What We Want To Thank Each Myers-Briggs Type For

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we decided to thank each Myers-Briggs type for something. Each personality type brings something into our lives that we want to show them appreciation for. So enjoy!

INFJ- Your Understanding

To the INFJs, we want to thank you for your understanding above all else. No one else can make us feel understood and appreciation quite the way you can. While others listen to reply, we can feel you sincerely listening to us. You make us feel better about ourselves and show us warmth where others are cold and harsh. Don’t ever change who you are, because you possess a beauty inside of you that should never be altered. Don’t let the world harden your tender hearts, because we appreciate who you are. We want to thank you for holding us together when we truly feel like falling apart.

ENFJ- Your Compassion

To the ENFJs, the ones who work tirelessly to make everyone else happy. We want to thank you for your compassion and your never ending attempts to make us smile. It often seems like you never truly stop to think about yourselves, but we see you and all that you do. You care so much about everyone around you, often taking on the weight of the world. You see our needs well before we do and never stop striving to make our lives easier somehow. We may not always show our appreciation, but we want to thank you for everything that you do. You have a strength and an ability to care for others that few people possess.

INFP- Your Depth

To the INFPs, the ones who do not swim in the shallow waters. We want to thank you for always feeling things so very deeply, making us feel ashamed when we turn our backs on our emotions. You make us believe in things that we may be afraid to believe in. You hold out for love and passion, always believing in us even when we cannot. We want to thank you for possessing such kind and deep hearts, ones that we cherish. We know it cannot be easy to feel everything so deeply, and we appreciate you for who you truly are. Thank you for seeing the things that we miss, for putting your heart into everything that you do.

ENFP- Your Creativity

To the ENFPs, the ones who can’t seem to be anything less than intense and passionate. We want to thank you for showing us that anything is possible and for bringing inspiration into our lives. Your sense of creativity and your ability to remain positive is something that we truly admire. When we feel like giving up, you are often the ones who inspire us to keep trying. You are always looking for joy in the world and are often capable of making every day exciting. We value your creative and vivid imaginations, and we thank you for sharing them with us.

INTJ- Your Cleverness

To the INTJs, the ones who hunger for knowledge in a way that we admire. We want to thank you for your cleverness and your incomparable wit. The way that you can often stoop us, even when we think we know something. You show us a perspective and an understanding that is both useful and intriguing. We appreciate the way that you constantly search for understanding, even when we fail to do so. Without you our world would be bleak and rather ignorant. We want to thank you for showing us things that we would often miss without you around.

ENTJ- Your Determination

To the ENTJs, the ones who push through challenges like they are nothing. We want to thank you for your ability to seek out your goals without faltering. You have a way of making us feel somewhat lazy, which often pushes us to strive for more. The way you work so very hard to achieve what you want from life, makes us feel inspired to do the same. You have a strength of character and a powerful will that we truly admire and appreciate. We want to thank you for inspiring us, and for making us work harder to achieve our own goals. You are very easy to look up to and we appreciate that.

INTP- Your Wisdom

To the INTPs, the ones who crave precision and understanding. We want to thank you for your wisdom and your willingness to tell us when we are wrong. Your honesty is rather refreshing, even if we don’t always show appreciation for it. You truly want to achieve a deeper understanding of the world around you, to a level that we are often incapable of. The way you work with your intuition and your sense of introspective thinking, makes you capable of seeing things that we would never be able to understand. We want to thank you for your incredible minds, and your unique perspective.

ENTP- Your Perspective

To the ENTPs, the ones who challenge us in every single way. We want to thank you for your unique perspective and your ability to push every single button that we have. The way you crave knowledge and are constantly looking for new possibilities, is something to admire. When we are often content to accept things the way they are, you push us to take a deeper look. You are willing to argue with us even when you believe we are right, just to dissect the point further. We thank you for this, because it pushes us to grow and understand ourselves better.

ISTJ- Your Loyalty

To the ISTJs, the ones who work hard when everyone else is slacking off. We want to thank you for more than just your strong sense of work ethic, but for your never ending loyalty. We know that if we need you, we can trust you like no one else. You are honest and loyal, constantly striving to be someone that we can rely on. This is something that people may miss about you, but it is your most amazing attribute. We want to thank you for being there, when everyone else has turned their backs on us.

ESTJ- Your Strength

To the ESTJs, the strong-willed and determined ones who never seem to give up. When everyone else is falling apart, you always seem to keep yourself together. We want to thank you for being someone that we can lean on when we feel week and incapable. We want to thank you for pushing through all of the hardest moments, often carrying us through when we cannot go on any longer. You may not be best at handling emotions, but you are truly an amazing support system when we need someone to lean on.

ISFJ- Your Warmth

To the ISFJ, the ones who care when it seems like no one else does. You have a way of making us feel loved and appreciated, even when we do not deserve it. Thank you for taking care of our needs, even if we do not always show appreciation for this. You always strive to be kind, often hating when people lack compassion. We admire your ability to care for others, always working to make sure that everyone is happy. You desire harmony, which often makes you incapable of saying anything that will hurt someone else. We want to thank you for being sensitive towards us, when everyone else pushes us around.

ESFJ- Your Willingness

To the ESFJs, we want to thank you for putting our needs above your own. You have a way of almost completely forgetting that you have needs, because you are too focused on caring for everyone else. We appreciate your willingness to be there for us when no one else is. You hate saying “no” and we realize that some people can take advantage of that kindness. We want to thank you for wanting so badly to make everyone happy, often taking the weight of the world on your shoulders. We appreciate you for your ability to accept us and care for us no matter what.

ISTP- Your Patience

To the ISTPs, the ones who are painfully cool. We want to thank you for keeping your patience, even when we lack understanding. You seem to naturally grasp concepts that are often rather foreign to us. You simply know how to fix things, which is a rather useful skill. We appreciate your ability to remain calm in some of the most intense situations. Your lack-back and relaxed personalities, show us the importance of learning how to take life as it comes. We want to thank you for showing us how to be patient, and stop worrying so much.

ESTP- Your Charisma

To the ESTPs, the ones who can’t help but ooze charisma and excitement. We love the way you constantly want to make life intense and exciting. We want to thank you for taking us on your adventures and your ability to make us feel special when you do. We appreciate your charismatic personalities, even if they sometimes get you into trouble. We enjoy your ability to bring excitement into our lives when they become unbelievably boring. Thank you for your charisma, maybe some of it can rub off on us?

ISFP- Your Kindness

To the ISFPs, the ones with the warm and caring hearts. We want to thank you for your kindness, even when we are hard to be kind to. We appreciate your ability to see the good in us, even when we fail to do so. You are caring and sensitive individuals, keeping your warmth in an often cold world. We appreciate the way you believe in us and pick us up when we are feeling down. Thank you for your kindness- never lose it- you are a light in a rather dark world.

ESFP- Your Ability To Make Life Fun

To the ESFPS, the ones who make every single day new and exciting. We want to thank you for keeping us constantly entertained, even when we don’t feel like smiling. You have a way of making even the simplest things turn into something unbelievably fun. We appreciate the way you can find the joy in life, when the rest of us are caught up on pointless worries. You know when it’s time to drop everything and live in the present moment. Thank you for showing us how to make the most out of life.


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