Here’s What Your Dark Side is Like, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s What Your Dark Side is Like, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone has a certain element of darkness in their personality, some more than others. Here is what your dark side is like based on your personality type.


INFJs are caring and warm people, but they definitely have a dark side. If an INFJ believes that someone has committed a gross injustice, then their darkest side might be exposed. They can be vindictive in order to right a wrong that has been displayed, especially if someone they love has been deeply hurt by it. INFJs are capable of lashing out with intention, which can actually be a rather scary thing. They often feel remorse when they hurt others, but there are occasions when it is the only way to achieve a sense of justice. INFJs can also have a somewhat dark humor, which they only share with people who understand and appreciate it. They are extremely giving and loving people, but in a way that needs to be balanced out in other aspects of their lives.


ENFJs spend most of their energy trying to help others and care for the needs of their loved ones. They usually put aside their own feelings in order to make other people happy. ENFJs dark side can find its way out when people attempt to harm their loved ones. If someone the ENFJ cares for is hurt by another person’s actions, they can become extremely aggressive in defense of them. They believe in justice, and can become advocates for it if they believe it is the right thing to do. ENFJs can often be defensive of their own needs after a while, especially if someone steps on them for too long. This can expose a darker side to the loving and giving ENFJs personality.


INFPs are often seen as sweet and tender individuals on the outside, but they certainly have elements of darkness within them. Their dark side comes from being so connected to their emotions and feeling everything so very deeply. INFPs have moments of deep sadness, where they feel remorse for every awful pain that goes on in the world around them. This can be rather difficult to see, especially since INFPs can shut people out during these dark times. Their idealistic mindset can often cause the INFP to become disappointed by the injustices in the world around them. Their darkness is rarely intended to harm others, but rather is turned inward on themselves. INFPs can also be attracted to certain darker things in life, which comes from their natural curiosity.


ENFPs are often viewed as bubbly and positive individuals, and their dark side is rarely seen because of this. They try to keep life light and dislike dwelling on the many negativities in the world around them. This constant desire to remain positive can actually bring light to a darker side of the ENFP. They will continue to be kind to those around them, but reach a breaking point when they become hurt deeply by them. ENFPs can actually be extremely harsh with their words, and have a knack for unleashing their sharp tongue on people they believe deserve it. ENFPs can also have a surprisingly dark sense of humor, one that people often do not expect. They might find themselves drawn to odd things that others find dark or strange, like watching serial killer documentaries or collecting skull artwork.


INTJs who let their dark side roam free can be a bit more manipulative than healthy INTJs are. They might be capable of logically making excuses for their actions, even when their actions are manipulative and a bit harsh. They are intelligent people, but sometimes using logic without emotional attachment can create an individual who can do negative things as a means to an end. As long as the end result is ultimately good, they can sometimes using logic to ignore the process of getting there. INTJs can have a dark side that utilizes their intelligence as a way to get what they want. This is not something all INTJs possess, and is only seen in ones who lack balance in their lives.


ENTJs are very logical people, who are focused on getting things done to their own high standards. They rarely have time for negativity in their lives, and prefer to be realistic. ENTJs are seen as cold, but deep down they are caring and giving people. Their dark side can come out in different ways, mostly when their loved ones are hurt by someone. ENTJs can lash out rather harshly against someone who harms them or someone they care for. They have a natural ability to tear people down if they see fit, but this is something they rarely desire to do.


INTPs desire for precision and logic is often what keeps their dark side at bay. They would often rather be left in peace, and do not have a desire to control others. The INTPs dark side often comes out when they feel personality slighted or hurt by someone else. If the INTP holds their feelings inside for too long and attempts to bottle them up, their dark side can start to force its way to the surface. It will often expose itself in short bursts, where the INTP verbally attacks someone they care for without fully intended to. Their emotions simply bust out of them, and they don’t entirely mean everything they say. If the INTP does not feel listened to, they are capable of using the harshest and most hurtful words to attack someone.


