Here’s How Misanthropic You Can Be, Based on Your personality Type

Someone who is a misanthrope has a general hatred for people and humankind. While this is quite the dramatic end of the spectrum, there are still times when anyone can possess these tendencies in the right circumstance. So here is how much of a misanthrope you can be, based on your personality type.



While INFJs are caring and empathetic people, they are also rather complex. They are considered paradoxical because they can possess layers which seem to contradict themselves. While the INFJ is caring, they can have times where they feel completely disgusted with humanity as a whole. The way that people treat one another and the state of the world can cause the INFJ to feel pushed over the edge and they will definitely find themselves in a misanthropic state.


ENFJs are generally seen as caring and empathetic people, who are strongly connected to others. They want to do whatever they can to help those around them and work hard to make a difference. While EFNJs are generally friendly and caring people, they can have times where this backfires and pushes them over the edge. Their desire to constantly take care of others can leave them feeling underappreciated and frustrated. When this happens the ENFJ can definitely lose their faith in humanity, and feel a bit misanthropic.


Most of the time INFPs are seen as caring people, who have faith in others and want to make a difference in the world. This caring nature can sometimes cause them to feel overwhelmed, especially when they encounter so much pain around them. When the INFP witnesses the bad in the world for a long period of time, it can definitely bring out their more misanthropic tendencies. They can start to feel angry at the world, and might lose that sense of sympathy and connection.


ENFPs are generally friendly people, who enjoy being able to connect with others. They are often seen as outgoing and charismatic, which can hide some of their more pessimistic tendencies. There are definitely times when the ENFP feels a disdain towards humanity, especially after they have had their heartbroken. They can lose faith in people and feel entirely disgusted with how they can treat others. Seeing how people can behave in such a negative way, can certainly bring out their misanthropic side.



INTJs can definitely appear to be misanthropes, especially from an outside perspective. They don’t really find it natural to connect with most people and can become easily drained with social interaction. INTJs can also view most people as a bit frustrating and even stupid. Their impatient attitude towards others can definitely cause them to appear more misanthropic than they might actually be. INTJs just have a hard time behaving in an outwardly expressing and friendly manner, even towards people they like.


ENTJs can definitely have misanthropic tendencies, especially when they encounter a lot of frustrating people. They can lose their patience rather quickly and this can leave them feeling overwhelmed by the presence of others. At the same time ENTJs are friendly people, who enjoy being able to connect with likeminded people. They just don’t handle constantly encountering ignorance and this can definitely bring out a disdain for humanity.


INTPs can definitely hold a disdain for humanity, especially since they observe people often. When the INTP has dealt with plenty of ignorance and unkindness, it can leave them feeling extremely misanthropic. They can often appear this way more often than they actually feel it though, since INTPs are not outgoing people. They prefer to keep to themselves and this can make it seem like they have a disdain for others, when in truth they just need this time to themselves.


ENTPs can sometimes appear to be cynical and misanthropic people, but often this is just for the fun of it. ENTPs like being able to push other people’s buttons in order to get a read of who they are and how they operate. Sometimes they enjoy being able to experience new viewpoints, and want to look at things from every angle in order to truly learn. ENTPs can sometimes have a pessimistic nature which causes them to lack trust in others, but that doesn’t mean they hold a true disdain for them.



ISTJs can definitely appear misanthropic from time to time, especially from an outside perspective. They can become easily frustrated with others and definitely have a cynical side to their personality. When they are feeling drained by others or constantly have to deal with inefficiencies, the ISTJ will lose faith in humanity a bit. Their misanthropic side will emerge and they will begin to appear easily aggravated and just done with people completely.


ESTJs can definitely appear to have misanthropic tendencies, especially when they have dealt with a lot of lazy people. ESTJs are friendly by nature and enjoy being able to connect with others. They do however lose patience with people who are inefficient and lazy, and this can weigh heavily on them after a while. When the ESTJ has had to endure these types of people they can develop a disdain for humanity as a whole.


ISFJs are rarely seen exhibiting misanthropic tendencies, since they have a strong desire to help others. They are caring people by nature, and simply want to do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy. They often keep their head down and focus on what they are doing, and don’t feel a need to constantly observe the world around them. ISFJs are hardworking people who try to make sure their environment is peaceful and their loved ones are cared for.


ESFJs don’t often show misanthropic behavior, since most of the time they try to remain positive. They don’t want to feel a disdain for others and prefer to do their best to see the good in people. This desire to see in good in others can be what causes the ESFJ to get hurt and will frustrate them in some situations. They try hard not to wind up here, but there are moments when heartbreak can leave them feeling a bit disappointed in others.



ISTPs can appear more misanthropic than they actually are, since they keep to themselves and are rather sarcastic most of the time. Since they avoid people most of the time it can cause them to appear like they simply hate others. In truth ISTPs just need a lot of time to themselves and would rather not have to feel drained by the presence of others. They don’t usually have a misanthropic approach, and simply would rather let people do their own things rather than judge them for it.


ESTPs do have the occasional misanthropic tendencies, especially when they witness constant stupidity around them. They don’t like having to deal with people who lack proper information, especially when those people try to push the ESTP around. They can become a bit disdainful towards society as a whole, and will want to get away from these types of people for a while in order to recharge.


ISFPS usually aren’t misanthropes, and most of the time they would rather look on the bright side of things. ISFPs try to see the good in people and truly want to connect with those around them. ISFPs can see the good in people even when they have made mistakes, and this is what often helps them to avoid more misanthropic ideas. They don’t like allowing this hatred to build inside of them and would rather not carry it.


ESFPs rarely appear misanthropic, instead they can be a bit naïve about the badness in others. ESFPs try to see the good in people and are always looking for the best way to have a good time. They don’t want to allow negativity to take over, and would rather not approach things from a pessimistic mindset. ESFPs care about their loved ones and strive to make their lives a bit more fun.


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