INTP Friendships: How the INTP is as a BFF

When it comes to relationships, your close friendships are truly important. We cherish these connections because without them we often feel a sense of loneliness. While having a romantic partner is certainly nice, that doesn’t mean friendship isn’t just as important or even more important for some people. Having someone you can trust and rely on no matter what, someone who simply wants to spend time with for who you are, that is a valuable thing. Each person has a different idea of what they want from a friend, and what they think is most important in these types of relationships.

INTPs are logical and creative minded people, so their ability to be a good friend can sometimes be overlooked. INTPs care deeply about those close to them, and actually do strive to be a good friend. They have plenty of positive qualities which can make them very helpful and supportive to the people closest to them. While INTPs might not be emotionally expressive people, that doesn’t mean they don’t make up for this by showing their affection in other ways. When it comes to friendships they do hold value to them, especially with people who they feel a special bond and connection with.

The Best of the INTP Best Friend

INTPs are honest people who don’t believe in hiding things from the people they love. They want to be upfront and be comfortable sharing their thoughts with those closest to them. When the INTP trusts someone and considers them a close friend, they want to be completely sincere with them. They don’t pretend for the sake of someone’s feelings, but this also makes them someone that their loved ones can trust and rely on. When the INTP expresses something they want to be accurate and do what they can to be helpful. They use their ability to problem solve in order to help those around them achieve their goals. For the INTP helping their loved ones and closest friends accomplish things and grow, is something very important and meaningful. Being able to change their lives in a positive way really helps the INTP feel like they have made a difference in the world. INTPs invest energy into their friends and actually want to learn about them and who they are. When they ask questions it is because they are sincerely invested in their friendships and will pay attention to these details in hopes that they can make a difference someday down the line.

INTPs really crave finding someone who can understand them, and build a friendship from trust and support. They want their friends to feel safe expressing themselves without being afraid they are going to be judged. For the INTP having insightful and complex conversations is truly enjoyable, and they enjoy being around people who can spark their creativity. They also enjoy doing this in return and can be great at helping their friends come up with really incredible ideas. INTPs are insightful people who truly enjoy being able to help their friends achieve their goals and find ways of growing and moving forward. 

INTPs are supportive friends but they are also fun and enjoy having a good time. When the INTP is inspired to go embark on an adventure and experience something new, they want to have their friend along for the ride. They enjoy having fun and have rather active senses of humor. When their friend needs to be cheered up or find some sort of distraction, INTPs can often make them laugh and forget their troubles for a while. While INTPs have a serious side to them, they also have a playful and more laid-back side as well. They enjoy making light of things, especially when it seems like life starts to get too heavy to handle.

The Worst of the INTP Best Friend

INTPs are factual and precise people, but sometimes this makes them a bit too harsh in the way they deliver things. INTPs don’t intend for their expression to be upsetting, they just want to be honest and direct. The fact that they are naturally upfront and accurate people, can cause them to forget about being sensitive to the emotions of those around them. The way they express themselves can be upsetting for some of their friends, especially the ones who are more sensitive. For people who can get their feelings hurt easily, the INTP can sometimes appear pushy especially when they are trying to learn more about them. For the INTP it can take time to learn when they are being harsh, so it helps if they have friends who are capable of expressing this to them without sounding overly emotional.

INTPs aren’t great at expressing their emotions, since they are more focused on logic and facts. They do their best to try and be sensitive to the feelings of others, but understanding these emotional needs doesn’t always come naturally for them. They prefer to focus on things they know and can prove, and so feelings can be overwhelming at times. While INTPs feel things deeply and care deeply about their loved ones, expressing these feelings outwardly is just not easy for them. It takes time for the INTP to process their own emotions and work towards finding a way to express themselves in a more open and understanding manner. This is certainly something they can work towards over time, it just takes effort as well as having people around them who are understanding. While emotions might not be easy for the INTP that doesn’t change the fact that they can make for amazing and supportive friends. INTPs want to be someone who can support and help their friends move up in the world, as well as knowing how to have a good time when it is needed.

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