ENTP Sheltered: What Being Sheltered Does to the ENTP Personality

While knowing someone’s personality type can help to understand them better, there are other things which can affect someone’s behavior. Some people are going to behave differently depending on how well they have developed certain function in their stack. For some growing up sheltered can cause them to focus too much on their dominant functions, and so they struggle to really develop other parts of themselves and grow in healthy ways. Being sheltered separates people from the world around them, and so their views can sometimes be altered because of this. 

Most ENTPs have a tendency to push against these feelings of being sheltered, since they have a naturally rebellious nature. That doesn’t mean there aren’t situations where they do grow up living a more sheltered lifestyle, it just is something they might try to challenge since they don’t like feeling like they aren’t free to explore the world around them. The ENTP who has been sheltered is much less open to understanding and learning about people, and can struggle to commit to things in life. They might appear a bit spoiled, ready to go after what they want without much consideration to what this means for the people around them.

The Sheltered ENTP

ENTPs who have been sheltered can sometimes come off as spoiled and unmoving. They make the choices they want without as much consideration for others and how it might affect them. It can cause them to bounce around from one thing to the next, sometimes this can hurt the people around them. They definitely don’t intend to be upsetting or make people feel like they aren’t important, they just are so caught up in their dominant function that they struggle to really settle down at all. They want to explore and experience new things and don’t know how to find the appropriate balance with this. The sheltered ENTP can develop a mindset that they can do whatever they please, especially if this was allowed from a young age. They don’t want to follow the rules, and might behave as if they don’t apply to them. Their mentality can become a bit spoiled, since they are so closed off from seeing how other people feel about this. They might feel trapped if they are stagnant for too long and constantly feel bored if they aren’t moving forward. This is certainly something which is natural for most ENTPs, but as they mature they learn how to balance this part of themselves. The sheltered ENTP likely hasn’t learned this type of balance and finds themselves struggle to really remain focused on one thing. They constantly want to explore and keep themselves open to different options, not wanting to miss out on any potential around them.

While ENTPs aren’t naturally connected to emotions in general, this doesn’t mean they cannot develop this knowledge over time. The mature and healthy ENTP wants to grow and always improve themselves, and so they are often open to strengthening their emotional understanding and maturity. Over time this helps them to appreciate the importance of emotions, even if they cannot always make logical sense of them. The sheltered ENTP might struggle to ever to come to terms with this, and instead rejects the emotions of those around them in hopes of being logical and accurate. This can come across as rather hurtful, especially when the ENTP expresses something without using much tact. They can be somewhat harsh because of this, always trying to showcase their logical knowledge about something. Using facts in place of feelings can make the ENTP feel overwhelmed after a while, since they are refusing to accept their own feelings when they need to. Even the most logical person experiences feelings, and so the more these inner emotions and buried or neglected, the more they tend to fester and build up over time. This can actually cause the sheltered ENTP to act out emotionally, but they will feel as if they are being justifiable in their logic. They won’t recognize that they are being emotional and instead will make excuses and feel as if they are being practical and frustrated because other people just don’t understand them or what they are saying. For the ENTP this becomes even more overwhelming over time, as they are trying to be logical when they should learn to at least accept the existence of emotions. For the sheltered ENTP learning to develop a stronger connection to emotions is something which is very difficult, instead they process them in ways which might not be quite as healthy or reasonable.

The Healthy ENTP

ENTPs who have matured and learn to grow can actually have a great understanding and appreciation for the emotions of others. They can be very charming people, and know how to be patient with someone who is upset. They can become especially supportive of someone they love and care for, and they know how to make them feel better when they are struggling. While feelings are never really their greatest strength, ENTPs are very capable of growing this part of themselves in order to be an understanding and supportive friend and partner. They care about the people around them a lot, and want to find ways of being better for them. The healthy ENTP also knows how to balance their curious nature, with their desire to plant some roots. While they always need to have room to explore and experience new things, they don’t possess that constant fear of missing out which can hold them back. They can learn to understand that setting goals and making more permanent choices isn’t going to hold them back from enjoying new things, it is simply part of another experience and adventure in life. Learning that balance is truly important for ENTPs as they learn to grow and strengthen their less dominant functions.


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