What Each Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type Needs To Know

Every type has their flaws and ways in which they could improve their lives. But each type also has some incredible qualities that we feel may not be so obvious to them.


Try to remember: Just because the world is cold sometimes, doesn’t mean there aren’t trustworthy people out there. Manipulating isn’t always the best way to keep people in your life.

Never forget: You are a pillar of strength and hope for many people. You help many of us understand what we want out of life, and give us the courage to go for it.


Try to remember: Sometimes it is okay to let other people make their own decisions and stop worrying so much about how people see you.

Never forget: You are a considerate person and we all appreciate your giving heart and your ability to give us confidence.


Try to remember: Not everyone sees the world in black and white. Learn to accept the fact that just because someone makes different choices than you, does not mean they are a bad person.

Never forget: That the fact that you are different, is also what makes you wonderful. We appreciate your warmth and honesty. We are pretty sure the world would be an awful place without you in it.


Try to remember: Sometimes it’s okay to give people space, not everyone wants you in their business.

Never forget: We are thankful for the way you bring life to any situation. Your positivity is a light in an otherwise dark world.


Try to remember: Not everything in this world has a logical answer. It is okay to accept emotion without logic.

Never forget: You help us understand things that we otherwise could not and we appreciate you for your unique intellect. We also appreciate your helpful advice, which seems to lend a unique perspective.


Try to remember: It is perfectly okay for people to have an emotional reaction to things. Try not to see emotion as weakness.

Never forget: We appreciate the way you push us to be better. Your strength and determination is admirable and inspiring.


Try to remember: Emotions aren’t scary monsters, and you are not void of them. Being vulnerable is not the worst thing in the world. It is okay to live in the moment, and not feel guilty for it.

Never forget:  You are capable of true warmth. We value your intelligence and are thankful for your unique views and understanding. You are always someone we can depend on to solve the problem at hand.


Try to remember: You are not the actual center of the universe, and some people don’t want your advice.

Never forget: You are constantly teaching us how to open our minds and not be so stuck in our ways. You always find a creative way to solve a problem and we appreciate it. Thanks for keeping us laughing and entertained, even when you are making fun of us.


Try to remember: It is okay to take risks, taking a step outside of your comfort zone might actually surprise you.

Never forget: You are dependable and loyal and that is a rare thing these days. Your ability to hold up to your word is an incredible quality.


Try to remember: Relax for goodness sake! You do not have to control everything around you. Someone is not bad because they do not follow the rules.

Never forget: You are always there to protect the people you love. You are capable of immense strength, and we are amazed at your will power.


Try to remember: Stop worrying so much, people can survive without you. Learn to accept change and go with the flow sometimes.

Never forget: The way you care about everyone is incredible and rare. You make sure that everyone knows what it’s like to feel loved and that is wonderful.


Try to remember: Stop trying to fix everyone and stop worrying so much about how they see you. Your caring can be overbearing, and not everyone needs your help.

Never forget: You are valuable. We promise that you are lovable even at your worst, and your loved ones don’t need you to be perfect all of the time. Your ability to take care of us when we cannot do it for ourselves is something we should never take for granted.


Try to remember: Sometimes you need to break out of your own head and pay attention to the people around you. Don’t let others feel alienated because your thoughts are so damn interesting.

Never forget: You teach us how things work when we are incapable of understanding. Thank you for being willing to teach us what you understand with ease.


Try to remember: You don’t have to be admired by everyone. Not all of us want to learn all the time, and sometimes it is okay to be wrong.

Never forget: You show us how to take risks and live without fear. We admire your guts and willingness to take chances that many of us are too afraid of.


Try to remember: Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn’t mean they are challenging who you are as a person. Try not to be wounded by their lack of sensitivity.

Never forget: Your unique view of the world helps us to open our minds and our hearts. Your sensitivity and caring heart is something to be treasured.


Try to remember: Life is not always a party, and it is perfectly okay if someone else is the center of attention. Making decisions is important in life, and sometimes it is good to think about the future.

Never forget: You make life exciting and fun. We appreciate your ability to help us forget about the bad things and just enjoy the present moment.

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