ENTP Auxiliary Function: Understanding the ENTPs Secondary Introverted Thinking (Ti)

When searching for a deeper understanding of the personality types, it is important to understand each one of their functions. While we often focus on the dominant and even inferior functions, knowing the auxiliary and tertiary ones are also vital. It is not just about knowing what functions each type possesses but rather how these functions behave within the stack. When a function is dominant it will present differently than when it is auxiliary, and so understanding this is truly important if you want to understand each personality type. Knowing each function on it’s own doesn’t really give you a true comprehension of how the personality type is going to utilize that function. Instead you need to learn more about the placement of each function and how it corresponds with each personality type.

ENTPs are often outgoing and charismatic people, and so their dominant function can be the one people recognize the most about them. They are curious about the world around them and want to find ways of piecing things together. What people don’t realize is that the ENTPs dominant function is closely tied into the use of their auxiliary introverted thinking. ENTPs care about understanding how things work and want to be able to explore different possibilities and ideas from the world around them. Since they are curious and outgoing people, this part of them isn’t always recognized immediately by others but it is certainly a strong part of their personality. The combination of these two functions is important when it comes to understanding the ENTP and how their mind works. This is why just knowing the functions of each personality type isn’t quite enough, and so knowing the placement within their functions stack is entirely necessary. Each function will behave differently depending on where it is, and for the ENTP knowing how their aux function works helps to understand them a bit better.

How Ti Works

Introverted thinking (Ti) is used as an internal framework which helps the user navigate the world around them. These complex systems inside of their minds are how the Ti user sees and understands the world. It helps them to make decisions and come to logical conclusions about what they see and experience. They are constantly modifying this when new information is uncovered, willing to absorb new facts and details and adjust how they view things because of it. They are constantly weighing new information against their already existing model, wanting to be sure that everything works and makes logical sense. If information doesn’t seem to fit into this internal system, the Ti user will reconsider how they are processing things in order to uncover where the inaccuracies are. This helps them to become amazing problem solvers, always prepared to look at the details and uncover ways of ensuring that they can fix whatever is going wrong. They are not afraid of approaching a new situation, where others might need to look at things which have been done before in order to find solutions. Instead the Ti user doesn’t need proven methods, since they operate based on this internal thinking system rather than something external. Since their knowledge is not based on what others have accomplished in order to figure out answers, the Ti user can problem solve using their own inner minds and understanding of the information in front of them. This Ti is amazing at uncovering problems and finding solutions which will be more efficient and work in a long-term manner. They are always searching for ways to improve processes, wanting to uncover the most precise and accurate means of solving the problems they find. This Ti is constantly searching for better means of understanding the world and how things work, as well as finding the best ways to navigate the world with strategies and solutions.

Auxiliary Ti in ENTPs

For the ENTP having Ti second in their function stack makes them analyze and seek to understand the information their Ne gathers for them. This can certainly cause the ENTP to seem a bit indecisive at times, especially when they are forming an opinion about something. This is because they want to explore the different possibilities before making a final decision about what is right. ENTPs like to be free to let their minds envision the different scenarios and will dive into exploring where these paths might lead. It doesn’t mean they truly believe that this is the answer, they just want to be able to consider it in order to gain more information about the subject. For the ENTP their Ti helps to assist their Ne, and is capable of pulling them back when they seem to explore too far. This Ti narrows things down, helping the ENTP decide which possible outcome is the most logical. Their Ne might come up with many different theories and make the ENTP highly imaginative, but their Ti is what keeps them from spinning off in the wrong direction. It analyzes these theories and ideas and comes up with the most logical and likely conclusion from them. Instead of allowing the ENTP to take some crazy idea and run with it, their Ti is what helps them maintain balance and bring them back to what is the most practical and logical answer.

Since their Ti is their second function it helps the ENTP be much more focused on interacting and connecting with the outside world. They are capable of acting on their choices, and don’t want to become too trapped inside of their analysis for long periods of time. They do their best to make connections and enjoy experiencing things firsthand. ENTPs also love to debate with people, and can consider different angles and possible scenarios. Their Ti helps them to point out inconsistencies in the other person’s argument, and makes them great at picking out the logical details in order to prove someone wrong. Combined with their Ne this helps the ENTP learn from these debates, collecting information and uncovering useful patterns when they bounce these ideas back and forth with someone.


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