ENTP Manipulation: How ENTPs Deal With Manipulation and Coercion

Everyone is capable of manipulating others, some are just more prone to this behavior than others. Being a manipulative person is rarely tied to someone’s personality type, but the ways in which someone can manipulate often is. While manipulation is not going to be more common in certain types, each personality type has their own methods of trying to adjust a situation so that they can get the results they want. It can help to understand these methods in a more personal way, so that we can be more conscious of someone’s intentions and actions. It is also important to understand how each personality type handles feeling a sense of manipulation from others, as some will be much less forgiving when this happens to them.

ENTPs might be viewed as skilled at manipulating, as well as being conscious of others who are attempting to manipulate them. This can be attributed to their combination of functions, which helps them to read people as well as imagine different possibilities in any given situation. Being analytical people does cause the ENTP to sort of scan people and their behaviors in hopes of understanding them better. More or less the ENTP is just attempting to strategically plan out a situation in order to gain their desired effect. They might not even see this as manipulation, since their intentions aren’t to control others but simply to gain the results that are the best and most beneficial. ENTPs see things in their own logical and unique way, which makes it hard for people to fully understand their intentions.

ENTP Manipulation

There is a bit of a stereotype towards ENTPs, causing people to assume they are actively manipulative in hopes of controlling others. This isn’t the case, and is just another inaccurate piece of information which shouldn’t be so widely spread. Are ENTPs capable of manipulating others and situations? Yes, of course they are. Their natural combination of Ti and Ne functions, actually helps them strategically plan things out and figure out the best way to navigate different situations. This can help them analyze people as well, and see how to convince them of certain things they want. This doesn’t mean that ENTPs are automatically going to execute this type of manipulation, especially the more harmful or selfish types of coercion. Just because ENTPs are analytical people with rather active senses of humor, doesn’t mean that they are malicious people who want to harm and manipulate everyone. 

ENTPS actually care about the people in their lives, often much more than they are capable of showing to them. When the ENTP does seek to “manipulate” it is often in hopes of helping people, not harming them. They are very good at analyzing and seeing the best path for those around them, and the ENTP wants to help these people achieve their goals. They care about helping and might use some of their manipulation skills in order to help people towards a path they might be afraid to approach. Sometimes people are stubborn and might not listen to logic, in this case the ENTP might feel like a bit of subtle manipulation is the best way to get them there. They often don’t even see it as being manipulative, since their intentions are not negative, but instead they are coming from a place of love. They can see the best path for people to take in order to get what they want and have a better life, and so they just want to help them get there. Sometimes the ENTP wants that person to feel like they did this on their own, and so being more subtle with how they push them in that direction can be the best way to do this.

In some instances ENTPs might use certain charismatic behaviors in order to get what they want, but this is often on a small scale. Things like getting into certain events, or maybe getting someone to buy them a drink, but nothing on such a large scale that it becomes harmful. They can often sense how upping their charm a bit might get them what they want, and they likely aren’t afraid of doing this. For the ENTP it all depends on the levels of manipulation and what the results will be. If they realize that they won’t get caught and no one will be hurt over it, then it doesn’t feel like they are doing anything wrong or immoral. Some people might not like this type of behavior, but ENTPs will see that as being far too uptight. They know if they have crossed a line, and they know where they can push and where they can’t. 

Being Manipulated By Others

ENTPs are often difficult to manipulate, since they pay such close attention to these things. When someone is attempting to manipulate them the ENTP might even play into it a bit at first, wanting to understand this person’s motivates and intentions. They are curious people, who enjoy being able to push buttons and find ways to figuring people out a bit better. Sometimes this means observing someone who is manipulative, in hopes of understanding why and how they can avoid this type of behavior in the future. Ultimately though, ENTPs don’t want to be around people who are constantly seeking to control and manipulate others. They might feel the need to speak out about this, and let other people know what they have noticed. They might start to find it a bit offensive that this person thinks they can manipulate everyone including the ENTP, and will want to make sure they are aware that they can see what is happening. They might have moments of being protective of others, wanting to make sure that the lies are known. When ENTPs see something that others don’t, it can be hard for them to keep this to themselves. There is a difference between harmless manipulation and someone who has malicious intentions, at least there is to the ENTP.