Here’s How Good You Are at Christmas Shopping, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Good You Are at Christmas Shopping, According to Your Personality Type

While some people love being able to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones, other people despise the entire experience. Here is how good you are at Christmas shopping, according to your personality type.


While INFJs might not consider gifts to be the best way to show affection, they do appreciate the effort. They understand that there should be a lot of thought put into the things you buy someone, instead of just spending the most money. They are great at giving gifts that truly mean something, and have an actual meaning behind their purchase. They might not enjoy shallow gifts, and would much rather think about what that person truly enjoys. INFJs listen very well to their loved ones, and will be great at remembering the smallest thing they mentioned. This ability to remember the details of someone they love, makes INFJs good at Christmas shopping- they just prefer to do it online rather than in the stores.


ENFJs are amazing at Christmas shopping, and often know the perfect gift for everyone. They remember what their loved ones mentioned months prior, and have already locked considered what to buy for everyone. ENFJs enjoy the holidays and love being able to find the perfect presents for everyone. They love being able to spoil their favorite people, and enjoy putting a lot of thought into their gifts. ENFJs don’t mind the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping, and will be perfectly fine going out into the stores to find the right gifts.


INFPs likely despise having to go into the stores to purchase presents for people, the crowds likely make them uneasy. They prefer to find the right presents online, or to utilize their creativity to make something truly special. INFPs likely do not enjoy gift giving as a means of showing affection, and might dislike feeling forced to shop for someone. INFPs will not simply buy a random gift, and want to put a lot of thought into their purchases. This can be a bit exhausting for them, since they will likely spend a long time trying to figure out the perfect gift for their loved ones. They want to be sure that they have considered something that has meaning behind it, and truly represents their love for that person.


ENFPs are great at paying attention to their loved ones, and want to put a lot of thought into their gifts. They likely know just what their special people enjoy, and don’t want their presents to be half-hearted. ENFPs likely appreciate when their loved ones give them gifts that show a lot of sentimentality and thought. They are often skilled at Christmas shopping and finding the right gifts, they might struggle with doing this ahead of time though. ENFPs can often save most things until the very last minute, even though they have likely spent a long time thinking about what to get.


INTJs often dislike the idea of Christmas shopping, and become frustrated by having to enter the crowds. They probably choose things that they can quickly grab online, that way they don’t have to deal with obnoxious people. INTJs will likely ask someone straight up what they want for Christmas, or will just pay close attention to their not-so-subtle hints. They don’t want to disappoint people, especially the ones they truly care for. At the same time INTJs are not usually fans of gift giving as a means of showing their affection towards others. They likely see it as a responsibility that they must follow through with, so they will do what they can to get it done.


ENTJs are often practical people, who will try to grab gifts that they know their loved ones will enjoy. They will likely ask them straight up what they want, so that they can be sure to please them. ENTJs don’t mind Christmas shopping, but they often want to get it done and out of the way. They are efficient people who understand that there are certain social norms they just have to live up to. ENTJs might not love going Christmas shopping, but they will be capable of grabbing a gift their loved ones will be happy with.


INTPs often hate the idea of having to Christmas shop, but will do it for the people they love. They don’t want to disappoint others, but often dislike having to purchase items as a means of showing their affection. INTPs might try to do their shopping online, since they dislike the busy crowds and just being around too many people in general. They are actually good at paying attention to the people they care for, and will try to purchase gifts that they can connect to that person. They don’t want to simply grab something expensive, and would much rather put thought into their presents.


ENTPs might dislike feeling obligated to buy people presents, especially people they don’t deeply care for. ENTPs aren’t usually fans of tradition, but will play along for people they love. They can often find sneaky ways to figure out what their loved ones really want, and are surprisingly good at paying attention. ENTPs might even come up with something unique, and even a bit odd. They enjoy being able to express their creative side, which might come out in their Christmas shopping.


ISTJs are definitely good at Christmas shopping, but they might despise having to venture into the crowds. They may even purchase their gifts ahead of time, so that they can avoid being around other people. They try to pay attention to what their loved ones like, and are good at remembering little details. Their memory for facts helps ISTJs recall things that people have mentioned throughout the year. They will certainly put a lot of effort into their Christmas shopping, they just prefer to do it without too many people around them.


ESTJs certainly want to find the right gifts for their loved ones, but this often entails asking them straight up. They don’t want to disappoint the people they care for, and want to be sure they are finding the right presents for them. They might simply ask people what they want for Christmas, so that they can be sure to make them happy. ESTJs will go out of their way to find the right presents, and enjoy being able to provide for the people they care about.


ISFJs are excellent at Christmas shopping, and will likely get it done ahead of time. They enjoy being able to provide for their loved ones, and will pay close attention to their likes and dislikes. ISFJs might try to subtly find out what others really want for Christmas, and will go out of their way to get their hands on those things. ISFJs are definitely not fans of crowds, but they will bear them in order to get the perfect presents.


ESFJs are often excellent at gift giving, and spent a lot of energy finding the perfect presents. They love doing whatever they can to spoil people, and want to ensure that they are pleased with their Christmas gifts. ESFJs will likely try hard to pay attention to their loved ones hints, and want to find presents that have a lot of meaning to them. They enjoy being able to provide for others, and Christmas shopping is often a fun experience for them. They feel goof being able to make others happy, and Christmas is just another way to do that.


ISTPs might dislike going Christmas shopping, and often hate having to be around too many crowds. They probably will find something online that their loved ones will enjoy. They are usually the types to be very upfront about things, so they will ask people what they want or expect for a present. This makes it easier for them, as they can just ask and order what that person wants. ISTPs aren’t always the best at putting together heartfelt gifts, since they would rather find other means of showing their affection.


ESTPs are often great at Christmas shopping, even though they sometimes save it until last minute. They know what their loved ones will enjoy, and will go out of their way to get it for them. ESTPs do see gifts as a way to show their affection towards others, since it is a physical representation of their feelings. They will definitely want to spoil their favorite people with the best gifts they can possibly find for them. They might not be great at getting things ahead of time, but they will certainly be sure the find excellent gifts.


ISFPs will often put a lot of thought into what they get their loved ones for Christmas. They don’t want to simply grab something pricey, but would rather find something that holds a lot of meaning. ISFPs might even try to make a part of their gifts, as a way to put effort into it. They want to get something their loved ones will enjoy, and will remember the ISFP by. Their gifts aren’t just shallow presents, but something that shows how much they care.


ESFPs are amazing at gift giving and often see this as a great way to show their affection. They are often truly great at Christmas shopping and even enjoy the crowds. ESFPs can come up with creative presents and know exactly what their loved ones really want. This is a way for them to show that they care, and will do whatever it takes the find the perfect presents. When some people struggle to come up with the right gifts, ESFPs already know what their loved ones will really want.

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