Introverted Feeling

The first function of the ISFP is introverted feeling. Introverted Feeling deals with emotions and their own inner world. Introverted Feeling sorts things into what feels right and what feels wrong. The ISFP has a strong attachment to their inner world and tend to have an internal compass about how to live life. The ISFP might seem to live a very care-free life to many onlookers, but they actually take live very seriously and are very passionate, even if it is not readily shown externally.

Extraverted Sensing

The ISFP uses Extraverted Sensing to help understand and take in the world around them. The ISFP can be very perceptive of their 5 senses as well as body language of those around them. The ISFP enjoys new and exciting experiences that help get them out of their head and more in the real world. They can take up hobbies like dancing and painting to help express themselves more. They are firm believers that their actions speak louder than words. They can be hard to read sometimes when someone is not as perceptive.

Introverted Intuition

The ISFP develops introverted intuition a bit later in life. Introverted Intuition helps the ISFP see how things will play out, and can help them have sort of a “sixth sense” about things. An example of this in use is when a basketball player just “knows” where to pass the ball to a teammate they don’t even see. Another example is just being able to “know” whether a relationship choice or friendship is not going to work out without being able to pinpoint the exact reasons why.

Extraverted Thinking

The fourth function of the ISFP is Extraverted Thinking. Extraverted Thinking is a function that never really becomes a strength for the ISFP. The ISFP uses this to plan and make more concrete conclusions about things. This function is more likely to come out in a work environment, especially if an ISFP has moved into a management type role. The ISFP at work can act more like its opposite, the ENTJ, in a work setting. Though they can keep this mode up, it is likely to be exhausting.