What Your Silly Side is Like Based On Your Personality Type

Sometimes we feel afraid to show our silly side, wanting to keep it for only the people we feel comfortable with. Here is what your silly side is like, based on your personality type.


INFJs can appear very serious and reserved from an outside view. When it comes to the people they are closest with, INFJs can become rather silly and playful. They have an amazing humorous side, and often have a darkness to their humor that is very surprising. Around the right people INFJs enjoy being silly and goofy, they love when someone can bring out that side of them. It isn’t something they feel comfortable sharing with everyone around them, but they love feeling like they can trust someone enough to share this part of themselves. When they do open up and show silliness, it can be truly fun to be around. They have a great sense of humor and a way of making their environment feel more positive and light.


ENFJs are rather social people, and although they are hardworking they do have a silly side to them. They will often enjoy making jokes and being goofy in order to entertain their friends. They love being able to keep a smile on everyone’s face, and are not afraid to show their silly side. ENFJs are fun people, who love to bring joy to other peoples lives. They are less shy about their silliness than their introverted counterparts, and enjoy being able to express themselves. ENFJs are often capable of expressing their silliness to others, since they are aware how it will be received.


INFPs have a rather unique sense of humor, one that is heavily filled with silliness. They enjoy being able to be themselves, and will often not be afraid to show their goofy side. They enjoy being around people who allow them to be themselves, and will be very capable of making those people smile. Their silly side can often be rather absurd, and sometimes too out there for others to appreciate. The people who do appreciate an INFPs wacky side, are definitely in for a treat. Getting to know an INFP enough for them to show their zany sense of humor, is definitely a wonderful experience.


ENFPs are often extremely silly people, especially with those who are open to it. They might test the waters at first, just to see how far they can go. ENFPs enjoy being able to push the limits and will often cross lines that other people are afraid to even approach. They enjoy playing pranks on people, and simply do this in order to get a laugh out of everyone. ENFPs are naturally silly people, and enjoy living life with enthusiasm and joy. This makes them great company, especially for those who enjoy a silly sense of humor, and want to feel comfortable being silly themselves. ENFPs will often encourage their friends to open with them and are eager to see their silly sides as well.


INTPs appear rather controlled and quiet to outsiders, but not to those who know them best. They do spend much of their time inside of their own heads, but are some of the silliest people you will ever meet. They have such a rich inner world, that sometimes others miss out on their infectious senses of humor. INTPs can be extremely silly when they feel comfortable around people, and might surprise others with how goofy they can get. Their unique brand of humor and their sometimes absurd goofiness, is something that they only feel comfortable sharing with certain people. When others appreciate this type of playfulness they will certainly enjoy the company of an INTP. It can appear rather odd and offbeat to others, unless they fully appreciate this type of personality.


ENTPs can be rather silly people, they enjoy making others laugh and love to be entertaining. They often use their silliness to entertain others, and might attempt to adjust depending on their audience. When they are around people who make them feel comfortable then they can be extremely goofy and playful. They will attempt to tie in their witty sense of humor, with a playful and goofy tone. ENTPs are great at making other people laugh, and are not afraid of being the center of attention. The fact that they aren’t afraid of being embarrassed, makes them rather silly people.


INTJs are some of the most sarcastic people, who do not appear silly to most individuals. They are seen as serious and logical people, even though they do have great sense of humor. Their humor is often more witty than it is silly. They are great at coming up with a quick retort, and might be irritated with the idea of someone calling them “silly”. They do have an occasionally goofy side with the right people, but it is a rare occurrence. Just because they are not the silliest people around, doesn’t mean they aren’t often very funny and enjoyable to spend time with.


ENTJs are very intense people, who are very focused on moving forward in their lives. They do however, know how to have fun and enjoy themselves. ENTJs have a rather shocking sense of humor, which can sometimes surprise the people around them. They aren’t silly people though, and might even be offended by that idea. Just because they know how to crack a good joke, doesn’t mean they are goofy individuals. They may have silly moments when they are in the presence of certain people, but it is rather rare. ENTJs are controlled and intelligent people, who have a rather specific brand of humor.


ISTJs often appear to be very serious individuals, but they do actually have a silly side. They have moments of acting completely goofy, especially if they are in the right mood. When they feel like they are comfortable enough around people, they will allow their silly side to shine through. They might dance around, or come up with a silly song, whatever feels right in the moment. ISTJs enjoy being serious and getting important work done, but when the work is finished they are perfectly capable of being silly.


ESTJs are hardworking people, and desire to get things done efficiently. They will often push to finish the work at hand, but once that is done they are more than capable of being silly. They often have a ridiculous and absurd sense of humor, one that allows them be completely silly. They enjoy laughing and love making the people they care about smile. If an ESTJ feels like they are not being judged and are around the right people, they can get rather goofy and even giggly.


ISFJs are often very funny people, but they aren’t necessarily silly. They know how to make others laugh, but are oftentimes very serious individuals. They are mainly focused on pleasing the people around them, which leaves little room for goofiness. ISFJs take life rather seriously, and would prefer to control themselves around most people. They will only have silly moments when in the right company, especially if everyone around them is in perfect harmony.


ESFJs can be extremely silly people when they are around the right company. They are often affected by the emotions of those around them, and will only be silly depending on their level of comfort. If ESFJs are around people who clearly want them to be serious, they will not feel safe letting out their goofy side. When they know that they are in the presence of people who will not judge them, ESFJs will be comfortable letting out their silliness. They enjoy being able to let loose and have fun with the people they love the most. Being silly and laughing, is actually something ESFJs often enjoy.


ISTPs are independent and internal people, who do not express themselves often. They have rather sarcastic and direct senses of humor, and won’t often be silly around people. They do occasionally have goofy moments, where they will share their uniquely silly side. Most of the time ISTPs keep to themselves, and prefer to only share this part of themselves when they feel the desire to do so. They are actually very fun people, with a great capacity of companionship.


ESTPs enjoy going on adventures and keeping the people around them entertained. They do have a rather silly side, especially when they are around the right people. If someone makes an ESTP feel comfortable and like they aren’t being judged, then they won’t be afraid to let their silly side show. They will often enjoy goofing around and acting completely ridiculous when they are in the presence of the right people.


ISFPs are often quiet people, and do not feel comfortable sharing themselves with most individuals. When they do find people who they feel at ease with, ISFPs feel safe to show their silly side. They are actually rather playful individuals, who can make stories out of the strangest things. They enjoy having someone who they can be silly with, and will open up completely when this happens. They are fun individuals, who truly enjoy making other people smile.


ESFPs can be rather silly people, especially since they love to laugh. They will do whatever it takes to entertain others and truly love being the center of attention. ESFPs silly side can range from making up fake lyrics to a song, to performing a drunken rendition of their favorite movie scene. They aren’t afraid of embarrassing themselves, and truly enjoy making other people smile. ESFPs are actually very silly people and are good at bringing out that silliness in others.

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