Here’s How Much of an Old Soul You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Much of an Old Soul You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

An old soul is someone with a depth and wisdom that is hard to completely understand. Even from a young age they seem to have a way with understanding others, and are capable of seeing past the many facades of the world. While this isn’t something that can be entirely dictated by type, there are some personality types more prone to this behavior. Here is how much of an old soul your personality type is most likely to be.


INFJs are definitely old souls, which can cause them to feel a bit disconnected to the current times. They might feel like there are many interactions and aspects to the world that they just don’t fit into. INFJs experience everything on such a deep and complex level that sometimes they feel misunderstood by those around them. While they do have a playful and silly side, the INFJ also has some very serious parts to who they are. They are definitely old souls, with a desire to connect with things that are meaningful and classy.


ENFJs can definitely be old souls, especially since they are so connected to their sense of intuition. They can sometimes feel disconnected from the times, mostly in the way that people treat one another. ENFJs might dream of a world where people are respectful and courteous and don’t play foolish games with one another. While they are often old souls, ENFJs can overcome this feeling of disconnect in order to make sure they are properly caring for their loved ones.


INFPs are unique people who can be both childlike, and connected to a more reformed side of themselves. They can often feel out of place in the world around them, and might be disconnected to the times. INFPs can definitely be old souls, since they have this longing for something deeper and completely meaningful. They dislike the immature games that people can play with one another, and truly wish for something more than that.


ENFPs can definitely be old souls, while at the same time being somewhat childlike. They have a sense of enthusiasm that keeps them eager for something new and exciting. Their minds are constantly reaching for new things to explore, which makes the ENFP capable of fitting into the world around them much better than some other intuitive types. While they can sometimes feel a bit out of place in certain situations, longing for a time that was less filled with games and manipulation, ENFPs are capable of adapting in a way that makes them complex people.


INTJs are definitely old souls, which might make them feel out of place sometimes. They often feel connected to things which possess more meaning and depth, and dislike shallow games. While INTJs possess deep and complex souls, they are also adaptable people. They find ways of overcoming their distaste of the world around them, for the sake of progress and learning. There are parts of the INTJ which are very much connected to being an old soul, they have a wisdom and sense of intuition which makes them unique people.


ENTJs are extremely efficient and hardworking people, who will adapt to their surroundings. In order to get things done and move forward in life, the ENTJ will find ways to motivate themselves. ENTJs are less likely to seem like old souls, simply because they are driven and focused people. On the outside they might seem a bit harsh and difficult to read, this is simply because they aren’t at ease expressing their emotions around others.


INTPs are unique people, who seem to have their own way of approaching life. While some INTPs can remain in a childlike pattern, others definitely seem to possess an old soul. The INTPs who are this way often spend time by themselves, but enjoy connecting with others and trying to understand them on a deeper level. They have less ego and are more interested in learning and sharing with those around them. From a young age this INTP will find themselves assisting their family members, giving them advice and being the one others turn to for assistance.


ENTPs are enthusiastic and eager people, who are always ready to learn. While they do have complex inner minds and feelings, the ENTP is not often seen as an old soul. This is simply because they are such adaptable people, who will find a way to fit into any situation. While some might struggle to connect to the world around them, the ENTP will find their niche and figure out how to connect with people. They are extremely flexible people, who will work hard to make sure every door is open to them in life.


ISTJs are often old souls, with a strong sense of responsibility. They believe in doing what is right and can sometimes become frustrated by people’s flighty behavior. To the ISTJ it is important to uphold traditions and focus on doing what is right. While they can certainly adapt to their surroundings, deep down most ISTJs might feel disconnected to the crazy modern behaviors of people. They prefer more tradition and reliability, and enjoy people who are hardworking.


ESTJs are definitely hardworking people who value tradition, but they are rarely classified as old souls. While they have a sense of morals and responsibility which makes them less connected to certain modern behaviors, this simply makes them traditionalists. ESTJs value doing things the traditional way, and believe in focusing on what patterns and methods have worked best in the past.


ISFJs are often old souls, since they are so connected to tradition and a sense morals. They might feel a bit disconnected to certain modern behaviors, but they are adaptable people. They will find a way to blend into their surroundings, in order to please their loved ones. The most important thing for the ISFJ is to remain connected to the people they love and care for most in the world. They will push themselves to overcome their distaste of certain modern things, in order to please those around them.


ESFJs are mainly motivated by their loved ones, and want to do whatever makes them happy. While they aren’t often viewed as old souls, some of them definitely feel this way internally. ESFJs are very capable of adapting to their surroundings in order to find a way to fit in. This is simply because they are good at reading the behavior of others, but oftentimes how they feel inside is very different. Some ESFJs might find themselves more connected to old fashioned behaviors, and miss the strong sense of commitment the more mature people are drawn to.


ISTPs are not often seen as old souls, since they are adaptable and charming people. While they might not appear this way outwardly, they do have the occasional disconnect from the world around them. The ISTP who is an old soul is often very private and might appear like a lone wolf. They enjoy being by themselves because they don’t see much need to be around people who won’t readily understand them.


ESTPs are often very good at living in the moment and keeping up to date with current times. Because of this adaptability the ESTP is rarely seen as an old soul. They often enjoy keeping up with those around them and have a natural ability for fitting into their surroundings. ESTPs can be very modern people, who know how to connect with others and might even be trendsetters themselves.


ISFPs are very capable of living in the moment, but they enjoy connecting to their environment. While they have a somewhat whimsical quality about them, they are often capable of keeping up with the times. They enjoy being able to connect with people and don’t want to feel alienated from others. Because of this the ISFP often adapts to their surroundings and the present times, instead of feeling stuck in the past.


ESFPs are rarely old souls, simply because they are so good at keeping up with current times. They can fit in almost anywhere because of their charm and friendly demeanor. ESFPs know how to make any event fun, and are capable of adapting to new situations without being fearful. This ability to fit in makes the ESFP less of an old soul and more of a childlike spirit.

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