Here’s What to Gift Each Personality Type With For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an important celebrating of the women who gave us life and showed us what love truly is. It can be challenging to find that perfect gift on this special day, since we truly want to make our mothers feel the love they have given us. While finding the right gift is important, the thought put into it means the world to them. Here are some helpful tips for finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, according to her personality type.



While almost everyone says it is purely the thought that counts, for INFJs this is actually true. They rarely care for material things all that much, but will deeply appreciate when their children put true thought into what they buy. They want something that can hold sentimental value, and shows that their children truly wanted to see them happy. INFJs simply want to feel appreciated for everything they do, especially the INFJ mother. She does so much for her children, and strives to always make them happy. It can be hard for her to accept praise and gifts on mother’s day, but ultimately it makes her feel wonderful. The most important part is actually setting aside this day for her, and not becoming distracted by cell phones or other plans.


ENFJs are extremely giving mothers, who focus on providing happiness for their children. They go above and beyond for them, and rarely ask for anything in return. On Mother’s Day it is important to really show the ENFJ mom how much she is loved and appreciated. Special days like this often mean a lot to her, and she will truly enjoy being shown how much her children care. The ENFJ mother does not ask for much, but when she is forgotten on days like Mother’s Day it can be extremely hurtful for her. Planning a get together with mom and the family where you go out to eat at her favorite place, and enjoy some quality time together, is definitely a great choice. A gift that connects to something she has likely mentioned in the past, just something that shows you thought about her, is the best option.


The INFP mother likely doesn’t care much for material things, especially not overly expensive gifts. The most important thing for her is quality time, without a focus on cell phones or other distractions. She just wants to spend this time with her children, showing her how much she means to them. The INFP mother might even enjoy gifts that come from the heart and have some sort of artistic additions to them. If their children spends days creating something special, it is will truly be something she treasures forever. The INFP mom doesn’t simply want material goods, but something that has immense personal touch to it.


The ENFP mother is giving and considerate towards her children, and simply wants to receive this in return. She might not feel like Mother’s Day has to be a big deal though, and often feels like this show of affection shouldn’t be reserved for one day of the year. It is important that she knows her children are listening to her, and will give her a gift that represents who she is. Something thoughtful is far more valuable than something pricey, but a little of both can’t hurt. If your ENFP mother enjoys collecting, then find that one collectible item she hasn’t been able to get her hands on. They can be hard to shop for at times, but going that extra mile will mean the world to them.



INTJs mothers rarely like to be doted on, so Mother’s Day is often a tread lightly situation. Making a big fuss of her will likely be more annoying than anything else. Sometimes simply asking her directly what she wants for this special day, is the best way to please your INTJ mom. She might not want a big celebration, and would much prefer an activity that she already enjoys doing. Taking her to her favorite secluded restaurant is a good option, or possibly her favorite bookstore. If there is a special gift your INTJ mother truly wants, she has likely already expressed this in a clear manner. They aren’t the type of people to skirt around things, so being direct is often helpful.


ENTJ mothers often work too hard, and so the best gift can be a nice relaxing vacation. Finding the type to take care of a list of their chores so that they have some free time to themselves, will likely make the ENTJ mother very happy. Picking up this slack shows how much you truly care and simply want to show your appreciation. Even if it is just a couple days where the ENTJ mother gets to go somewhere nice and spend quality time with her family, this will certainly make her happy. ENTJs are direct people, so it often isn’t hard to know what they want for a gift. She has likely hinted at the things she wants a few times, but simply hasn’t purchased it yet.


INTPs dislike having too much focus on them, so a big party is likely a negative for the INTP mom. She would much rather some quality time with her children, just enjoying their presence without too much pointless entertaining. Whether it be a nice dinner at a calm and secluded restaurant, or a trip to her favorite book store where you let her buy whatever books she wants. It is best to approach Mother’s Day with a sense of understanding and just sincerely connecting with your INTP mom. Know that you care enough to want to make this day special for her, means the world to your INTP mother.


