INFP Energy Vampire & Dealing with the Energy Vampire

Being around an energy vampire can be one of the most emotionally and mentally exhausting experiences. They have a way of sucking all the air out of the room, even if they aren’t being obvious about it. Energy vampires have a way of making the situation about them, and playing the victim is their specialty. They are great at getting sympathy from others, and some people are very susceptible to this type of behavior. The more empathetic or caring someone is, the more they become a target to the energy vampire. These people take from those around them without ever giving in return, which is something that becomes very draining after a while, even for the most giving of people.

INFPs can certainly be more susceptible to the energy vampires, since they are caring and compassionate people. They want to help others, and sometimes go out of their way to do so. INFPs are good listeners as well, but this is something which can be easily taken advantage of by someone who is just looking to get what they can out of people. Being a target of an energy vampire is truly an exhausting experience, something which can leave you drained for much longer than the time you spend around that person. This is why it is important to recognize the signs of the energy vampire, as well as understand why you might actually be a target for them.

INFPs and Energy Vampires

For the INFP it can be hard to recognize if someone they care about is actually an energy vampire, since they want to see the good in others. INFPs will try to comfort people and help them if they are struggling with something, but this makes them a target for those energy vampires. People like this can sense when someone is caring and wants to help heal their wounds, and so they will go after them immediately. This is something which INFPs should learn to become more aware of, since they need to learn to protect themselves and their sense of personal peace. Being a caring person is a wonderful thing, and not something the INFP needs to change about themselves. They will however, benefit from learning how to spot the energy vampire and people seeking to only use them for what they can give.

Energy vampires seek out people like the INFPs and will often latch onto them. They will notice they are feeling more exhausted and emotionally drained, especially around this individual. They will never want to give anything in return to the INFP, always trying to guilt them and use their emotions as a means of getting what they want. The exhaustion can actually manifest physically causing you to feel headaches or sickly when around this person, always anxious or on edge in their presence. It is important for the INFP to learn not to feel guilty about this, as they do need to set boundaries for themselves.

The INFP Energy Vampire

Anyone can be an energy vampire and this is not connected to personality types, often it is actually connected to things like past trauma. Not every person who drains energy from others is doing this intentionally, and in some cases they really don’t realize they are doing it at all. The INFP as an energy vampire can often be quite good at demanding attention and being the one to drain the energy from others. In some cases it is because they haven’t tended to their own needs, and have spent too much time trying to care for others. Feeling guilty if they don’t do enough for people, can actually lead to becoming someone who ends up draining those around you. The INFP energy vampire is someone who knows how to guilt others by using their emotions as a tool. They know how to figure out the best way to make people feel bad and play into their feelings and personal needs. Playing the victim is one of the main tools for the energy vampire, and so the INFP who does this often, is likely one of them. They use this sense of being a victim and making others feel bad if they don’t give into their needs, and they can be quite good at it to the point where people easily feel guilty if they don’t give in.

How to Handle Them

The most important thing to realize is that not all energy vampires are doing this on purpose, so they shouldn’t be viewed as evil or bad people. Sometimes they have been through past traumas or been around abusive people, and they don’t even know that they are sucking the energy from those around them. It often means they need to resolve some of these things they are dealing with, and so showing compassion is important even if you need to distance yourself in the end of it all. The best way to help improve the situation, is to set very clear boundaries which can be challenging for the INFP at times. They need to be sure to make those boundaries known and not be afraid of being firm about this. Sometimes distance is really the only way to deal with an energy vampire, and to make yourself feel at peace once again. It isn’t always easy to maintain this distance, especially if it is someone the INFP cares for deeply. If they need to keep that connection then having an open dialogue with the person to explain how they make them feel can sometimes be a helpful step. In the end the INFP often does need to find their distance and space, or else they become emotionally exhausted and this is not good for their mental or even physical health. Getting that space and setting those boundaries can be easier said than done, but if the INFP is losing their sense of peace and positivity in their lives then it is just a necessary step they have to make.


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