs, and this can cause their loved ones to feel judged by them. This moral high ground can leave others feeling like they can’t quite live up to these expectations.


ENFPs are very stubborn people who enjoy being able to make their own choices. This can make it difficult sometimes for their loved ones, since they don’t always want to compromise. While ENFPs are caring and giving people, they can also be a bit stuck in their own ways. They don’t intend to hurt others with this behavior, but at the same time the ENFP has a hard time compromising on the things that are important to them. They enjoy the space to make their own choices and don’t always take things as seriously as others might want. Deep down though, no one loves as sincerely and deeply as the ENFP does.


INTJs can be know-it-all’s which is certainly something that can frustrate others at times. They simply want to be accurate and believe in being honest with others. INTJs dislike withholding information and believe it is important to share the truth with others. While this is something that is valuable, it can also be a bit frustrating to others sometimes. They are stubborn about their knowledge and this can be a bit unnerving for others, and might make them feel like the INTJ is being condescending. While their honesty really just comes from the fact that they believe it is important to remove ignorance, it isn’t always easy for others to process.


ENTJs are stubborn and sometimes stern people, which can be a bit frustrating for others. The ENTJ values efficiency and dislike when they see people constantly making mistakes. This is something that often become frustrating for their loved ones and might drive them a bit crazy at times. While ENTJs are loyal people who do a lot for others, their desire to constantly do things properly can make it difficult for people who have their own way of approaching situations.


INTPs believe in being precise and accurate, which can be rather frustrating for their loved ones. Their need to correct the mistakes that others make is something that can certainly drive people crazy. INTPs don’t do this to upset others, they simply want to make sure they are aware of these errors so that they can do better next time. They believe it is helpful to inform the people around them and value this sort of honesty very much. For the INTP being upfront and sharing information is definitely a way of showing respect and consideration for others. While this comes from a good place, it can be extremely frustrating for others at times.


ENTPs are enigmatic and larger than life people who enjoy being able to explore new things. They hate feeling stagnant but sometimes their desire to constantly be moving forward can be something that frustrates others. ENTPs can struggle when it comes to vulnerability and don’t find it easy to open up to others. They often make jokes when things become too emotional and have a hard time connecting with their inner feelings. This can actually be something that frustrates their loved ones immensely, especially when they are trying to be vulnerable.


ISTJs are focused on getting things done, but they aren’t great at opening up about their feelings. While they are more than capable of showing that they care in practical ways, they aren’t good at being emotionally open. This is something that can become very frustrating for their loved ones, especially when they require more affection from the ISTJ. They care about others they simply aren’t connected to their own emotions enough to be expressive about it.


ESTJs value efficiency and believe in going above and beyond in order to get things done. Their desire to be efficient is something that can become extremely frustrating for their loved ones. They can be a bit harsh when they are trying to get something done and this can be hurtful to others sometimes. ESTJs care deeply about their loved ones but at the same time they aren’t great at being sensitive to their feelings and this can sometimes drive others a bit crazy.


ISFJs are caring people but sometimes they can be a bit strict about their schedules. They want to get things done in a timely fashion and need to maintain a sense of organization. They also want to take care of their loved ones but sometimes this can seem like hovering. ISFJs do these things from a place of love, but it can drive others a bit crazy. Sometimes it feels like they are being a bit controlling and smothering, and have a hard time taking a step back when they care for someone.


ESFJs care deeply about their loved ones, but sometimes this can actually be a bit overwhelming in some ways. When they go above and beyond for everyone, it can cause others to feel like they cannot live up to this. ESFJs can sense the emotions of their loved ones so naturally, and this is something that can feel a bit smothering at times. While they don’t mean to be so sensitive to the feelings of others, it is still something can cause people to feel invaded in some ways.


ISTPs are often rather aloof people, which is something that can drive others crazy at times. Their loved ones might want more affection and openness form the ISTP, but they are great at giving this. While they care about the people in their lives, expressing this does not come naturally for them. ISTPs are very independent people who aren’t always good at being considerate of the feelings of others. While they don’t ever intend to hurt their loved ones, they can do this on accident sometimes.


While ESTPs can certainly be responsible, they can also be a bit demanding. When the ESTP wants something they have a really hard time accepting defeat. This can become frustrating for their loved ones because they can come across a bit needy at times. ESPTs are giving people, but at the same time their stubbornness can cause them to drive others a bit crazy at times.


ISFPs are sensitive and caring people, but sometimes their strong sense of morals can be a bit frustrating. ISFPs know what they believe in and don’t want others to attempt to convince them otherwise. This sense of stubbornness can certainly be frustrating for others, but it is simply a part of who the ISFP is. They don’t want to hurt others, they simply don’t like feeling held back and judged by the people around them.


ESFPs can have a hard time focusing on one thing, and this can be something that drives others a bit crazy. While they are caring and giving people, they aren’t always great at being responsible. Sometimes the ESFP can struggle to focus on getting things done, since they want to live in the moment and have a good time. This can seem a bit irresponsible and can also cause their loved ones to become frustrated and in need of space.

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