INFP Humor: Self-Deprecating, Dark & Absurd Humor

When it comes to humor not everyone appreciates the same style, and so this can make for a lot of misunderstandings. While some people might prefer a more traditional humor style, others might enjoy something a bit darker or even absurd. There are so many different things that people can find humorous, and this can sometimes be tied to personality type. Certain types might be more likely to connect with a specific humor style, because of their natural personality and the functions they use. At times this can be challenging for the types with a darker sense of humor, as they don’t always feel free expressing this without receiving judgement.

INFPs do often have a somewhat dark or even sarcastic humor style. They might not always express things outwardly, since they have gotten used to people being offended or not understanding their intentions. INFPs care about people and don’t want to hurt them, but sometimes their humor is dark and even seems offensive to others. They can be rather self-deprecating as well, and people instantly take this the wrong way and think they truly feel bad about themselves. In reality INFPs enjoy venting things out this way, using humor as a means of poking fun at themselves or situations they find ridiculous. 

INFP Dark Humor

INFPs often find themselves deriving something humorous out of some of the worst situations. People might not understand this, especially coming from the INFP who is known to be caring and moral. For them this can be about venting out their feelings, or even making light of something which would ordinarily bother them deeply. It isn’t that they intentionally seek out this type of humor, it is simply something which comes to them in the moment. When something is horrendous or sometimes deeply troubling, the INFP can often find some sort of joke or comment to make humor out of it. Some people struggle with this and don’t really appreciate the INFP making “light” of something so dark. In reality the INFP has so many thoughts going on inside of them, and it doesn’t suddenly mean they don’t care when something bad happens, quite the opposite. This is sometimes how they cope, and in other cases, their minds simply pop up with this type of joke in the worst possible moment. They have vivid inner minds and imaginations, which makes it so that they can go off in different directions with their thoughts. The INFP might start to keep these comments to themselves, and so people won’t realize just how active their sense of humor actually is. They get tired of their audience not understanding where they are coming from and judging them simply for making a joke they find distasteful. INFPs do best when they are around people who can appreciate their sense of humor and not always take it so seriously. A lot of people don’t really understand this when the INFP finds it funny if someone does something stupid and gets hurt, or if something bad happens and they can find the irony or humor in the situation.

INFP Self-Deprecation

INFPs can also be rather self-deprecating when they want to be, even seemingly nihilistic in how they express things. This isn’t always them expressing their sincere feelings, sometimes it is simply for the sake of being funny. They see the potential to make fun of themselves and realize just how humorous it can be, and it doesn’t mean they are really putting themselves down. Other times it can be a way to express those feelings and vent them out, but it doesn’t mean the INFPs feels so negatively. They just enjoy being able to poke fun at different things and if the joke is there than it is hard to just let it go. Their sarcastic and sometimes dark way of expressing this humor, is something which can be truly hilarious around the right audience. People who know the INFP very well and understand where they are coming from, often enjoy their sense of humor, no matter how dark it gets. This is often why people can assume the INFP takes themselves too seriously, since they don’t always feel comfortable or safe expressing just how seriously they don’t take themselves. If they truly let this out people might misunderstand and they likely have gotten tired of dealing with that. People who do get close enough to earn their trust will see an entirely different side of the INFP. One which is filled with dark humor, self-deprecating jokes and a boatload of sarcasm.

INFPs can also enjoy humor which seems a bit off the wall at times, and people don’t always know where they are going with it. They have such rich imaginations and inner minds and so they can see the humor in different things where others might not be able to. They find themselves wanting to explore these different potential sides of humor, seeing where it can allow them to let loose a bit. INFPs are curious people and they like to be able to open themselves up to different things, and this can lead them down different paths when it comes to their sense of humor. They can bounce from being sarcastic and self-deprecating, to absurd and dark- this all depends on their current mood and what is inspiring them. They don’t like simply making the same type of jokes over and over again, instead they want to be able to mix things up a bit. When the INFP is around someone who appreciates their humor they have a tendency to let loose and really express themselves. People who encourage this in them are much more rewarding and fulfilling for the INFP to be around. This really allows them to feel like themselves and not feel like they have to pretend or hold back from making jokes which they personally find amusing.