ENTJ Self-Awareness: The ENTJ Journey to Self-Discovery

Self-awareness is not always an easy thing to obtain, for some it seems harder than for others. Self-awareness means digging deep into your own emotions and inner thoughts, and searching to understand what is going on underneath the outer appearance. Sometimes this leads to painful memories, and recognizing certain flaws which we don’t always want to accept. Self-discovery can be a challenging journey, sometimes it is painful and other times it is very rewarding. Ultimately the struggles we endure trying to understand and accept our positive and negative traits, can be an amazing way to grow and become the best version of ourselves possible. The more people lack self-awareness, the easier it is to hurt those around us without meaning to, which is why it is so important.

For the ENTJ being more aware of things in an accurate manner is important. This desire to be conscious of the world around them, also makes them want to be more self-aware. ENTJs realize that in order to be truly efficient and capable, they need to have at least some awareness of themselves and their own motivations. Like anyone there are things they struggle with along the way, and for the ENTJ this is often more tied to emotional understanding and awareness. They might be conscious of their minds, but they can struggle to really dive deep into understanding the complexities of their own emotions. This does not mean they care incapable of doing so, especially the ENTJ who will fight to conquer any obstacle which might be in front of them.

ENTJ Awareness

ENTJs are not ignorant people and they don’t like to allow themselves to be this way. They care about facts and accuracy and strive to always be growing and learning as much as they can. For the ENTJ being someone who is ignorant of themselves is also a bad thing, and so they don’t want to let this happen. They are often good at understanding their own motivation, since they spend a lot of time inside of their own thoughts working through these things. ENTJs will spend the time to think things over and weigh out the pros and cons, and also figure out how this decision will hold value to them, This helps the ENTJ become very sure of their own choices, and they gain confidence in themselves and their goals. When the ENTJ goes after something it is because they are positive it is something they want and will be happy with. They don’t walk into things without taking this time to analyze, and it does include discovering more about themselves and their own personal desires. When ENTJs make a choice they want to be sure about it and they realize this includes understanding their own motives.

ENTJs also have their own set of morals, and a big part of this is tied to trust and loyalty. In order to recognize how important these things are for them, the ENTJ needs to be self-aware to some extent. Most ENTJs are highly conscious of their own boundaries and the things they can accept from their relationships and friendships. This is something which comes from plenty of time analyzing and searching for ways to better understand their own wants and boundaries. They are not afraid of laying these things out and making sure people do not disrespect them or their beliefs and needs. ENTJs don’t feel a need to hide these things or avoid being a burden, instead they value speaking their mind and expressing their boundaries clearly to others. This actually does come from having a certain amount of self-awareness and it is why the ENTJ is comfortable being clear about what they want.

ENTJ Emotions

The struggle for the ENTJ is diving deeper into their own emotions and trying to focus on them. This doesn’t mean they aren’t conscious of their feelings to some extent, but there is often a barrier they don’t quite want to cross. For the ENTJ it is best to focus on facts and logic, as emotions can be fleeting and challenging to really understand at times. Feelings don’t have a clear laid out explanation that they can focus on, instead they can be a bit troubling for the ENTJ. Being someone who values facts so much makes it hard to spend much energy on things which don’t follow any kind of plan or rules. This does not mean ENTJs are incapable of connecting deeply to their emotions, it just takes time for them to stop trying to push those things aside in hopes of being logical.

How to Improve

For the ENTJ the main focus on improving their self-awareness is becoming more conscious of their emotions. They need to allow themselves to spend some energy focusing on those feelings, and accepting that they cannot always analyze them in the way they normally do. Sometimes just naming the emotions or even writing these things down can give the ENTJ a more tangible idea of what is going on inside of themselves. ENTJs feel things just as deeply as anyone else, and have plenty of strong moral values which stem from their inner emotions more than they might realize. It is just challenging for them to spend conscious time focusing on these inner feelings, as they would much rather push them aside for logic and efficiency. This is why just writing these things down can be helpful for the ENTJ at times, since it gives them something they can see and gain a better understanding of. Also doing research about other ENTJs and how they process emotions better over time, can be comforting for them. Simple wanting to gain a better understanding of their inner self is a useful step for the ENTJ, since they rarely give up on anything they set their minds to. They want to always be improving and part of this is working on their weaker functions and finding ways to understand them better.


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