How Each Myers Briggs Type Acts In An Emergency

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with struggles, but an emergency is an entirely different kind of struggle. Here is a list that explains how each Myers Briggs type acts in a state of emergency.

INFJ- They retreat into their own magical world until someone rescues them.

INFP- They don’t panic but they do become excitable.

INTJ- They don’t know what to do, and become anxious because of the lack of plan involved.

INTP- Try to calmly and logically figure out the best way to solve the problem.

ENFJ- Become worked up but try and make sure that everyone that they care about is safe.

ENFP- Become concerned with keeping themselves safe in the moment.

ENTJ- Attempt to organize everyone ineffectively.

ENTP- Try and think of multiple ideas to help the situation.

ISFJ- Make sure the people that they care about are safe.

ISFP- They become Rambo.

ISTJ- They follow the drills they have been practicing for years.

ISTP- They help the less capable people.

ESFJ- They convince everyone that everything is fine.

ESFP- Constantly remind everyone that this is an emergency.

ESTJ- They yell orders and tell everyone that is freaking out to shut up.

ESTP- Tell the ENTJ to be quiet and demand that everyone follow their plan instead.

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