What Each Myers Briggs Type Does Post Break-Up

Everyone has their own ways of coping after a bad break-up. Some of us sulk with buckets of ice-cream, while others act out in more destructive ways. Here is how each Myers Briggs Type reacts to a break-up.

INFJ- Acts impulsively and then retreats into their own world.

INFP- Becomes very critical and bitter and later feels guilty about it.

INTJ- They become an ESFP, and then get burned out.

INTP- Becomes overly emotional and analyzes what went wrong.

ENFJ- They may become critical and quickly move on to someone new.

ENFP- They withdraw into their room and don’t feel like moving or doing anything.

ENTJ- Pretend to get over it very quickly and act like it never happened, but still have weird emotional outbursts.

ENTP- Exclaim that they are free and get excited about it, but then realize that it kind of sucks later on.

ISFJ- Outwardly blame the other person, but internally think about all the things they did wrong.

ISFP- Listen to a lot of emotional music and become slightly snappy.

ISTJ- Think about moving half-way across the country but never actually do it.

ISTP- Play a bunch of video games and ignore the real world for a while.

ESFJ- Become argumentative and self-absorbed.

ESFP- They think they are not good enough and that everyone hates them.

ESTJ- Sulk and feel like a failure because they couldn’t make it work.

ESTP- They shut down for a while and don’t feel like doing anything, but then become energized and search for new people to meet.