Why ENTJs Are More Than Just Great Leaders

It is a common understanding that ENTJs are natural leaders. They instinctively know how to command a group of people and put together a skilled team. The ENTJ is good at using their intuition and their thinking skills, to make the very best strategic plans. They know what they want and are very good at going after it. Even though this is all true for the ENTJ, they are more than just fantastic leaders.

They Are Always Improving

ENTJs enjoy growing, never wanting to stay stagnant for too long. They are driven to accomplish their goals and are naturally very skilled at this. The reason ENTJs are often so good at getting the job done to a level of excellence, is because they are always improving themselves. The ENTJ enjoys being able to develop their skills and learn as much as possible. They gather new information constantly, never content with just settling. They want to grow as an individual, continuously learning as much as they can. They enjoy developing new ideas and adding to their skill-set. This makes them capable of adapting to almost anything, since they are always eager to learn more. A hunger for knowledge often makes for a very understanding and open individuals.

They Are Helpful

The ENTJ is also content to help the people that they care about. They do become frustrated with inefficiency, but this often only applies to people who aren’t putting forth a lot of effort. They do well with teaching people who are willing to work hard to accomplish the task. If the ENTJ cares about you, they will be more than willing to help you figure things out. They will want to help you grow as a person and open your mind to new understanding. They are very good at strategically figuring out the best possible plan. Their analytical thinking skills along with their powerful intuition, makes the ENTJ very skilled at solving future problems. They can see the best possible path and will help you find a way to accomplish your goals. The ENTJ actually enjoys being able to use their skills to help out the people around them. As long as you are willing to listen and don’t slack-off, the ENTJ will be extremely helpful.

They Are Open Minded

ENTJs enjoy hearing what other people have to say, and will not just shut them out. Part of what does make them such great leaders, is their willingness to expand. They want to hear the thoughts that others have and will not just shut them out. The ENTJ is open to adjusting their plans, as long as the suggestions are brought to them in a very logical manner. If you have figured out an even better way to get something done, the ENTJ will be eager to hear what you have to say. They aren’t a fan of disorganization, so it is best to have your thoughts somewhat completed before proposing them.

Because the ENTJ is always wanting to grow and they are very open minded individuals, they are willing to adjust their behavior. If they are too harsh or upsetting towards you the ENTJ will hear you out. If you can calmly and logically explain why their behavior is bothering you, the ENTJ is more than willing to adjust this behavior. They truly don’t mean to upset people, they are just very straightforward and driven people. They do not respond well to overly emotional reactions, this will often only make things worse. If you can calmly explain what is bothering you to the ENTJ, they will do their best to improve the situation.

They Are Future Oriented

ENTJs do not just live for the here and now. Their powerful sense of intuition makes their focus constantly centered on the future. They plan for what is to come, often attempting to see around the corner. They enjoy making long-term plans, which can be very good for relationships. They don’t just have people close to them for the present moment, but rather want to have lifelong bonds. They enjoy having people in their lives for the long-term, which means if you are close to the ENTJ that is how they want it to be.

This also makes the ENTJ very good at helping you plan for the future. If you are important to them, the ENTJ will adjust their plans to suit your place in their lives. They will also be very good at helping you figure out the best ways to approach your future. They often search out what is best for those around them, wanting to be surrounded by successful individuals. The ENTJ doesn’t become drained by helping make plans, often making them great at giving strategic advice.

They Are Loyal

ENTJs are intensely loyal individuals, who make lifelong connections. Once the ENTJ has decided they want someone in their lives, they will not betray that person. They stand by the people close to them with a rather powerful sense of loyalty. They will stand in the way of anyone trying to harm their loves ones and can make for a very vicious ally. They may not be the most emotional individuals, but they are supportive and trustworthy. They care about the people in their inner circle, working hard to make sure they stick by them at all times.

ENTJs also demand this same level of loyalty in return. They have zero patience for people who they cannot trust and will not keep those people in their lives. They put a lot of energy into their relationships, expecting that same level of respect in return. They demand loyalty from the people around them, or else they will no longer find it wise to keep those people around. For the people who are loyal to the ENTJ, they will be a very rewarding friend or partner.

They Are Fun

ENTJs may be seen as serious and hardworking individuals, but they are also very fun. ENTJs enjoy being around people that they can connect with and take in the finer things in life. The ENTJ often has a work-hard, play-hard mentality. They enjoy being able to get the job done, but once they have done that the ENTJ is very entertaining to be around. They enjoy keeping the entertainment going, often finding ways to make everyone laugh. The ENTJ has an excellent sense of humor, often using shock value to get everyone to join in on the fun. They are intense and amusing individuals to be around, often knowing just how to get the party going. ENTJs know how to balance work and fun in their lives, making them more than just great leaders.


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