ENTPs are often seen as fun and charismatic individuals, but they do have a dark side. ENTPs can have a tendency to manipulate the people around them in order to achieve their goals. Sometimes they do this simply to gauge the reactions of those people, in an almost scientific way. ENTPs love to explore new possibilities, and hate leaving any stone unturned. Their desire to gather information and understand their surroundings, can sometimes cause the ENTP to overlook their actions. They can become manipulative and coerce others, simply to find a way to understand those people better.


ISTJs dark side can come out when they feel overwhelmed and as though their actions are not being appreciated. When the ISTJ feels as though people are placing too many demands upon them, they can start to lash out. ISTJs are normally respectful and understanding people, but they have times when they can become harsh. They sacrifice their desire to keep the peace, and replace it with a desire to find their own peace. In order to keep people away from them the ISTJ will become harsh and reclusive in order to gain back some privacy.


ESTJs are very focused on getting things done, and prefer to focus on the task in front of them. They value efficiency, and are motivated by a desire to be the best at what they do. ESTJs generally prefer to stick to their morals when they can, but they do have darker moments in their lives. If the ESTJ believes that the only way to move forward is to become aggressive and pushy, they will not be afraid of using fear to get the reaction they want. ESTJs can be rather intimidating towards others, and will be capable of using this as a way to get things done and move forward.


ISFJs are generally loving and giving people, but they do have a dark side sometimes. The dark side of the ISFJ can be a bit manipulative and pushy in order to keep the peace in their surroundings. If the ISFJ is trying to create a peaceful environment and someone else is attempting to disturb it, they can be a bit manipulative in order to prevent this from happening. They are actually skilled at understanding people and their emotions, which can make the ISFJ rather capable of manipulating someone into doing what they want.


ESFJs main focus is on caring for their loved ones, which can often be the very cause to their dark side. They are normally positive and loving people, who dislike hurting anyone. If the ESFJ feels as though someone has harmed their loved ones, they can lash out rather aggressively. They will do whatever it takes to defend the people they love, and might be a bit frightening in this way. ESFJs an also start to lash out if they do not feel appreciated for their hard work and efforts, and can be a bit verbally harsh.


ISTPs are not afraid of showing their dark side, and prefer to be sincere and honest about themselves. ISTPs can be a bit dark when it comes to their outlook on humanity and the world around them. They often see their dark outlook as simply being realistic, which is honestly what it is. ISTPs are not negative people, they just understand that the world is filled with darkness and every person has a certain level of darkness in their personalities. ISTPs also have a strong sense of adventure, which can be a tied into their dark side. They might find themselves naturally curious about certain things that might scare other people.


The dark side of ESTPs is actually something they feel open and expressive about. They can often be interested in darker things, like collecting creepy items or listening to serial killer documentaries. This dark side if something that gives the ESTP balance in their lives, and often is not hidden from others. They are comfortable sharing their darkness with others, because they understand that everyone has darkness in their personalities. They are generally positive and hardworking people, but their dark side is tied into their sense of adventure and curiosity.


ISFPs are generally light people, who do not have a desire to harm others at all. They are rarely seen exhibiting their dark side and often prefer to live their lives in peace and happiness. ISFPs dislike hurting others, and often stand by their strict moral code. ISFPs can have a dark side when they feel like they have been beaten down by the sadness in their world around them. They feel things very deeply and have a natural connection to the pain of others. When the ISFP goes through times of sadness, they can shut out of the world and feel a bit separated from others.


ESFPs are generally positive and kind individuals, with bubbly personalities. They prefer to remain positive and want to simply enjoy life. ESFPs hate feeling like they are being held down by negativity and usually appear to be rather light individuals. ESFPs do however have the occasional dark side, which is often shown by their manipulative tendencies. If ESFPs want something to be done for them, they can often use guilt manipulation to enlist the help of their loved ones. They don’t always do this knowingly, but ESFPs can be rather skilled at influencing people into helping them.

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