Here’s How Important Memes Are to You, Based on Your Personality Type

Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How Important Memes Are to You, Based on Your Personality Type

Most people enjoy a good meme or humorous image, but some are much better at keeping up to date with them. Here is how important memes are to you, based on your personality type.



INFJs definitely enjoy using memes to connect with people, especially since they are introverted. Sometimes it can be a nice way to reach out to a friend, without having to say much. Memes can be an excellent way for the INFJ to express themselves, without having to find the right words or to feel too exposed. They often enjoy sharing them with others, for comical or intimate reasons. They enjoy being able to laugh at a good meme, and will likely use it to brighten someone’s day.


ENFJs definitely do enjoy memes, especially as a way to tag friends and show them they were thinking of them. While memes are a fun thing for the ENFJ to share with others, they can find themselves less interested in them than some other types. ENFJs are very focused on getting things done, and work hard to take care of their loved ones. Their main focus is ensuring that they tend to the needs of others and get things done efficiently. ENFJs are hardworking people, who are often interested in inspirational memes or pictures.


INFPs definitely enjoy the humor side of memes, and like being able to find new images to laugh at. While INFPs are not often interested in pop culture, they are completely different when it comes to the meme side of things. They enjoy being able to share these memes with others, but they also enjoy receiving them from people as a sign that they were thinking of them. Sometimes it is easier to communicate with others through a funny or amusing image, and it doesn’t require as much vulnerability.


ENFPs do enjoy good memes, and often spend hours flipping through images online. They are often more interested in videos though, and can become bored rather easily by anything that is too stagnant. While ENFPs enjoy receiving and sending funny or amusing memes, they want to explore new things so they don’t feel stuck in one place. ENFPs are often seen bouncing from one idea to the next, so they aren’t as obsessed with memes as some other types might be. They want to experience things in the outside world, as well as things that they find online.



INTJs definitely enjoy memes, especially ones that not everyone can appreciate or understand. They enjoy how different images or memes can inspire a lot of thought, or simply make them laugh. INTJs also enjoy being able to use these memes as a way to express themselves to someone else, without having to speak to them. They might use memes to connect with loved ones, and show them they were thinking of them. INTJs often have a fun side, and sometimes they like to use memes as a way to express their sense of humor.


ENTJs often enjoy memes, and find them to be a useful way to make people laugh. They will often like to push the boundaries of humor, and memes can be a good way to do this. ENTJs are hardworking people though and can become frustrated with people who obsess over memes or things that distract them. They enjoy having some downtime but when they are working they prefer to be focused and as efficient as possible.


Memes are often very important to INTPs, and can be used for a lot of things. While INTPs enjoy memes as a way to laugh and experiencing something new, they also like to use them to connect with others. INTPs aren’t great at expressing themselves or reaching out, and can often use memes as a way to do this. When they send memes to people it is often their way of reaching out and showing them that they were thinking of them. INTPs can also use memes as a way to express their feelings for someone in a more affectionate way, even if that isn’t obvious to those people.


ENTPs often love memes, and likely keep a collection of them saved on their phones. ENTPs use memes as a way to express their sense of humor, and a way to connect with others. They love using these pop culture images as a way to convey a point, and often have a meme for just about any situation. ENTPs often enjoy creating their own meme images as well, and can use their creative side to do this. ENTPs are very interested in keeping up to date with what is going on around them, since they like to be constantly aware.



ISTJs might enjoy memes but they are rarely as obsessed with them as some others. They likely enjoy using them as a way to express themselves to someone, or a way to connect with loved ones. ISTJs enjoy spending time alone, and might like sifting through different funny images during this time. They are often fairly hip people, who like to keep aware of what is going on around them. They simply are more interested in focusing on getting things done, and don’t like to lose sight of what is important.


ESTJs might not find memes to be all that important, since they are rarely focused on keeping hip. They would rather focus on getting things done and pushing themselves towards the future. ESTJs are hardworking people who don’t want any distractions to get in their way. They are more interested in focusing on their surroundings and like to keep focused on what is important.


ISFJs might not be all that obsessed with memes, since it keeps them from focusing on what is important. They can be somewhat old school, and enjoy living in the world around them. ISFJs are caring people who want to be sure they can take care of their loved ones and make them happy. They don’t like too many things that distract them, and might find certain memes to be a bit upsetting and offensive.


ESFJs do enjoy memes, especially as a way to connect with loved ones. They enjoy making people laugh and can sometimes use a nice image to entertain others. ESFJs are mainly focused on their loved ones and want to make them as happy as they can. They might enjoy certain memes, but there are some references that they might find upsetting or offensive. ESFJs don’t like things that seem to cross certain boundaries, especially since they could hurt someone’s feelings.



ISTPs often enjoy memes but they are more interested in focusing on the present moment. They don’t want to become too caught up on things that take them away from real experiences. ISTPs do enjoy memes or anything that they can analyze and use to connect with others. While they like memes a fair amount, they aren’t the most vital thing in their lives.


ESTPs are very focused on living in the moment and enjoy being able to connect to the world around them. While ESTPs often enjoy living in the real world, they also enjoy certain hip references like memes. For them it can be fun to share funny images with their loved ones, as a way to keep connected to them. ESTPs can sometimes get caught up in the moment though and might find themselves distracted easily.


While ISFPs might enjoy memes to some extent, they are often more interested in living in the moment. They don’t want things that draw them away from what it most important to them in life. ISFPs enjoy staying current but they much prefer being able to observe their surroundings and seek out new adventure and experiences that excite them.


ESFPs are hip people, so they might enjoy staying up to date with memes for this reason. While they enjoy being able to stay current, ESFPs prefer to remain focused on the present moment. They enjoy feeling connected to the world around them and don’t want to being distracted from that. They often jump from one thing to the next rather quickly, and enjoy being able to really live it up in the moment.



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