Drink up! Beverage Choice That Represents Each Myers Briggs Type

Here is a list of Myers Briggs types…if they were represented by different beverages of course! Because everyone needs to know which optimal drink choice represents them as a person!

INFJ- Herbal Tea

Herbal tea, much like INFJs, is comforting and relaxing. The INFJ is sensitive and cares deeply about others, making the soothing and rejuvenating nature of herbal tea, perfect for the INFJ.

ENFJ- Kombucha

ENFJ are often one step ahead of others, and enjoy connecting with people. Kombucha is a hip and healthy fermented tea drink. Perfect for the social and extremely unique nature of the ENFJ.

INFP- Capri Sun

INFPs are dreamy and deeply internal. Capri Sun is a delicious old school drink, that has a similar uniqueness as the INFP. Both Capri Sun and the INFP, are classic and fun.

ENFP- Tang

Tang is the drink to bring you back to childhood and a more innocent time, much like the kind and enthusiastic ENFP. Tang has a unique kick to it, and is a fun loving and enjoyable drink, much like the expressive ENFP.

INTJ- Espresso

Espresso is a strong and to the point drink. Much like the knowledge driven and intellectual INTJ. Espresso is perfect for the INTJ, since it gives them the boost of energy they need to get back to what they really want to be doing.

ENTJ- A shot of Tabasco Sauce

Strong-willed and gregarious, the ENTJ just need a quick shot of something spicy to get them going! They are intense and sometimes overpowering, just like a straight shot of Tabasco would be.

INTP- Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper has a unique and interesting flavor, but also is a classic drink with some nostalgia attached to it. Let’s not the forget the kick of caffeine to help the INTP get going.

ENTP- Surge

Surge is a very powerful energy drink, which is perfect for the outgoing and headstrong ENTP. Drinking Surge will charge you up and keep you on the move, much like ENTPs who are constantly thinking and dislike being caught in one place for too long.

ISFJ- Ginger Ale

ISFJs are warm and comforting and enjoy caring for others. Ginger Ale is a perfect representation of the ISFJ, since it is the drink commonly enjoyed by people when they are ill. Ginger Ale helps sooth a sick tummy, just like an ISFJ who desires to care for others and make them feel better.

ESFJ- Snapple

ESFJs are conscious of others emotions and want to please the people around them. Who doesn’t love Snapple? Much like the ESFJ who will bend to accommodate others, Snapple comes in a wide variety of flavors.

ISTJ- Coca Cola

If it isn’t broken, why fix it? ISTJ like order and enjoy when things remain the same, making Coca Cola the perfect drink to represent them.

ESTJ- Root Beer

ESTJ are strong-willed and outgoing and enjoy tradition. Root Beer is a solid and old school drink, that fits perfectly for the ESTJ.

ISTP- Monster Energy Drink

ISTPs are action-oriented  and intelligent. They enjoy the physical world and like to enjoy the excitements of their surroundings. An energy drink is a perfect representation of the ISTP and their ever engaging mind.

ESTP- Red Bull

ESTPs are fast paced and unstoppable. They enjoy being constantly on the move, making Red Bull the drink for them.

ISFP- Nesquik

Nesquik is a nostalgic childhood drink, perfect for the warm and introverted ISFP. Although it is sweet and delicious, it is also fun, like the ISFP.

ESFP- Lemonade

Lemonade is the perfect daytime party drink, which fits the outgoing and fun-loving personality of the ESFP.

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