Here’s How Important a Tidy Home is to You, Based on Your Personality Type

To some people keeping a perfectly clean home is very important, to others it seems pointless. Here is how much you value having a tidy home, based on your personality type.



INFJs often dislike having company without having their home nice and well put together. They might feel differently with their close loved ones though, since they just don’t always have the energy to keep things spotless. While INFJs are clean when it comes to themselves, they don’t really care much for keeping a spotless home. They do have things organized and well put together, but this isn’t always done in a way that others see as “tidy”. For the INFJ life is filled with many different things that are far more important than keeping their home looking pristine.


ENFJs often feel it is important to keep a tidy home, simply for the sake of those around them. They put so much pressure on themselves to keep up with everything and making sure their home is clean is part of this. The ENFJ doesn’t really care much themselves, and wouldn’t mind having a tiny bit of clutter. While they might not mind, they realize that the people around them might dislike this. They often believe in keeping their home very tidy, simply because they want to make others feel comfortable and at ease inside of their house.


INFPs aren’t really all that concerned with keeping a perfectly tidy home. They can be somewhat disorganized at times, although they often like things how they are. INFPs have a sense of keeping things how they like them, and this doesn’t include having everything perfectly in place. For them it can be a bit draining having to constantly keep a perfectly pristine house, and is something they have little patience for. INFPs also don’t get caught up in having to impress their guests, and would rather be around people who don’t need to be in a perfect house.


ENFPs enjoy keeping things clean, but it doesn’t have to be this way all of the time. For them it often goes from having lazy days where the house is a bit messy, to rushing to get everything clean and organized when they become sick of the way things are. ENFPs don’t often mind cleaning up, but they aren’t obsessed with having things perfect all of the time. They understand that there are often more enjoyable and sometimes more vital things than having to keep their home tidy all of the time. They appreciate a nicely cleaned and well-kept home, but they don’t require it all of the time.



INTJs are often viewed as organized people simply because they like to keep things together a certain way. They might be particular about how they maintain their space, but they aren’t obsessed with things being perfectly tidy. INTJs can sometimes live in what appears to be chaos, but to them it is completely organized. They like having things a certain way and they often know exactly where everything is. For the INTJ it is important to maintain structure, but at the same time they aren’t obsessed with a pristine home.


ENTJs do like having things organized, and prefer having a presentable place to entertain. They don’t like having to constantly keep their home tidy and perfect, but they want it looking nice for company. ENTJs like when people can walk into their house and feel comfortable. They feel a sense of pride in their home and want others to enjoy the surroundings. While ENTJs don’t need things to be constantly pristine, this is often because they don’t mind a little organized chaos when they are working. They often know where everything is and dislike when someone else disrupts their flow.


INTPs don’t really care that much about keeping a perfectly tidy home. They can become annoyed with people who feel the need to make things perfect for company. While INTPs understand that they need to clean up a bit when they have people over, they simply don’t need perfection. They are more likely to live in a bit of a mess for a few days, and then get a sudden and dramatic urge to clean everything. INTPs get so caught up inside of their own inner minds that sometimes they forget the outside world even exists.


ENTPs aren’t really concerned with having to have a perfectly tidy home. They are more focused on things that hold a deeper value to them, instead of the appearance of their house. While ENTPs don’t want to live in constant mess, they can become a bit disorganized at times. They don’t need to have everything tidy in order to know exactly where things are. For the ENTP it is more important to cultivate creative and a sense of intrigue than simply focus on ensuring their surroundings are organized and tidy for the sake of others.



ISTJs really do enjoy having a tidy home, and can become a bit obsessed with organizing at times. If they are extremely busy they might let things get a little disorganized, but rush to clean when company comes. ISTJs dislike having anything out of place when others are around, and want to ensure that their home is pristine. They simply don’t want their friends and loved ones to feel uncomfortable, and enjoy being able to take pride in their home.


ESTJs really do prefer to have a tidy home, and want things to be nice and organized. They hate having company step into a home that isn’t absolutely pristine. They want others to be in awe of their house and their surroundings, and enjoy being able to take pride in this. For ESTJs having things messy or disorganized can actually be a bit upsetting. They become tense when things become cluttered, and the stress can be a bit overwhelming for them.


ISFJs definitely want to keep a tidy home, and can become a bit obsessive over this. They want things to be completely pristine, especially when company comes. For the ISFJ it can often seem like their homes isn’t quite tidy enough, and they may become a bit upset by this. They simply want to take pride in their house and believe it is important to keep things nice and clean. For the ISFJ it is a sign that they care for others when they ensure that the home they welcome them into is perfectly clean and looking presentable.


ESFJs definitely enjoy keeping a tidy home, especially when they have company over. They don’t want things to become cluttered or messy, and might become stressed by this. While ESFJs do have moments of getting a bit messy in their own bedroom, this is simply because they have other things on their mind. The ESFJ doesn’t want people welcomed into a home that isn’t perfectly cleaned and presentable. For them a tidy home is a big part of providing for their loved ones and giving them a nice place to live.



ISTPs definitely don’t care about keeping a tidy home, and prefer to enjoy living in the moment. For the ISTP it becomes a bit annoying when people are obsessed with keeping things perfectly organized. They want to be free to enjoy themselves and don’t like having to become obsessed with organizing and cleaning. When they are around people who constantly pick about their organization, it becomes extremely annoying for the ISTP.


ESTPs enjoy having things clean for when company comes, but at the same time they hate having to be the one to clean and organize their house. ESTPs really aren’t much for keeping things tidy and can actually be a bit messy at times. They are often focused on so many different things that they can become easily distracted. It isn’t easy for the ESTP to maintain a tidy home all of the time, and is something that often falls apart.


ISFPs really aren’t obsessed with having a tidy home, sometimes they even enjoy having things be a bit chaotic. For the ISFP it is more important to have things looking nice to them, which doesn’t always mean tidiness. They enjoy a bit of organized chaos and want to be able to enjoy living in the present. ISFPs don’t really like feeling pressured to constantly keep their home tidy, which is why they aren’t fans of having company over all that often.


ESFPs enjoy having a nice home that is aesthetically pleasing. They especially want things to be tidy and looking nice when they have company over. For the ESFP it is more about how their surroundings look and the comfort it brings everyone. They aren’t obsessed with perfect organization though, and often have an eye for making things nice without having to be overly organized. While the ESFP does enjoy making things look nice, they can become a bit disorganized and messy at times.


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