Here’s How Important Keepsakes Are To You, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people enjoy keeping little keepsakes or mementos in order to remind them of memories and positive times. Others might find this a bit useless, and don’t feel a strong need for a physical item to maintain this memory. Here is how important keepsakes are you to, based on your personality type.



INFJs aren’t really focused on physical things, but at the same time they do enjoy having keepsakes from time to time. If they items bring back positive memories or cause them to think about someone they love, it will definitely be valuable to them. INFJs do like being able to think about experiences and people they care for, and sometimes having these keepsakes can allow them to relive those feelings whenever they please. INFJs might not require them though, and can often revisit special times inside of their own minds.


ENFJs do sometimes enjoy keeping little keepsakes to remind them of special times, but they don’t often need them. While it might be nice to have these mementos to remind them of the people they love, ENFJs do have vivid imaginations. When they care about someone or have some sort of moment from the past that means a lot to them, ENFJs often carry this with them regardless of items to recall the times. They hold onto these feelings and experiences, and can relive them inside of their own inner minds.


INFPs do like having small keepsakes from time to time, but they don’t usually obtain ones that others would appreciate. For the INFP it is more about snagging something that will really bring back the memory, and so it doesn’t have to be something they purchase. It can simply be grabbing a special napkin from the restaurant they ate at, or a notepad from the hotel room. It is often something a bit quirky, but for the INFP it is truly personal and reminds them of their special memory.


ENFPs do like having keepsakes sometimes, especially ones that give them feelings of nostalgia. They enjoy being able to recall things from the past that they enjoyed, especially if they are truly special moments. ENFPs don’t always require keepsakes for these memories, but they do like having them around. This can sometimes help maintain a positive energy for the ENFP, especially if they are in a work environment and need to feel a little uplifted.



INTJs don’t usually require a keepsake in order to remember something important to them, unless the item itself is truly sentimental. They don’t just like purchasing something for a memento, unless that item is special and holds some sort of historical or intricate value. INTJs like having things set up a certain way, even if others don’t totally understand it. For them it is not vital to have these little keepsakes in order to remember something important, but sometimes it can be a nice way to bring back memories.


ENTJs don’t require keepsakes in order to recall things, but there are times when they do favor it. If the ENTJ has some sort of accomplishment that they value, they might want to mark this occasion with an item that will help them remember. ENTJs do like to have certain mementoes of their accomplishments, especially so that they can showcase this to the ones they want to be proud of them and their actions.


INTPs do often enjoy keeping mementos, but this can sometimes create a sense of clutter. They like having these items that remind them of things, or that inspire them to start new projects. They often enjoy having these sorts of things to bring back a certain feeling or thought, since this can really help facilitate a sense of creativity. They don’t always need keepsakes but sometimes it can pull them out of whatever thought is already clouding their mind.


ENTPs don’t usually need keepsakes to remember certain things, but they might enjoy having them regardless. Sometimes these keepsakes can create a specific emotion in their environment, which is definitely enjoyable for them. They might have certain mementos from their past which can help cause them to feel more inspired and creative. ENTPs do have rather vivid imaginations and so they might not really require these keepsakes, but they do enjoy it.



ISTJs often enjoy having keepsakes, since they like having little memories of the past. Sometimes they enjoy having this items to hold onto something important to them, even though they aren’t all that focused on physical things. For the ISTJ it is more about having something to really bring that memory back, especially when it connects with someone they care for.


ESTJs do like having keepsakes and often these items will bring back memories rather strongly. Having something that reminds them of the past or someone they care about, is definitely something they enjoy. ESTJs are often tied to the past, and do like being able to recall important moments and connections. ESTJs don’t always need keepsakes to do this, but they do like having things to remind them.


ISFJs are strongly connected to the past and they enjoy having memories from important times. Keepsakes can be a great way for them to hold onto special times and relive those memories. ISFJs want to be able to hold onto the past sometimes, at least in the sense that they don’t want to simply let go of important moments. For them keepsakes are simply a good way to hold onto their past without having to remain stuck there.


ESFJs definitely enjoy having keepsakes, and often try to find things that will bring back positive memories. If they have a time or moment where they share something truly special with someone, then the ESFJ wants to remember this forever. They are often tied to the past, and they don’t like letting go of things that are important to them. Having these items can be a nice way to remember the more important times in their life.



ISTPs do like having keepsakes from time to time, but they don’t require them. They are connected to the physical world and so items can definitely be something that inspires memories and emotions. ISTPs simply prefer to focus on living in the moment and don’t want to be too hung up on things from the past. They would rather live without being held back by these thoughts, and they certainly don’t like feeling trapped by too many items.


ESTPs do like keepsakes, and can become a bit cluttered because of it. They might have a hard time letting go of items that remind them of special moments, since they often cause them to recall quite a lot of detail. For the ESTP it is valuable to have these items and these positive memories, since they can inspire feelings that they want to bring back.


ISFPs do like having keepsakes once in a while, especially ones that bring back truly wonderful memories. ISFPs like keepsakes that are connected to loved ones even more, especially when they are truly close to that person. They are very connected to the physical world around them, and so they enjoy having items that can bring back memories and inspire positive emotions.


ESFPs do enjoy keepsakes, often because they like having physical representations of memories. ESFPs are often very physical people, and so having items that bring back positive memories is definitely something they enjoy. ESFPs can actually have a hard time throwing things away because of this, since so many things will be tied to something important to them.

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