The INTP is very interested in learning how the world works and wants the world to make sense. The INTP wants everything to fit into a logical framework. Their way of understanding the world is primarily internal. They form an almost internal web of logic that helps them see the world completely. Those that are close to the INTP would describe them as very smart and somewhat reserved.

As the INTP develops, and they can use their intuition to see multiple perspectives which will help shape their internal worldview. The INTP can be very open-minded when it comes to searching for new information. Although once they have made their mind up, they can be very stubborn and opinionated about their beliefs.

Later in the INTP’s life, they could start to develop skills such as being able to follow a routine and great accuracy in remembering details.

Potential problems for the INTP could arise when they are placed in illogical situations or have to do with strong emotions. And the INTPs want the world to make sense in dealing with emotions can be troubling for them. They could dismiss others emotions or feelings as being unimportant. This could cause some troubles in their relationships.