Each Myers-Briggs Type During Christmas

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Behaves During The Christmas Season 

The Holidays are upon us and the festivities are everywhere! Some people were made for the holidays season, while others become unbelievably annoyed and frustrated. Here is how we think you will respond to the holidays based on your Myers-Briggs type.


INFJs often enjoy certain aspects of the Holiday season, but may become bogged down if they don’t have people close to them. INFJs dislike things that are shallow, which may cause them to become upset by the fact that everyone around them is caught up on the meaningless parts of Christmas. INFJs love the chance to be around the people that they care about, often enjoying the generosity and caring that Christmas can bring. If the INFJ is surrounded by people with the sole purpose of gifting and money, the INFJ will despise that. They love being able to make the people around them happy, and will often work hard to put a lot of sentimental thought into the gifts that they give. When things are about more than just the price tag, the INFJ will actually love the chance to enjoy the Christmas season.


ENFJs often enjoy any opportunity to provide for their loved ones. They enjoy bringing the family together and will often use Christmas as a chance to do that. They will often be the ones baking the delicious Christmas cookies, and focus very hard on the perfect gifts to buy everyone. ENFJs may put a lot of added stress on themselves during the holidays, wanting to do whatever they can to make everyone around them happy. The excuse of Christmas time is an excellent reason for the ENFJ to do more for others, since this is something that they love. People cannot turn away their holiday cheer, allowing the ENFJ to smother everyone with love.


INFPs often love the little nostalgic aspects to Christmas time. They enjoy the things about Christmas that bring everyone together and represent giving and love. INFPs may become annoyed if they feel like Christmas is becoming too commercialized, but will be happy if they can focus on their loved ones. INFPs may enjoy the aesthetic parts of the holidays, like the Christmas lights and the decorations. The INFP may enjoy the quiet mornings before the holidays, when they can curl up with some coffee or cocoa, by a nice fire and enjoy the decorations. They will enjoy the more real and deep aspects of this time of year, loving the chance to show the people around them what they mean to them.


ENFPs often take great in joy in the holiday season. They often adore Christmas and all of the happy and positive feelings that it can bring. ENFPs probably enjoy the festivities and the chance to spend time with their loved ones. They enjoy the chance to find the perfect gift for the people that they care about, even if it might stress them out a little bit. The ENFP probably adores singing along to their favorite Christmas songs, and spending all night watching Christmas movies with their favorite people. ENFPs are fun and enthusiastic people, making Christmas an often enjoyable holiday for them.


INTJs may not typically become a part of the Christmas spirit for a few reasons. INTJs are often very aware of the true meaning to things, so they might become annoyed with the idea of the holiday season. INTJs will often see the over commercialized desire to buy, buy, buy, during Christmas, which will often annoy them. Although Christmas can have a rather positive outlook, like the idea of kindness and generosity, the INTJ may feel like that spirit should be carried out through the entire year, not just during the holiday. Some INTJs may enjoy the time to reflect on what is important though, taking time away from the hustle of the previous year to consider what truly matters to them. They will often find themselves more interested in Christmas depending on their current environment. If they are feeling like the people close to them are appreciating Christmas for its value rather than wanting expensive gifts, they will often enjoy it.


ENTJs might hate the feeling of being obligated to buy someone a gift, rather than being able to make that decision themselves. ENTJs do enjoy being around people though, they might enjoy the chance to spend time with their loved ones. ENTJs often feel perfectly fine with going along with the holidays, finding ways to enjoy it for what it is. Being around others and partaking in the celebrations are often things that ENTJs will enjoy. They may dislike Christmas if they feel like they are being forced to participate, but ENTJs often do their own thing anyways.


INTPs may enjoy the nostalgic feeling of Christmas time, bringing them back to their childhood. INTPs often enjoy remembering the past and the things that they have enjoyed in life. The holidays also mean time away from work to relax and do whatever they want, which the INTP would enjoy. Possibly being able to play video games all day, or dive into some reading, is great for the INTP. They may enjoy the ambiance of Christmas, with the lights and decorations all set up. There is a relaxing aspect to the holidays that INTPs may actually enjoy. As long as they don’t get caught up in the forced feelings of giving gifts than the INTP will enjoy Christmas time.