The ENTP mother likely needs some time to focus on the things she enjoys, without feeling guilty for it. Force her to take a little vacation, or join her on an adventure. In order to truly make Mother’s Day special for the ENTP mothers, you need to be ready to explore something new and exciting with her. Whether it be taking her to a convention focused on something she enjoys, or a quirky new restaurant where she can experience cuisine that is new to her. ENTPs enjoy new experiences and having her children share this with her will definitely make the ENTP mom happy. The best gift ideas for ENTP mothers are often the more creative gifts, things that she would likely not want to “waste” money on for herself.



For the ISTJ mother practical gifts are the absolute best options. If she has complained about certain chores or daily tasks that just seem overwhelming for her, then you have your answer. If she hates doing the dishes, get her the top of the line dishwasher. If your mother can’t stand the television shows your dad watches, then purchase a computer that can be great for streaming and watching movies. Things that will make her life better based on a few of her minor complaints, will prove just how much you listen to your ISTJ mom.


ESTJs love to chat about the things they are interested in, which often helps you discover great gifting ideas. If she has spoken about wanting to figure out what her true heritage is, then purchase a DNA testing kit! The biggest part of buying gifts for the ESTJ mom is coming up with something she would never actually splurge on for herself. She is often practical and doesn’t like wasting money on things. If you take the time to show that you were listening to her comments, then it will mean the absolute world to her. They are oddly easy to buy for, ESTJ mothers just want to know that you will go out of your way to make them feel special.


ISFJs mothers do so much for their children, and oftentimes certain holidays are actually important for them. Days like their birthday or Mother’s Day mean a lot for the ISFJ, and should not be forgotten. While they likely won’t express this openly, they do want to feel appreciated for everything they do. For the ISFJ Mother’s Day should be celebrated with their loved ones, without cell phones or distractions. Purchasing a few small gifts that show you care, will go a long way. Consider the things that your ISFJ mother enjoys, whether it be collecting fancy dishes, or figure, or simply a few new books.


ESFJs mothers go above and beyond for their loved ones, and simply want to please the people around them. While they will neglect their own needs for their family, the ESFJ does enjoy feeling appreciated. Holidays like birthdays and Mother’s Day often mean a lot to the ESFJ mom. If these days are forgotten it often makes them feel unappreciated and a bit hurt. It is important to take the time on Mother’s Day to celebrate with your ESFJ mom, by taking her out to dinner or maybe even a movie. The gifts should have a lot of thought into what she enjoys, like collecting certain items or simply something she would never spend the money on for herself.



ISTPs mothers often dislike the idea of being doted on, and don’t want a loud celebration. For them it is more about quality time and enjoying connecting with their children. Just a little effort often goes a long way for them, and will mean so much. ISTPs mothers often don’t want to be smothered with too much affection, but they do appreciate the thought that goes into it. Buying them the perfect gift often means paying close attention to the things they like and simply won’t spend money on it.


ESTP moms do enjoy receiving love and appreciation from their children and Mother’s Day often matters to them. Taking them on an adventure can really be a fun ways to show them how much you care. Sharing the time with your ESTP mom doing something new and fun will help them feel connected to their children. Taking your ESTP mom out do so something new and fun, or even to a new restaurant, while you ignore your cell phone and pay attention to her- this is often the perfect gift for them. Grabbing a handful of fun gifts is honestly easy for the ESTP, since they will likely appreciate anything you get them.


For ISFPs the thought really does go a long way, but they also want quality time. Spend Mother’s Day with your phone disconnected, simply enjoying the presence of your ISFP mother. Take her somewhere nice, like a restaurant that serves her favorite food, and then somewhere like her favorite bookstore. She wants to feel connected to her children, and often enjoys this one-on-one time. For the ISFP mom purchasing gifts that remind her of special moments shared with you, will definitely go a long way. If you enjoy a vacation trip years ago, try and purchase an item that will bring back those memories.


For the ESFP it is important to go all out on their birthday and on Mother’s Day. While they enjoy having fun and connecting with others, gifts are also a big way to show them you care. The ESFP mother wants to know that they are worth your time and your energy, and definitely need a little extra effort to make them feel special. Think of the things your ESFP mother enjoys, and be sure to put a lot of thought into this. If they enjoy movies, then purchase them a handful of new movies they will love to watch over and over again. If they enjoy collecting pretty figures, find them that one collectible that they haven’t been able to get their hands on.

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