Here’s What is a Little Bit Taboo About You, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s What is a Little Bit Taboo About You, Based on Your Personality Type

Even the most appropriate person has qualities that seem a bit unusual or even taboo. Here is what might be a little bit taboo about you, based on your personality type.


INFJs can actually find themselves being drawn to the things that are a bit taboo. They often don’t find themselves interested in following the norm, and can sometimes find themselves intrigued by what lays outside of the boundaries. INFJs are mysterious and unbelievably paradoxical people, which definitely makes them a little bit taboo. Their light side is beautiful and filled with warmth and love, but they do possess a somewhat dark side to their personality which they often keep hidden from their loved ones.


ENFJs might be good at hiding their taboo qualities from others, since they don’t enjoy letting too many people in completely. ENFJs do find themselves drawn to things that are a bit more taboo and are definitely intrigued by crossing certain boundaries. The ENFJs ability to see deep into the souls of those around them comes from a strong sense of intuition. Most people rely on evidence and proof, but instead the ENFJ trusts their instincts which can appear a bit odd or even taboo to those around them.


INFPs definitely possess a lot of taboo qualities, since they don’t naturally fit into social norms. They have their own unique way of doing things and this doesn’t always align with what others find appropriate. INFPs aren’t afraid of being themselves, even if that seems odd or if their behavior seems a bit taboo. INFPs can often be drawn to things that bend the rules or rest outside the realm of what seem acceptable to others. They aren’t afraid of exploring a more complicated side of themselves, and are sometimes drawn to things that seem a bit dark to others.


ENFPs aren’t afraid of taking risks and often find themselves venturing down unusual paths. Something a bit taboo about the ENFP is their desire to break the rules set in front of them. They don’t simply want to follow the path that doesn’t set for them, and prefer to make their own choices in life, no matter what that means for them. ENFPs break the rules and sometimes jump from one hobby to the next rather quickly. This side of their personality can definitely be viewed as taboo, and can also cause the ENFP to make choices that appear rather shocking to others.


The most taboo qualities of the INTJ is their somewhat disdainful attitude towards others, and their desire to be by themselves most of the time. INTJs would often rather be alone than they would in the company of others, and can appear a bit cold. They don’t favor emotions over logic, and would rather look at the facts that are in front of them. INTJs look for truth, and would often rather be accurate than tip toe around the emotions of others. This part of the INTJ personality can seem a bit inappropriate to some.


ENTJs often have a somewhat taboo sense of humor, and enjoy crossing certain boundaries. While ENTJs are hardworking and driven people, they have another side to their personality. When they are trying to make someone laugh their humor can become rather dark and even a bit shocking. ENTJs enjoy shocking people sometimes, especially when that person appears uptight and in need of being shaken up. While ENTJs do know how to be appropriate, they have a rather taboo person hiding inside of them.


INTPs definitely have a few qualities that might be perceived as taboo by others. INTPs live in their own world sometimes, and aren’t afraid of exploring parts of themselves that others might avoid. INTPs want to learn and grow and enjoy being able to explore the many possibilities around them. INTPs sometimes push boundaries just to see what might happen, and need cross those lines in order to learn more about themselves and the world around them. INTPs are always interested in anything new and intriguing, which can cause them to dive into some things that are a bit taboo.


ENTPs have adventurous and curious spirits, which often take them down unusual paths in life. ENTPs aren’t afraid of taking risks and don’t do anything halfway. This part of their personality can cause the ENTP to jump from hobby to hobby, or even relationship to relationship. They simply want to find something meaningful and strive to learn and grow, but their behavior can appear a bit taboo to others sometimes. ENTPs enjoy crossing boundaries and will break rules just to see what happens. This leads to some very taboo behavior, which can shock those around them.


ISTJs are rarely seen as taboo people, since they prefer to follow the rules and do what is right. They have a strong sense of work ethic and morals, and believe in always doing their best. They are also caring people, even though this side of them doesn’t show easily. Something that can be seen as a little taboo to others, is the fact that ISTJs often favor practical means over being emotionally sensitive. They would rather be accurate than tip toe around the emotions of others, which can appear a bit cold.


ESTJs are traditional and hardworking people, who strive to be as efficient as possible. They always do their best to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. The most taboo thing about the ESTJ is that sometimes they can become a bit aggressive when they are trying to accomplish a task. They go after what they want without reservation, and sometimes they can push others aside to get where they need to be.


ISFJs don’t have the most obvious taboo qualities, and are rather reserved and traditional people. They keep most of themselves private from others and prefer to have a sense of space in their personal lives. ISFJs are caring people who always work hard to tend to their loved ones and make them happy. The taboo qualities of the ISFJ are often hidden deep inside, and can be something others don’t ever really see in them. But the most reserved people often have secrets that they are skilled at keeping quiet.


ESFJs are caring and compassionate people, who work hard to tend to the needs of others. They often try to adapt to any situation and believe in working hard. They are appropriate people who don’t enjoy crossing lines or breaking rules. The most taboo side of the ESFJ is often hidden, and is something that comes out only around the people they trust most. ESFJs might have some unusual traits or some risk taking qualities, that they only show to the people who bring this out in them. ESFJs will often do anything for their loved ones, which can cause them to do some pretty taboo things.


ISTPs can often do many taboo things, since they enjoy breaking rules. They aren’t afraid of taking risks and doing things that might shock others. ISTPs simply follow their own path and enjoy seeking out adventures. For the ISTP it is important to experience new things and have truly passionate souls. For the ISTP breaking rules isn’t a bad thing and simply means they are exploring their own desires.


ESTPs can actually be very taboo people, since they enjoy crossing lines and breaking rules. ESTPs sometimes enjoy doing the most taboo thing they can, just to feel some excitement. They are thrill seeking and sometimes adventure junkies. ESTPs don’t enjoy being stuck in the same place and thrive on adventure and excitement. They also can be seen as someone who jumps from relationship to relationship, since they do get bored easily.


The most taboo quality of the ISFP is their desire to follow their hearts and live in the moment. They enjoy seeking out adventure and strive to live their lives to the fullest. The fact that the ISFP follow their emotions can lead them down some paths that might seem a bit taboo to others. They aren’t afraid of taking risks because they actually enjoy experience something new.


ESFPs have an adventurous side to their personality, which can take them down some pretty taboo paths. They aren’t afraid of breaking rules and doing things that might shock others. ESFPs simply want to experience excitement in their lives and enjoy living in the present moment. Their desire to experience joy in the moment, can cause the ESFP to get into trouble sometimes. Their sense of passion can definitely be a taboo quality in the ESFP.

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