Here’s What Others Miss Most About You, according to Your Personality Type

Here’s What Others Miss the Most About You, According to Your Personality Type

Everyone has something about their personality which makes them worthy of being missed. Here is what others likely miss about you, according to your personality type.


INFJs are warm and compassionate people, which is something that others adore in them. For their loved ones there are a million things to miss about the INFJ when they aren’t around. Not only are they caring and selfless, but the INFJ is always ready to listen when others are in need. INFJs have a knack for seeing to the heart of things, and are great at supporting their loved ones. This ability to truly listen is not a common trait, and is something that people certainly miss about the INFJ. Most people cannot make you feel completely loved and understood in the way that INFJs really can.


ENFJs are caring and giving people, who are always trying to take care of their loved ones. Their altruistic nature is something that their loved ones truly miss when the ENFJ is not around. Having someone who is willing to do anything for you, is truly a rare thing- and the ENFJs are that person for the ones they love. They will go above and beyond to ensure the happiness of those closest to them, and will even put their own needs aside. This is something that their loved ones truly need, and makes the ENFJ someone to miss.


INFPs are caring and introspective people, who spend a lot of time inside of their own minds. While the INFP can get caught up in their own thoughts and feelings, they will be completely present when someone is in need. INFPs are amazing listeners, often because they willing to just listen without judgment and interference. Most people listen in order to give advice, but the INFP understands that sometimes all you need is to be heard. INFPs are caring people, and this sensitive soul is what makes them hard not to miss.


ENFPs are affectionate and enthusiastic people, who care deeply for their loved ones. Their warm hearts and curious minds make them exciting and fun to be around. ENFPs are definitely hard not to miss, even though their stubbornness can be a bit frustration. They are captivating people, who are always there for others and strive to do the right thing. Their sense of adventure and natural curiosity makes life exciting, and days without them seem somewhat lackluster. ENFPs are definitely missed when they aren’t around, especially by the people who love them most.


INTJs are intelligent and logical people, who are always looking to understand the world around them. INTJs can sometimes appear a bit stubborn to others, but that is simply because they know what they are aware of. Their loved ones will likely miss their INTJs presence, especially when they are in need of solid advice. INTJs can give a unique approach at problem solving, which is unbelievably helpful to others. They might not express their consideration in a warm and affectionate way, but INTJs make up for it with their willingness to help their loved ones grow and live happier lives.


ENTJs are driven and enthusiastic people, with somewhat larger than life personalities. Their loved ones appreciate them for their loyalty and their strong wills. When things are hard the ENTJ can always be depended on to push through and get things done. This ability to rely on them is to be strong, is a rare thing and certainly something that their loved ones will miss when they aren’t around. ENTJs are also very good at taking charge when everyone is too afraid to do so, and this is an ability that can really make life easier for others.


INTPs are logical and analytical people, who have rich and active inner minds. They have very captivating spirits, which makes them hard not to miss. People who care for INTPs often find themselves intrigued by their complex minds, and their incredible imaginations. INTPs aren’t only missed for the things they provide for others, but simply for being their unique selves. They are also missed for their ability to problem solve and bring a new perspective in order to really help their loved ones make a positive change.


ENTPs are enthusiastic and curious people, who love being able to try new things. People will miss ENTPs for many things, but especially for their sense of humor. They have a way of making everything fun and exciting, and know how to find the humor in life. ENTPs also challenge their loved ones, which helps them to become the best version of themselves. This is difficult to be around sometimes, but ultimately is a quality that others miss when the ENTP is not around.


ISTJs are diligent and hardworking people, who strive to always be efficient in life. Their loved ones often miss them for their responsible and loyal nature. The people who care for an ISTJ understand just how much they do for those they love. They will always be there when they are needed, and will strive to tend to the practical needs of others. While ISTJs are not the warmest of people, they are deeply caring and giving individuals.


ESTJs are hardworking people, who always push forward even in the hardest of times. Their loved ones often miss the ESTJ when they are in times of trouble and need someone to take charge. ESTJs are capable of pushing through the darkest of struggles, and will do what they can to provide for their loved ones. While others are fearful and incapable of finding the right path, the ESTJ has already carved a way for them. They might not be the most emotionally warm people, but they do whatever it takes to provide for the people they love.


ISFJs are warm and loving people, which is a big reason why their loved ones miss them when they aren’t around. They always do whatever they can to tend to the needs of others, and can often predict those needs before anyone else can. The ISFJs are often missed for their warmth and kindness, and the way they never give up on their loved ones. They will do whatever it takes to make others happy, even if that means sacrificing their own needs in order to accomplish this.


ESFJs are compassionate and giving people, who prioritize the needs of others above their own. Their ability to give and be selfless, is something that their loved ones truly miss about them. ESFJs are always willing to go above and beyond for the people close to them, which is not a common quality to possess. Their loved ones often miss the ESFJ for their warmth and their ability to be empathetic even in the toughest of situations. They will do their best to make sense of their loved ones lives, and will help them become happier people somehow.


ISTPs are independent and logical people, who are skilled at problem solving. Their loved ones often miss them when they are in sincere need of assistance. ISTPs have a way of fixing any problem in front of them, and that is a skill not everyone possesses. If they can look at the damaged thing in front of them and analyze the issue, ISTPs will often find a way to fix it. Their loved ones not only mix their ability to problem solve, but also their laid back mentality.


ESTPs are often missed for their sense of adventure and willingness to make life exciting. They dislike staying stagnant for too long and so they are always ready to take on some new challenge. Their desire to seek out excitement in life makes the ESTP extremely fun to be around. Their loved ones often miss their sense of spontaneity and their ability to make anything into an adventure. Life with an ESTP is never boring, and that is something their loved ones truly miss about them.


ISFPs are kind and moral people, who always strive to do the right thing. Their loved ones often miss them for their warm and sensitive hearts. While others might be hardened by the world, the ISFP is still gentle and knows how to appreciate the beauty around them. This ability to see past thing is a wonderful quality which lightens the hearts of their loved ones. They are certainly missed when they are not around, especially by those who understand and appreciate them.


ESFPs are often missed for their sense of spontaneity and the way they can make anything fun. While some people can drag others down with their negativity, ESFPs are quite the opposite. They can somehow always find a way to bring up the mood and make things exciting and fun. Their loved ones often miss the ESFP for their sense of joy and eagerness to live in the moment. It is hard not to miss an ESFP, especially when you are feeling down.

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