ENTJ Anxiety: Dealing with the Many Forms of Anxiety

Anxiety is something most people deal with to some extent, but some people can be more prone to anxious feelings or behaviors. There is some correlation to personality types and anxiety and even to anxiety disorders. Sometimes this is simply because of their overactive minds and the way their natural functions process the world around them. For some people anxiety can simply be a temporary response to the stress around them, or from negative habits which have pushed them in this direction. Of course there are also times when this is an actual clinical anxiety which needs to be treated by others means like medication and seeking help from a licensed therapist. With anything there are often many ways to seek help, and it is important to take the appropriate steps to rectify the situation.

ENTJs often appear to have everything handled on the surface, but that doesn’t mean they don’t experience high levels of stress and sometimes anxiety. ENTJs focus so much on perfecting everything they do, and this is something which can create too much pressure for anyone. While ENTJs are strong-willed and determined people, that can actually be the very thing which causes them to experience anxiety and stress throughout their lives. For the ENTJ it is important to learn how to pay attention to these feelings, and find healthy ways of coping and dealing with those internal struggles which they might naturally want to repress. 

Fear of Failure

ENTJs often experience a serious fear of failure, this can be pressure they put on themselves or something they feel from their family since childhood. ENTJs care about efficiency and strive to be someone who gets things done to the very best of their ability. They put so much pressure on themselves to be successful in absolutely everything that they do. From big to small tasks, the ENTJ doesn’t believe in allowing themselves to fall short. This is something which definitely can overwhelm the ENTJ mentally, even though they might choose to ignore this and continue pushing forward. They don’t want to allow those fears to stand in their way or be something which other people can recognize, and so they often try to ignore them entirely. ENTJs will often stress about the things which are important to them, and they really care about being able to succeed. While they are often highly intelligent and capable people, that doesn’t mean they cannot experience stress and anxiety like everyone else. They are often naturally a bit more high strung than some other times, since they attempt to push ahead even when they are feeling overwhelmed. ENTJs really don’t want to fail, and they certainly don’t want anyone to see them as being weak. Since ENTJs don’t want to show what they perceive to be weakness, they can struggle to accept their anxiety for a long time. Of course neglecting anxiety does not make it go away, instead it can actually make it much worse over time.

Repressing Emotions

ENTJs don’t really focus on their emotions but that does not mean they don’t feel them the same as everyone else. For the ENTJ it is just more natural to focus on facts and efficiency, and so they can easily push aside their feelings because of this. When the ENTJ goes too long neglecting their own emotional needs, this can certainly start to fester and build up. Ignoring those feelings does sometimes create anxiety in the ENTJ, especially if they are not dealing with some more serious emotional baggage. Instead of dealing with their stress or emotions, the ENTJ tends to repress them. This can be something which causes their anxiety to worsen, and when this happen the ENTJ finds themselves a bit more overwhelmed than they are used to. For the ENTJ showing their emotions can make them feel like they are being weak, and so they have a hard time letting those things out or sharing them with others. When they are overwhelmed and need to ask for help, the ENTJ might not know how to make that first step.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be rather stressful for the ENTJ, since they are outgoing people who enjoy connecting with others. Naturally they prefer to be around people in order to help them recharge, and so without the ease of social interaction they can feel the opposite around people. The ENTJ might think they are an introvert, judging based on those social fears and doubts. ENTJs put a lot of pressure on themselves to perform a certain way, and so this can often be where their social anxiety stems from. They will second guess themselves, never quite sure if their behavior is being received well. They aren’t connected to emotions and so this can be part of why they become unsure if people like them or are judging them. If the ENTJ has been around judgemental people they can feel this tension and it can be hard to figure out how to escape those feelings. This pressure to be the perfect outgoing person, can make the situation harder for the ENTJ with social anxiety.

How to Deal

The ENTJ needs to learn to accept when they are struggling and seek out help sometimes. Sometimes they might benefit from a therapist, other times they need to start by asking their loved ones for support. Just talking about these feelings and fears can help ease them sometimes, and knowing that other people are experiencing them as well. Not feeling like they are odd or weak for these emotions, is a big step for the ENTJ. Sometimes researching online can help, so long as they don’t exacerbate their stress by trying too hard to fix everything. Sometimes connecting with other ENTJs can help them understand that they aren’t alone, and that it is normal for the perfectionist ENTJ to experience anxiety from time to time.

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