ISFJ Love: How the ISFJ Falls in Love

Everyone sees love differently and each person has their own unique behaviors when it comes to relationships. For the ISFJ being in love is something truly important and it should be valued as such. They don’t believe in taking this lightly and feel like they should give everything to falling in love and staying in love with someone who they feel is right for them. For the ISFJ it might not always appear to be romantic on the surface, since they are practical people, but deep down they are romantic people who crave a connection which can withstand anything, even when it becomes difficult at times.

They Can Be Cautious

ISFJs might appear a bit on the cautious side at first, and aren’t the types to jump headfirst into love. While some personality types dive in without thinking it through, the ISFJ can be more protective of their hearts in the beginning. This isn’t because they aren’t willing to take a chance on love, it is just the way ISFJs are with most things in life. They believe in being practical and sure about their choices, and this includes romance and love. When they first start to fall for someone, the ISFJ is likely to take a step back and not want to jump right in without using their heads to process everything. They want to be sure that this person they have feelings for is actually willing to commit to them. They don’t want to have their time wasted, but they also don’t waste the time of someone else. For the ISFJ love is wonderful and exciting, but they can be afraid of getting hurt by jumping into something too quickly. They realize that they give so much when they love someone, and if they aren’t careful this means they can get their heart broken rather easily. The ISFJ might not dive into love, but once they fall they certainly find it hard to steady themselves. They fall hard when they truly allow themselves to connect with someone, and this is a connection they hold very close to their hearts. This is exactly why the ISFJ can be a bit cautious at first, since they know that they will become devoted to the person they are in love with.

They Give Everything 

ISFJs give everything to the ones they love, and will go above and beyond to make them happy. They are strong in touch with the emotional and practical needs of those around them, and so they do whatever it takes to make people happy. They are giving to the people around them, but they take this one step further when they are in a romantic relationship. The ISFJ will focus hard on ensuring that their partner is happy and properly cared for. They often blame themselves if something doesn’t go well, which can be a lot of pressure on the ISFJ at times. They just care so much and want to be able to make those around them feel happy and loved. ISFJs are naturally compassionate and understanding people, who care about being supportive and always listening when their partner is struggling with something. They also want to find ways to solve their problems and help them to improve when something isn’t going their way.

ISFJs are the types of people who give everything when they are in love, and will work hard to make the relationship right. They don’t just give up on people because they make mistakes, and instead they believe in standing by their side through the hard times. ISFJs are the type of partners who will give gifts and surprise the person they love with so many things. Whether this be a vacation, their favorite game, or just about anything which will make this person happy. The ISFJ will go above and beyond to please the person they love, which is why they make for such amazing romantic partners.

They Value Commitment

ISFJs value commitment very much, especially with someone they are in love with. They don’t believe that love should be taken lightly, and so they will be deeply turned off by someone who is flighty and cannot commit. For them it is so important to remain true to their commitment and loyal to the person they are in love with. For the ISFJ loyalty is actually one of the most important traits in a partner, and is not something they can live without in their relationships. If the person they are in love with is not loyal or capable of committing, they will have to move on. Of course this will be very heartbreaking for them, since ISFJs fall hard once they fall in love with someone. They can struggle to let go for a while, and it will take time for them to really move on from this relationship. Once the ISFJ loves someone they want to do anything to try and make the relationship work, sometimes to their own detriment. They can put themselves through a lot of heartache trying to make things right in their relationships, hoping they can love this person enough for them to get serious. Once they realize this isn’t going to happen, the ISFJ will do what they must and move on.

They Need Appreciation

While ISFJs are giving and loving partners, they need to feel appreciation in return. They don’t ask for much or expect a lot from their partner, they just want to feel truly loved by them. When the ISFJ does not feel like all of their giving and efforts are being appreciated, then they can start to feel resentful towards their partner. ISFJs will go out of their way to make things work but they do need to feel something in return. When their partner does even the smallest thing for them it can really mean the world to the ISFJ. When they feel loved and cared for it goes a long way for them. For the ISFJ it is truly about appreciation and connection, and they want to be with someone who makes them feel like they are important. When it comes to being in love ISFJs are givers, and so they can make for amazing romantic partners.

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