Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the ENTP Mother

While ENTPs can often be seen as cold and distracted, this does not encompass who they are at all. The ENTP mother is a unique brand of parent, who provides a truly fulfilling childhood for her kids. Here is everything you need to know about the ENTP mother.

The Mother of Independence

The ENTP mother strives to help her children be independent and strong in their sense of self. She doesn’t want to coddle her children or hover over them too much. The ENTP mother believes it is important to inspire her children to see the world around them and to seek out new experiences. She wants to teach her children as much as she can about the world, and help them learn to be self-sufficient. This desire to foster independence comes from the fact that the ENTP wants to help their children take care of themselves someday. She knows that smothering her children only keeps them from becoming the best version of themselves they can be. The ENTP mother wants to provide her children with the tools to learn and grow into the person they are destined to be.

The ENTP mother is very creative, which can truly help provide her children with a sense of wonder. They are passionate about the world around them and enjoy being able to dive into learning. This is something the ENTP mother wants to pass onto her children, and enjoys being able to teach them every step of the way. While she doesn’t want to do everything for her kids, the ENTP mother wants to show them how they can do things themselves in their own unique way.

Their desire to explore new things and their spontaneity is actually something that helps provide a more fulfilling lifestyle for their children. The ENTP mother will pick up and take their children on new adventures which will teach them and fill them with excitement. Instead of living a constantly strict and scheduled life, the ENTP enjoys giving their children a chance to be themselves. They want to give their kids a sense of freedom, and the opportunity to discover who they are and who they want to become. Instead of constantly putting restrictions and rules down for their kids, the ENTP wants to show them how to make the right choices themselves.

While ENTPs are often see as cold and distant, this is not at all the truth. Inside the ENTP woman lies someone who is loving and considerate towards the people in her life. The ENTP mother can certainly be affectionate with her children, and sees them differently from the outside world. She often saves all of her warmth and love for the people closest to her, and this includes her children. The ENTP mother enjoys being playful and loving with her children, and wants them to know how much she cares.

The Single ENTP Mother

The single ENTP mother faces her own unique struggles, which often are tied to living life by a schedule. Instead of having a partner to help with the boring day-to-day things of family life, the ENTP mother has this all on her shoulders. This is certainly challenging for her, since they often feels trapped in this sort of situation. The ENTP mother needs a sense of space in her own life as well, or else she becomes a bit stifled. Being the sole caregiver causes the ENTP mother to become a bit stir crazy, and can be rather challenging for her. She will certainly take on this challenge and want to provide the best life for her children, but it can be a bit soul sucking for the ENTP. She might find herself late for certain deadlines, and might not always be able to get her children to school and events on time.

The Toxic ENTP Mother

While the healthy ENTP mother is fun and creative, the toxic version of this type is no walk in the park. The unhealthy ENTP mother is distant and self-centered, rarely focusing on the needs of her children. She will likely be solely focused on living her own independent life, and will almost always be late for important things. While she might care for her children, she simply cannot put aside her own desires and whims in order to provide for them. The toxic ENTP mother often makes excuses for her actions and simply wants to feel a sense of freedom that having a family has stolen from her. She won’t be reliable when it comes to taking care of family chores, and likely doesn’t pay attention to these things.

The Struggles of the ENTP Mother

The ENTP mother definitely struggles with her sense of independence, since children often take away a lot of this. She can often feel overwhelmed, like she is losing a sense of herself. Her desire to be a good mother can cause the ENTP mother to neglect certain parts of her personality which need to be remembered. She might begin to feel stifled and overwhelmed, and needs a sense of space. This can be hard especially if her children are physically or emotionally needy. Constantly having demands from her children can definitely be stressful for the ENTP mom. She will want to be there for them, but at the same time she needs some space for herself.

It is important for the ENTP mother to make some time for herself to explore her intellectual side. She needs to feel free to explore new avenues within her mind, and might need to have her own hobbies. When the ENTP can connect with other intellectual people, it helps her maintain a sense of independence and self. She needs this chance to explore herself without feeling guilty about it. The combination of self-care and tending to their children is something they need to learn to balance properly. The ENTP mother does everything she can to teach her children and provide them with a strong sense of independence and understanding.

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