ENTP Motivation: How the ENTP Can Overcome Procrastination

ENTPs do often struggle with finding motivation, especially when it comes to tasks they feel obligated to. ENTPs have active minds which make it difficult to focus on one thing most of the time, and they find themselves bouncing around to different subjects and ideas. For the ENTP it can be difficult to maintain a focus on one thing, when their minds are dragging them in so many different directions. It can be a constant struggle for the ENTP to find motivation and avoid procrastinating on the tasks and projects they just don’t feel inspired to finish at the time.

Why They Lack Motivation

For the ENTP there is often a myriad of reasons in which they tend to lack motivation towards things. One of the strongest reasons is that they become bored far too easily. They find themselves uninspired with most things, especially when it is easy for them to solve the problems in front of them. When they figure out the best way to solve these issues, they might find that they come up with solutions and answers rather quickly. Once the ENTP has discovered all of the possible outcomes and really gotten all they can from a project, they become bored of actually completing it. Once they have absorbed the information and really soaked up what they can from the project or experience, ENTPs tend to lose interest. They find themselves bored when there aren’t enough challenges to keep them intrigued and to keep their minds working and analyzing. Once it becomes too simply they often lose interest and want to explore something else which will feel more enriching and exciting for them. This sense of boredom is often what causes the ENTP to lack motivation with so many things, and find themselves procrastinating their projects and leaving them unfinished for a long time.

Strict deadlines can be difficult for the ENTP, since they feel like they are being obligated to follow certain rules. They have a hard time when they feel like someone is commanding them, and often want to fight against this. Being in a situation where they are obligated to finish certain tasks or projects often makes the ENTP lack any real motivation to get this done. It will likely cause them to procrastinate until the very last minute and they are rather talented at finding other distractions to keep them busy. The ENTP might still get things done when they know they have to, but they will likely leave a lot of these tasks until the last minute, procrastinating for as long as they can since they don’t truly feel inspired or motivated to work all that hard on it.

ENTPs also have rather active inner minds, which causes them to be curious about so many other things. They find themselves pulled inside of their own thoughts, imagining things and thinking through information. They have analytical and complex thoughts, which can make it easy to get caught up in this for long periods of time. Sometimes their own inner world is far more interesting than the chores or mundane tasks they are required to perform. Because of this the ENTP finds themselves drained by the prospect of having to pull out of these thoughts and into the world around them, especially when it means tending to tasks which just aren’t inspiring for them. ENTPs might become frustrated with themselves at times because of this, but lacking inspiration for something makes it truly difficult for them to follow through. Losing interest in something is really one of the biggest reasons the ENTP will procrastinate and struggle to finish things in life. They find that there are so many more inspiring and interesting things to explore, and they don’t like being stagnant and locked down to just one thing because it is required of them.

How to Overcome Procrastination Struggles

For the ENTP feeling like they are losing track of important things because they procrastinate or lack motivation, can be frustrating. Trying to fight this can make the cycle even worse, leaving the ENTP feeling more stagnant and lacking motivation in a way which is truly exhausting. Getting caught up in this makes the ENTP feel like they are incapable of moving forward, when all they want to do it exactly that.

For the ENTP looking at the bigger picture is an important way of overcoming their procrastination struggles. It is easy for them to find motivation when a project begins, it is finishing which becomes the struggle. They need to see the project as a whole, and look at what the end results will mean. This means finishing something and being able to move onto something else, possibly more exciting and rewarding. Being able to see beyond the smaller and less interesting aspects of the project, can make it more fulfilling for the ENTP.  They need to really get into the mindset that they are overcoming this task, to move onto something greater. Wrapping their minds around the bigger picture and really considering what comes next, can help the ENTP to find the motivation they need to progress and push through what is in front of them. Seeing it as a stepping stone onto another and possible more exciting position in their lives.

Sometimes giving themselves earlier deadlines can actually be helpful, since this creates a greater challenge for the ENTP. When something is too easy, it becomes boring and they instantly lack motivation to get it done. If they set a much quicker deadline than seems possible, it really can help the ENTP push themselves even harder to take on this challenge. These types of added levels of difficulty are actually more intriguing for the ENTP, as opposed to knowing they have plenty of time to get this job finished, which likely makes them lose interest. Or even turning this into some sort of competition can be a truly useful tactic for the ENTP, since it creates an added level of challenge and difficulty.

Incentives or rewards can also be useful for the ENTP, knowing that they have some sort of goal in mind. Telling themselves they will be able to do something but only once they finish a part of the project, gives them more of a reason for doing so. It may seem like they are scheduling things this way, but the rewards can help the ENTP come up with a little game which makes the process much more interesting and less exhausting for them. For the ENTP there needs to be these added elements of intrigue and challenges for them to remain truly interested in getting something done. Any of these processes can help them to overcome procrastination, especially if they execute them properly and with determination.


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