Junk Food & Myers Briggs Types

Each Myers Briggs type represented by different junk foods…it speaks for itself.


INFJ- Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is fun and enjoyable. It is a favorite drink of most people, just like the intense and complex INFJ.

ENFJ- Chocolate

Comforting and social, the ENFJ love to make people happy. Chocolate is the perfect snack food to represent the ENFJ, because who doesn’t love chocolate? Both chocolate and the ENFJ, are soothing and enjoyable and know how to make others happy.

INFP- Nacho

Nachos are a little spicy, yet also warm and enjoyable. Nachos are also fun and a tiny bit messy, which is perfect for the INFP.

ENFP- Nerds

Nerds are silly and sweet, but also extremely fun and unique, exactly like the ENFP.

INTJ- Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks are intense and unique, like the INTJ. Pop Rocks are also just a little dangerous if mixed with the right substances.

ENTJ- Beef Jerky

Much like Beef Jerky the ENTJs are strong and intense. Although they can be a little tough at times, they are definitely memorable.

INTP- Sour Patch Kids

First they’re sour, then they’re sweet. INTPs and Sour Patch Kids, have a lot in common. 😉

ENTP- Hot Fries

Spicy and always intense, ENTPs are social and headstrong. Much like hot fries, they have a strong and sometimes overpowering personality, but they are also very charming and likable.

ISFJ- Ice Cream

Much like ISFJs, ice cream is comforting and sweet. ISFJs are always there to care for the ones they love, making the soothing nature of ice cream a perfect fit.

ESFJ- Lifesavers

Yes, pun intended. ESFJs love to care for the people around them and strive to make them happy. Lifesafers are an old school candy, that are simple and sweet.

ISTJ- Skittles

ISTJ love to fulfill their duties and enjoy maintaining order. They would enjoy the ability to perfectly color organize their candy, making Skittles perfect for them.

ESTJ- Cracker Jacks

Cracker Jacks are an old school baseball snack, making the outgoing and traditional ESTJ the perfect match.

ISTP- Jalapeno Poppers

ISTP are action-oriented and internal thinkers, making the spicy and surprising nature of Jalapeno poppers a perfect snack for them.

ESTP- Sunflower Seeds

Much like the fast paced ESTP, sunflower seeds are outdoorsy and fun. They are a snack you can continuously enjoy, without really feeling the need to stop, perfect for the always moving ESTP.

ISFP- Airheads

Sweet and colorful, the airheads are the perfect snack for the introverted and fun ISFP.

ESFP- Twinkies

Twinkies are delicious and lovable, much like the outgoing and excitement driven ESFP. 


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