ENTP Ne-Se Loop (Extraverted Intuition & Extraverted Feeling)

For the extroverted personality types, going into their loop means they turn to their extraverted functions. This isn’t immediately a bad or negative thing, and sometimes it occurs under stress as a means of helping the person navigate whatever challenges they are facing. At first, it can cause them to turn towards parts of themselves they normally would not, applying pressure to a function that isn’t as natural or strong for them. It can help the individual figure out some things they are struggling with, but if this goes on for too long, it can certainly become unhealthy for them. When they get in this loop for long periods of time, they definitely need a means of breaking free before it applies too much stress to their weaker functions and leaves them feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted.

For the ENTP, a common reason for being sent into their loop is when something serious happens. This can be a loss or abrupt change, but it is often a type of change they are not welcome to or pleased about. Instead of responding to things in their usual ways, the ENTP starts to lose trust in their own intuition or “gut” and becomes focused on overanalyzing the emotions of the situation. This loop causes the ENTP to feel like they are constantly on high alert, unable to really process things in the ways they normally do. It isn’t always easy for those around them to sense or recognize when the ENTP is in their loop, at least not at first. They might intentionally search for ways to avoid expressing this outwardly, not wanting others to see behind a mask into the likely turmoil they are dealing with.

ENTPs Normally Rely on Introverted Thinking 

While ENTPs dominant function is their extraverted intuition (Ne) they also rely heavily on their auxiliary Ti (introverted thinking). This helps the ENTP to pick up on details and information and process this internally, based on their own inner thoughts. This is a big part of what drives the ENTP to be so hungry to pursue knowledge. They constantly want to learn and improve their minds, wanting to be aware of inaccuracies around them. While their Ne comes up with potential ideas and possibilities around them, the Ti filters and analyzes this information. This helps the ENTP gauge which of these new ideas are logical and which are not. It helps to rein in the Ne in a healthy way, giving the ENTP incredibly useful and creative ideas which are backed up by logic and data. For the ENTP, this is the natural process in which they filter information and ideas, and it helps them behave in a way that is both curious and logical at the same time. They have vivid imaginations, but without the use of that Ti, these imaginations can run wild and don’t always take them down the paths they would ordinarily want to follow.

The Ne-Fe Loop in ENTPs

For the ENTP, the Ne-Fe loop often occurs because something upsetting happens, something which shakes them up and leaves them struggling inside. Sometimes this loop occurs simply because of smaller and less serious situations, but it can also be from a loss of some kind in their lives. ENTPs can be adaptable to change, but they are not emotionless, and so when something truly hurts them they can find themselves diving into the Ne-Fe loops as a means of processing what is happening. This loop appears more obvious when the ENTP becomes extremely sensitive to criticism and feelings of being deficient in some way. They find themselves turning to others for approval, and this comes from them applying pressure to their extraverted feeling (Fe) function. The ENTP normally uses their Fe to pay attention to others and their behavior. It is their tertiary function, but it does come of great use to them when they are trying to understand others and connect with them. ENTPs can be capable of a lot of charm, and their Fe plays a role in this by paying attention to the desires of others. When this function has too much pressure, it becomes quite the opposite. Instead, the ENTP becomes hyper-focused on seeking approval and uneasy about their actions and choices. They might even feel like they have to maintain a carefully crafted image, needing to live up to the expectations of others. Combining their extraverted intuition, which focuses on possibilities, the ENTP starts to imagine all the worst possible scenarios. Without their introverted thinking to help them navigate which of these ideas are logical or irrational, they start to become stressed and uneasy about themselves.

How to Escape the ENTP Loop

A big step towards breaking free of the Ne-Fe loop is focusing more on the ENTPs auxiliary Ti. The ENTP needs to return to looking inward for analysis, rather than seeking approval from those around them. Trusting and relying on their own judgment, instead of hoping that others can give them this validation. ENTPs can benefit from consciously taking time to assess something before taking action, forcing themselves into an introspective mode which they might be neglecting in hopes of seeking out new things and experiences. They need to ignore things that are simply a novelty to them, like wanting to constantly be thrilled or engrossed in some sort of adventure or new experience. Turning towards their introverted thinking by focusing on the facts, things that are proven rather than things that are simply imagination. It can be difficult at first, as trying to force themselves out of their loop isn’t always something they are conscious needs to be done at first. While escaping a loop means seeking out others’ help for some, it can be quite the opposite for the ENTP. They need to look to themselves, rather than searching for what others can provide them.


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