What Makes You A Great Role Model According To Your Myers-Briggs Type

Everyone has their flaws, but within every person there is also a trait to be admired. Here is what we believe makes you a great role model according to your Myers-Briggs type.


INFJs are very compassionate souls, always looking for a way to be the best version of themselves. Something that makes INFJs excellent role models, is their great talent for empathy. INFJs will constantly be there for the people around them, and will be able to listen openly and give them helpful advice. They have a knack for seeing what people need and work hard to help others achieve happiness within themselves.


ENFJs are extremely giving and hardworking individuals. What makes them great role models is their constant ability to push past any and all obstacles. ENFJs never give up, even when they are juggling the needs of everyone around them. They are not afraid to take on the world and have a true belief within themselves that they can accomplish anything.


INFPs are very sensitive and deep individuals, who dislike the more shallow aspects of the world. They are great role models because of their need to constantly swim only on the deepest parts of their waters. INFPs enjoy things that are very real and dislike small-talk or insincere situations. They want to connect with people around them and enjoy kindness and compassion in their lives.


ENFPs are adventurous and exciting individuals who enjoy getting the most out of life. What makes them great role models is their desire to live life to the fullest. ENFPs have a hunger for life and are extremely passionate individuals. They do not do anything half way and live with an intensity that is rather endearing. They are willing to take risks in order to get what they want and that is certainly something that makes them excellent role models.


INTPs are intelligent and logical individuals, who are always striving to be precise. They make great role models because of their constant desire to understand everything around them. INTPs never quite sate their thirst for knowledge, making them rather well-rounded individuals. A need to be truthful and accurate is something to be admired and certainly something to strive for. INTPs are constantly curious about their world and the people around them, which is a great quality.


ENTPs are gregarious and intense individuals, who never stop searching for excitement in their world. They have an insatiable curiosity, which makes them excellent role models. ENTPs love a great debate more than anything, and this is because they actually enjoy challenging their own minds. This is a wonderful quality and what that should certainly be admired. Their desire to understand things on a deeper level makes them constantly capable of internal growth.


INTJs are intelligent individuals who constantly strive to reach a deeper understanding of their world. They are very capable of strong willed people and are often rather open minded. INTJs make excellent role models because of their desire to remove ignorance from their world. They want to be well-educated, and they also desire to educate the people around them. This is a very noble pursuit and something that people should certainly strive for. The INTJ does not desire to push their beliefs onto others, but rather to educate everyone so that they can truly understand their own decisions.


ENTJs are intense and hardworking individuals who always do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. ENTJs make great role models because of their hunger for life and their hard working mentality. They often set rather large goals for themselves and are not afraid to work for something that seems out of reach. ENTJs are not afraid of a challenge and will even thrive on anything that becomes difficult.


ISFJs are caring and warm individuals, which makes them excellent role models. Their desire to meet the needs of those around them makes them truly wonderful people. They want to make everyone happy and will work hard to ensure that their loved ones are as comfortable as possible. They love for family and their often compassionate natures, makes them truly great role models.


ESFJs are loving individuals who strive to do whatever they can for the people around them. They care very much about the people in their lives, which makes them constantly strive to make those individuals happy. Their ability to give so much of themselves to others, is something that makes ESFJs amazing role models. They want to do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy and that caring nature is what makes them people to look up to.


ISTJs are hardworking and polite individuals, which makes them great role models. ISTJs want to be capable of fulfilling their important roles in life and want to be the best at whatever job they are doing. They are often rather intelligent individuals, who are constantly striving to get the important work done. This is a rather admirable trait and is certainly something that everyone should strive for.


ESTJs make great role models because of their ability to always go after what they want in life. They are often very aware of what is most important to them and they are not afraid of working to acquire these things. They are rather goal oriented and are naturally skilled at figuring out ways to accomplish those goals. The ESTJs forward nature makes them rather admirable individuals.


ISTPs are extremely independent individuals, who often look within themselves to get what they want. ISTPs ability to take care of themselves makes them great role models. They do not depend on others to take care of them, which makes them capable of being on their own without feeling upset or uncomfortable. Being at ease with oneself is certainly something to be admired. ISTPs are also very intelligent and well rounded individuals, which is certainly something to strive for.


ESTPs have an ability to make anything in their lives an adventure, which is something that makes them great role models. They have a knack for finding excitement in even the most mundane situations, which makes them great fun to be around. ESTPs are often great at finding a balance between fun and hard-work in their lives. This ability to work hard and also enjoy life, is definitely something to look up to.


ISFPs have a natural ability for finding beauty in the world around them, which is definitely something that makes them great role models. They are often quiet and independent individuals, with a passion for anything beautiful and complex. ISFPs are often great at seeing the best in others, which is not a trait to be mocked. They want to make the world a better place for everyone and are extremely compassionate people.


ESFPs enjoy having fun and making life enjoyable. Something that makes ESFPs great role models is their ability to enjoy life even when things seem difficult. Instead of allowing the hard times to get them down, ESFPs find ways to enjoy even the simplest things in life. This is definitely a great trait to have, since sometimes the serious ways of others can become overwhelming. ESFPs simply want to spread their joy to others and make life fun.


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