Here’s How Good You Are at Making the First Move, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Good You Are at Making the First Move, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are good at initiating and expressing their feelings, others can struggle with it. Here is how good you are at making the first move, based on your personality type.


INFJs can definitely have a hard time making the first move with someone they don’t know well. They often enjoy observing and getting to know someone before they feel inspired to make that advance. While INFJs are private and introverted people, they are often capable of taking that next step if it is important to them. When they care deeply about someone and begins to develop certain feelings, they don’t want to let that go to waste.


ENFJs are definitely good at making the first move, especially with someone they truly like. They often allow their heart to be their guide when it comes to romance, and dislike passing up on chances. When they have certain feelings the ENFJ will feel overwhelmed if they don’t make some sort of move. They are naturals when it comes to flirting and reading others, and will attempt to make their feelings known in more subtle ways at first. After their subtle attempts the ENFJ will attempt to make their feelings more obvious.


INFPs can be a bit nervous when it comes to putting themselves out there and being vulnerable. It might take them a while of getting to know that person before they build up the courage. INFPs do have a hard time holding their strong feelings inside though, and will want to find a way to express themselves to this person. They might have a hard time initiating when they first meet someone, but will be better at this after they have known them for some time.


ENFPs are definitely charismatic people, which helps them when it comes to making the first move. They can often initiate when they really like someone, and will work hard to make their feelings known. ENFPs might feel a bit fearful of vulnerability at times, and if they think someone will turn them down it can be hard to initiate. They want to gauge how that person feels, and will wait for some kind of sign that they can move forward. Once they receive some sort of signal that the person likes them, they will be more than ready to make the first real move.


INTJs are not afraid to go after what they want, especially if someone special catches their eye. INTJs don’t like missing out on chances, even though they don’t always like being vulnerable. For the INTJ it is important to move forward and go after the things that matter to them. If they find someone who they feel they can really connect with, the INTJ will not be afraid to make the first move. They might not be overly emotionally expressive, but they know how to make themselves clear.


ENTJs will definitely make the first move when they have sincere feelings for someone. They aren’t afraid to initiate and make the first move when they sincerely like someone. ENTJs don’t want to miss out on something they want and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. While some might be afraid to go after someone, the ENTJ is certainly not nervous to make their presence known. They might not be overly emotional or expressive, but they do often know how to romance someone.


INTPs can sometimes be nervous when it comes to showing their vulnerability, so making the first move can be challenging. They are often used to waiting it out until the other person clearly expresses their feelings for them. Once this happens they can certainly move forward, but they aren’t great at being the first one to crack. INTPs simply dislike putting themselves out there, and prefer to be sure before they express themselves. INTPs do best when they are around people who are more expressive, since this helps them feel more at ease.


ENTPs aren’t afraid of making the first move, especially with someone they really like. They enjoy challenging themselves and pushing outside of their own comfort zones. ENTPs want to find ways to expand and grow, and sometimes this means doing things that feel a little frightening at first. They will certainly be capable of making the first move and will express their interest openly when it is someone they sincerely feel a connection with.


ISTJs can make the first move with someone they truly care for and want to make a connection with. They would definitely rather be sure that person is interested before making that next step, but they aren’t afraid to do what they must. ISTJs go after what they want and finding the right partner for their life is often an important part of their life’s plan. They aren’t obsessed with the idea of finding someone, but they don’t want to let an individual pass them by who might make them happy.


ESTJs are absolutely not afraid of making the first move, and will initiate most of the time. When they want something the ESTJ goes after it with everything they have, and don’t enjoy hesitating. They would rather make the first move than miss out on someone they have sincere feelings for. ESTJs are aggressive people and don’t mind putting themselves out there. When they really care for a person the ESTJ can become rather forward and will do whatever it takes to make things happen.


ISFJs can be a bit nervous when it comes to making the first move, since it exposes them. They would rather allow the other person to express their feelings before moving forward. ISFJs definitely want to find someone to connect with, and don’t want to let someone go that might make them happy. If they absolutely have to make that next step they can find a way to make their feelings known. They express their feelings by being a bit flirty and trying to give all of the right signals. They might not make the more aggressive first move, but they can put themselves out there.


ESFJs often prefer to be sure that someone is interested before they make their move. They want some sort of signal to let them know that they are taking the right chance. ESFJs can sometimes be hesitant to be too forward though, and want to be sure that they aren’t going to embarrass themselves. If they truly care for someone they will find ways to make their feelings known, by flirting or making certain comments that express how they feel. They might not be aggressive about their feelings, but they will find a way to show that person they are interested.


ISTPs are definitely not afraid of making the first move when they find themselves interested in someone. They live in the moment and will go after whatever inspires them and makes them feel the most passion. They don’t want to hesitate and dislike feeling as though they let fear control them. When the ISTP is interested in someone they will definitely make the first move and find a way to woo that person properly.


ESTPs are charming and outgoing people who aren’t afraid of making the first move. When they care for someone or are interested in them romantically, they don’t want to let that simply pass them by. The ESTP will find a way to make their feelings known, and won’t be afraid of initiating the connection. They want to be sure to take advantage of their opportunities, and believe it is important to go after what they want in life.


ISFPs believe in following their hearts and going after what inspires them most in life. While they definitely don’t like holding their feelings inside, it can be difficult for them to make the first move. They will certainly find subtle ways to express themselves and will crank up their flirting skills if they must. In most situations ISFPs do best when the person they like can pick up on their cues and will be capable of making the first real move.


ESFPs aren’t afraid of making the first move, but they will often spend time flirting and getting to know that person first. They might want to wait it out to see how that person truly feels about them, and enjoy being able to enjoy the first parts of crushing on someone. ESFPs aren’t afraid of going after what they want, and will certainly be able to make the first move if they feel it is necessary in order to make that person know how they feel.

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