Here’s How Thrifty You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people can have a hard time managing their spending, others can be rather skilled at being thrifty. Here is thrifty you are capable of being, based on your personality type.



INFJs can definitely be thrifty when they want to be, and often know how to find ways to save. While they might have this skill, not all INFJs feel the need to utilize it. If they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, they might feel the need to spend a little recklessly in order to feel better. They might not always want to be thrifty, but INFJs are actually very good at figuring out unique ways to save. They can often find the best stores and locations, and might even have a knack for finding pricey items for cheap.


ENFJs are definitely skilled at being thrifty, especially for the sake of taking care of their loved ones. They often prefer to find ways to save money and be as frugal as possible. ENFJs are creative people and will do research and use their skillset in order to find the best ways to be thrifty when they can. They often strive for this because ENFJs want to do whatever they can to provide for their loved ones, and sometimes saving money is the best way they can provide a safety net for if things go wrong.


INFPs are creative people and might enjoy the challenge of finding ways to be thrifty. They will enjoy it more for the opportunity to discover special items for great deals. They might enjoy going to thrift stores, flea markets or even hunting things down at yard sales. For the INFP it is more about the experience and the adventure, and not really about finding ways to save money. They aren’t always the most frugal people, since that often requires far too much planning and structure for the INFP and leaves them feeling trapped.


ENFPs sometimes enjoy the challenge of searching out great deals, and discovering ways to save money. ENFPs also enjoy finding something rare in unlikely places, which makes them capable of being thrifty. While the ENFP can often discover these different options, they don’t always utilize them in ways that help them save money. This is simply because ENFPs often bounce from one thing to the next, and while they might be good at being thrifty, they also enjoy being able to spend their money in whatever way they please.



INTJs can definitely be thrifty people, since they are good at researching many different things. They can often find ways to save money and even discover new ways to discover deals. While INTJs might be capable of this, they don’t always find themselves all that interested in it. They are naturally frugal people can are good at managing their finances in an intelligent manner. INTJs are more interested in obtaining knowledge, and don’t always find it that enjoyable to constantly find new ways to be thrifty.


ENTJs aren’t always interested in being thrifty and prefer to focus on building a positive future. ENTJs are capable of being frugal and of finding ways to grow their money, without having to find ways to be thrifty. They don’t really find it all that interesting to go hunting for items, and might find this to be a waste of their energy. ENTJs would rather focus on things that are unique and special, and will acquire them by hard work and constantly dedication.


While INTPs are capable and creative people, they can be occasionally reckless with finances. They are more interested in learning and taking risks, than constantly finding ways to be thrifty. INTPs might enjoy discovering new ways to acquire money, or maybe uncover rare items for great prices. This is more for the sake of experiencing new things and challenging themselves. INTPs don’t want to feel held back by a need to constantly be thrifty, but they enjoy discovering their abilities and getting creative where they can.


ENTPs often enjoy taking on new challenges and sometimes they might take on being thrifty just for the fun of it. While ENTPs can often enjoy finding new ways to acquire things for good deals, this is simply for the sake of trying something new. They also have a side to them that can be somewhat reckless and risky when it comes to spending money. ENTPs want to take advantage of their opportunities and enjoy being able to push their own limits and step outside of their comfort zones.



ISTJs are often great at being thrifty, especially if they want to save money. They are naturally skilled at researching different things, which helps them find out how to be thrifty. ISTJs will certainly learn this skill if they feel they need to find ways to save more money. They are very responsible people and simply want to do whatever they can to be more efficient in taking care of themselves and their loved ones.


ESTJs aren’t really fans of having to be thrifty and prefer to find others means of obtaining finances. ESTJs are hardworking people and will use that to maintain their finances. They are focused and driven people who do whatever it takes to provide for themselves and their loved ones. They desire efficiency and believe in doing whatever they must to be the best. ESTJs don’t really care for being thrifty, since it often feels like a waste of their time and energy.


ISFJs don’t often enjoy having to be thrifty people, and prefer to focus on working hard in order to afford more expensive things. Being thrifty might make the ISFJ feel a bit shameful in front of others, especially if their loved ones appear judgmental. The most important thing for ISFJs is making others happy and they want to do anything they can to provide for them. They are capable of being frugal people, but they don’t like having to focus on being thrifty in order to save money.


ESFJs will often develop the skill of being thrifty if they feel it will help them care for their loved ones. They enjoy being able to save money, since it helps them develop a safety net. The main goal of the ESFJ it so care for the people they love and to find ways to make them happy. They will do whatever it takes to help them, and sometimes this means finding ways to be thrifty. In order to actually purchase things for themselves without a sense of guilt, the ESFJ might need to find rare deals where they can.



ISTPs aren’t of thrifty people and prefer to enjoy the present moment. They will spend money where they please, and don’t like feeling like they are restrained by anything. While ISTPs aren’t always extremely reckless, they don’t usually find a thrill in being a thrifty person. For ISTPs it is more exciting to live in the moment and experience life to the absolute fullest.


While ESTPs might enjoy being thrifty for the sake of seeking out the diamonds in the rough, it is rarely to save money. They prefer to live in the moment and enjoy being able to spend recklessly now and again. For the ESTP it is more enjoyable to not feel restrained by their finances, and sometimes they can be drawn to a bit of retail therapy. They rarely want to be thrifty for the sake of saving money, but more for the challenge of being able to acquire things for a deal.


ISFPs aren’t often thrifty people, since they prefer to experience life to the fullest. They enjoy living in the moment and will want to spend money however they please. If the ISFP does not have a lot of funds however, they might develop the ability of being thrifty. They enjoy having nice things, and will often develop the ability to acquire these items for a deal if they have to.


ESFPs enjoy living in the moment which often makes them less thrifty. They can be sometimes reckless with their money, and enjoy being able to get whatever they want. ESFPs sometimes enjoy retail therapy when they are feeling overwhelmed, and enjoy having nice things. Sometimes it seems like they are a bit flighty, but ESFPs simply enjoy living in the present and don’t like feeling held back by obligations.


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