What Each Myers Briggs Type Does When They Are Angry

Everyone responds differently to anger, and some express it in very unique ways. Here is a list of the typical ways that each Myers Briggs type expresses their anger.


INFJ- Criticize everything.

INFP- They become very biting with their words.

INTJ- They become vengeful.

INTP- Yell about everything they were trying to think through.

ENFJ- Become bitter and hold a grudge.

ENFP- They become very intent on shutting down the other person.

ENTJ- They exhibit snide behavior.

ENTP- They become very expressive and emotional.

ISFJ- Become very sarcastic.

ISFP- They become more aggressive.

ISTJ- They retreat and don’t want to be bothered.

ISTP- They become very argumentative and take words out of context.

ESFJ- Become very opinionated.

ESFP- They will complain and stand up for what they believe.

ESTJ- They will make continuous comments expressing their frustration.

ESTP- They become rigid and serious.

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