The ENTP probably hate the forced feeling of having to buy gifts for people. There is something rather shallow about that aspect that the ENTP will probably find annoying. They often enjoy the busy energy and hustle during Christmas time, keeping their minds distracted. The chance to enjoy a few parties and spend time with friends is something that the ENTP often likes. They probably enjoy the different holiday foods and being able to have free time to do whatever they please. Christmas time means days off from work, when the ENTP can take some time for themselves.


ISTJs often enjoy the nostalgia that Christmas brings, and the chance to follow through with their schedules. The holidays often means getting things done, which is the perfect job for ISTJs. No one is better at doing what needs to be done than the ISTJ, making them good at shopping for the holidays and doing the things that no one else wants to do. ISTJs often enjoy the chance to spend time with their loved ones, making them feel comfortable and happy. Although they are often very busy during the holidays, the ISTJ may enjoy a little downtime to relax and do what they enjoy. They often like the familiar feeling of Christmas time, making it a great time of year for ISTJs.


ESTJs may find themselves becoming stressed with spending money on the holiday season. They often enjoy the chance to be around their loved ones taking in the nostalgic feeling of the season. ESTJs often like familiarity, which the Christmas season definitely brings. They enjoy being able to open presents with their loved ones, seeing the happy looks on everyone’s faces. ESTJs enjoy the hustle and excitement that the holidays bring, since they often hate staying stagnant. To the ESTJ Christmas may be slightly stressful and filled with responsibilities, but they do enjoy the chance to spend time their loved ones.


ISFJs often love the Christmas season, taking in all of the nostalgia that comes with it. ISFJs often hold onto the things that they enjoy in life, remembering everything that the holidays mean to them. They enjoy the chance to find the perfect gift for everyone that they care about (and even a few people that they don’t). ISFJs are often great at making the holidays fun and enjoyable for everyone around them. They might take the time to bake cookies and decorate the house for everyone to enjoy. ISFJs are often masters of the holidays, making it a time that everyone can enjoy.


ESFJs often love Christmas, enjoying everything that is means to them. ESFJs love giving to others and making the people that they care about happy, which is what Christmas often represents to them. ESFJs will often work to make sure that everyone is participating in the holidays, finding out what they enjoy and bringing it to life. They often love decorating their home and watching Christmas movies with the family. The ESFJ also enjoys being able to shower everyone with love and gifts during Christmas, wanting to find ways to make them feel loved and appreciated. ESFJs are almost made for the holidays, knowing just how to bring them to life.


ISTPs may enjoy the downtime that Christmas can bring, but probably see it as just another day. ISTPs will probably like being able to take time off work so that they can play video games or do whatever they enjoy most. ISTPs aren’t often fans of being forced to do something, so they may hate the idea of being made to participate in the festivities. They probably see no point in buying a gift for everyone around them, only wanting to find something special for a select few people.


ESTPs may enjoy the chance to participate in the holiday festivities. They often don’t stress about buying everyone the right gift, since they are usually very skilled at that. They will enjoy participating in the parties and excitement that Christmas time can bring. Being able to be around friends and family is something that the ESTP often enjoys. They like being able to keep things exciting and fun, and the holidays are just another event to keep them on the go.


ISFPs often hate the commercialized feeling of the holidays, but will truly enjoy the deeper meaning that is can bring. ISFPs enjoy being able to spend time with their families, just having fun together. ISFPs are often very good at gift giving, knowing just the right present to buy for someone special. They enjoy making the gift something specific and special for the people that they love. ISFPs often love the aesthetics of Christmas, enjoying the different lights and the pretty winter season. ISFPs love being around the people that they care about and the holidays are just a great excuse to do that. The spirit of giving is something that is very close to the ISFPs heart, and they may find themselves feeling very positive during the holidays.


ESFPs almost always adore the holiday season for everything that is has to offer. They enjoy being able to shower their loved ones with gifts, and also enjoy receiving fun gifts from everyone. ESFPs enjoy being around their family and loved ones, having fun and taking in their surroundings. The aesthetics are something that the ESFP often loves about Christmas, being able to enjoy the pretty decorations. The holidays also mean parties and excitement, which are something that the ESFP loves.

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