Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the ENTJ Mother

While on the surface the ENTJ seems cold and distant, there is so much more to them than that. As mothers the ENTJ can be giving, considerate and completely focused on her children. Here is everything you need to know about the ENTJ mother.

The Tough Love Mother

The ENTJ mother wants her children to be independent and strong in themselves. She does not want to hover or force them to get things done properly. The ENTJ mother knows that at some point her children are going to have to take care of themselves and she wants to prepare them for that time.

The ENTJ mother also wants to teach her children to follow her rules and have a certain level of respect. Her household is often manned in a way that creates a sense of self-responsibility and social appropriateness. While she wants her children to learn to be in control of their own actions, she also wants them to respect the home they are living in. The ENTJ mother doesn’t accept her children talking back to her, unless they have a logical and calm explanation for disagreeing with something. If they present facts to the ENTJ mother, she will respect and listen to them and wants to foster this sense of thought and intelligence. She actually enjoys having her children approach her with details and information before requesting something, since this proves they are prepared to take that next step.

The ENTJ mother might be strict, but she also knows how to provide for her family. Her children will not want for any of their practical needs, and she will go above and beyond to ensure this. ENTJs are caring people and ENTJ mothers strive to take care of their loved ones. They want their children to have everything they need in life, and maybe a little bit on top of that. She simply wants them to be respectful and thoughtful people, who are prepared to handle life’s many challenges. The hard work and effort of her children will go greatly rewarded by the ENTJ mother. The child who slacks off won’t be rewarded for this behavior, and instead will see the harsh side of the ENTJ mother.

Ultimately she sees the absolute best in her children, and strives to help them reach their full potential. This comes from a deep place of love and caring, since the ENTJ does not waste time on people who do not matter to her. While she might not seem like a box of kittens, she will do anything to create a wonderful future for her children. The ENTJ mother is the biggest advocate for her kids, she simply does not want to see them wasting their potential by being lazy. She does not accept anything less than what she knows her children are capable of, which makes her a wonderfully supportive mother. No one will challenge and push her children like the ENTJ mother does, which is because she truly cares for them in a way that is unconditional.

The Single ENTJ Mother

In truth the single ENTJ mother is not much different than the married ENTJ mom. She is more than capable of handling the day-to-day chores and responsibilities, without needing someone else’s help. The single ENTJ mom works hard to provide a great life for her children, but might be a bit stricter. She simply wants to ensure that her children do not fall behind simply because they have a single mother. She refuses to allow this to stand in her way or be something that hold her kids back. The single ENTJ mother is a force to be reckoned with, since she is both strong and driven.

The Toxic ENTJ Mother

While the healthy ENTJ mother is supportive and practical, the unhealthy version is entirely different. The toxic ENTJ mother is cold and unsupportive, and can often be far too harsh on her children. She does not work to provide them with a sense of compassion and affection, and only shows her strict side. This can be very challenging for children who simply want to feel loved by their mother. Even if the toxic ENTJ mother cares for her children, she is incapable of properly showing this in a way that helps them. She is so focused on ensuring that everything is perfect, that her children simply have to fall in line with this.

The Struggles of the ENTJ Mother

For the ENTJ mother it can be challenging to be emotionally open and affectionate with her children. While she cares deeply for them, expressing these things is not always natural. In truth she will often find ways of doing this though, simply because the ENTJ mother does want to provide everything needed for her children. She simply is more focused on efficiency and ensuring that the practical needs of her loved ones are met. The ENTJ mother will do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible future for her children.

The ENTJ mother definitely puts a lot of pressure on herself to provide the best life for her children. By nature the ENTJ is a perfectionist and this only heightens with motherhood. She often puts a lot of pressure on herself to make sure everything it taken care of to an unrealistically high level of perfection. The ENTJ mother does not accept less than the best both from and for her children. While she has high standards for her kids, she applies much higher standards on herself. The pressure can be a bit intense at times, especially if she does not get enough help from her partner. While it is certainly challenging, the ENTJ mother never gives up and always pushes through the difficult tasks. She never allows her children to go without, and simply wants to be the best version of herself as a mother.

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