ISFP Flirting & Dating: How to Attract an ISFP

For ISFPs flirting and dating are certainly major things in their lives. They care about connecting with people and enjoy following wherever their hearts might lead them. For the ISFP, following those inner emotions is what makes them appear a bit more flirty, even if some might not fully understand where it is coming from. ISFPs live in the present and do what feels right instead of always needing to find logical explanations for their actions or choices. For the ISFP, it is about going with their instincts and doing what is right for them.

ISFP Flirting

ISFPs can be naturally friendly and even flirty individuals since they do enjoy connecting with people. People might see the ISFP as being flighty since they might flirt with people they aren’t interested in dating long-term. This isn’t about being insincere, ISFPs just enjoy getting to know people, and sometimes, this comes out a bit flirty. They enjoy being around people and getting to know them, and sometimes this means being playful and flirtatious. For the ISFP, it isn’t necessarily meant to be seen as flirty. It’s just naturally how they behave around people they like. When the ISFP truly has a crush on someone or is interested in them romantically, flirting actually becomes a bit more difficult for them. They can become nervous around this person and might try to find more subtle ways of gaining their attention. ISFPs can become shy when they really like someone and might not know how to initiate things. This is why people can sometimes be confused by the ISFP and unsure if they are truly interested in them. They want people to know how they feel. They just become a bit nervous when they really start to like someone. Once the ISFP becomes comfortable though, their flirting style is very playful and even a bit daring.

In a Relationship

When the ISFP is in a relationship, they can be rather romantic and become deeply wrapped up in these feelings. They want to be able to fall in love with someone and allow themselves to really get swept up. For the ISFP, these inner feelings mean so much to them, and they don’t want anything to hold them back. This is why ISFPs can sometimes be seen dating different people. This is because they are searching for something truly amazing, and they don’t want to settle. Some might misjudge this and see the ISFP as flighty and disloyal, but that isn’t the truth at all. For the ISFP, it is important not to settle for anything less than the romantic ideals they have in their minds, and so they are often searching for their real soulmate. This is why the ISFP really doesn’t want to settle unless they feel something that really makes them feel a spark. 

When the ISFP does find someone special who makes them feel passionate and excited about the relationship, they don’t want the romantic aspects to end. They want someone who is willing to keep the spark alive and continue working on the relationship. ISFPs really don’t believe in allowing things to become boring, which is why they do best with someone who knows how to mix things up and keep the relationship fire alive. ISFPs are fun people who really know how to make anything an experience. They want a partner who is willing to go on adventures with them and dive into new things without constantly having to plan every detail.

Casual Dating

The ISFP might be okay with casual dating for a while since this is what helps them find the right person. They are willing to meet new people and get to know them in hopes of finding someone they can truly connect with. For the ISFP, casual dating is really just about having a good time and making friends, and if they find someone special, then it is worth the trouble. While some people might become drained by this, the ISFP really enjoys connecting with people. They enjoy the experience and want to dive into something these new things without feeling afraid of them. ISFPs might not enjoy casual dating as a long-term thing, but they do often use it as a means of searching for someone special. They just don’t want to commit to someone without being sure they are the right one. This is why they can bounce around a bit, but this is just the ISFPs way of following their heart and searching for something truly great.

How to Attract the ISFP

ISFPs are attracted to people who express themselves and their passions freely. They are drawn to people with a bit of mystery, but they want to be able to open this person up and hear about their hopes and dreams. For the ISFP, the chase can sometimes be appealing since it makes them feel excited and on edge. They just don’t like anything boring, so they are attracted to people who can make them feel excited and ready for whatever comes next. It can be hard sometimes for the ISFP to differentiate when someone is playing games or when the connection is sincerely strong between them, but they are often willing to take this risk. They don’t like being around people who keep everything bottled up and don’t know how to really share themselves with the ISFP.

ISFPs are attracted to people who are passionate about life and have exciting hobbies to share. They need something they can connect with and want to be able to share themselves with this person as well. ISFPs are attracted to people who can be adventurous and willing to take chances in life. If this person can really shake things up and keep the ISFP guessing, they are likely to be drawn to this.


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