What Each Personality Type Uses Social Media For

What Each Personality Type Uses Social Media For

Most people have various social media accounts, but with the internet being so large there are many different avenues to explore. Here is how each personality type uses social media.


INFJs who use social media often do so to keep in touch with loved ones or potentially make new friends. For the INFJ who is feeling especially introverted, making friends online can be a great way to connect. They might struggle to find people around them who understand them- but sometimes connecting with people who have shared interests can help them feel close to others. INFJs might feel the urge to deactivate their accounts for a period of time, especially if they feel too engrossed in the time they spend on social media. INFJs have a tendency to react emotionally to something, and then feel the need to step away for a while. This is perfectly acceptable, and can actually be a healthy way for them to explore the physical world around them. When INFJs do use social media, it is usually to maintain connections with people.


ENFJs often feel like social media is a great way to share parts of their lives with people they care for. They won’t usually add everyone under the sun, they simply add people who they feel connected to. Social media is a great avenue for the ENFJ to share photos and stories about their personal lives. This helps them feel connected to their loved ones, especially when their lives get extremely busy. Being able to have a place to remain close to the people they care about, even if they don’t live near them- is truly a great thing for an ENFJ.


Many INFPs might find that social media can become overwhelming for them if they dive into it for too long. They might go through periods of deactivating just so that they can regain their mental health. The only reason most INFPs keep social media accounts is to remain connected with friends and loved ones. They still might feel the need to take some time away, so that they don’t become too distracted by it. INFPs might dislike the idea of posting and sharing things that aren’t sincere, so they will rarely find time to actually post. If they do post, they will prefer to be honest and upfront with their social media followers/friends. It can also be a good place to share their art if they feel like they are ready to do so.


ENFPs often use social media as a way to read interesting articles and watch entertaining videos. They often won’t become too engrossed in the scrolling process, but will enjoy certain aspects of social media. ENFPs enjoy learning and exploring new things, and certain social media accounts can link them to many different possibilities. They will most likely open their accounts when they receive messages or notifications from friends and loved ones. Other than that the ENFP likely enjoy different videos that make them laugh, and articles that enrich their minds.


INTJs most likely use social media for various public or business accounts. They will want to utilize what social media has to offer in a much more logical way. They probably don’t spend much time socializing on their accounts- and prefer to use them for business endeavors. The INTJ who has their own business, will also find that social media is extremely useful. If they use these accounts for personal use, it is likely to vent or share ideas or different things that they find important or interesting. Using it as a way to help others learn and understand, is also beneficial for the INTJ. They also might enjoy using social media as a way to collect information, and various funny memes.


ENTJs will likely not consider social media to be a distraction- and might even find that people who say this simply lack discipline. ENTJs will utilize social media when it is necessary, for things like business accounts and networking. They also might find it useful for connecting with loved ones, especially if they are too busy to visit them in person. ENTJs might not use social media constantly, but they are smart enough to know that it can have many positive uses, as well as negative ones.


INTPs who use social media, will most like take the opportunity to utilize every aspect of it. Being able to explore all of the new ways to use technology, is often exciting for an INTP. They can see so much possibility with various social media accounts, which is something they are eager to understand. INTPs won’t be afraid to dive into the many different uses for social media accounts. They likely use them to keep in touch with friends and loved ones- since it helps them keep their space while still connected with them. They might even use these accounts as a platform to make their ideas and purpose known to others. INTPs can navigate just about anything, and social media is just another landscape to explore. And memes. INTPs probably use social media to soak up all of the glorious memes.


ENTPs find new things exciting, so they will often use social media as a way to explore possibilities. They enjoy the ability to navigate their various accounts, and find new ways to utilize them. ENTPs might use social media as a way to spread their business, or simply for networking. They know how to take advantage of something, and might find that they can really do a lot with their social media accounts. ENTPs might also find that social media is a great platform to foster a debate- since just about everyone is willing to argue over the internet. We cannot forget the memes, ENTPs love their memes. After a while it is likely to lose its luster for the ENTP, and they will move onto something new.


Most ISTJs probably only use social media to connect with their loved ones and keep in touch. They probably won’t spend hours scrolling through a newsfeed, and will only open their accounts with specific intent. They might even struggle to check some of their accounts for long periods of time. They might find that social media is a good way to keep up to date on different news announcements, and read various interesting articles.


ESTJs might find that social media is a great way for them to connect with people from their past. Being able to communicate with people who they haven’t seen in a while and to share their lives with them- this is truly a great thing for the ESTJ. Connecting with loved ones and old friends can help the ESTJ feel like a part of a community. They also might enjoy taking on a few opinions and dive into an argument or two. They likely won’t do this often, but on occasion it can be a great way to foster a debate.


ISFJs might be hesitant to use social media at first, since they prefer to focus on practical things. They will likely enjoy being able to connect with friends and loved ones, and share their lives with them. Commenting on posts and photos of the people they care for, can help the ISFJ feel closer to them. They enjoy being able to show their support and love, even if it is from a distance. ISFJs also might enjoy watching different videos online, and reading various touching articles. They also enjoy visual stimulation, so they might enjoy different accounts like Instagram or Pinterest- as a type of daily entertainment.


The ESFJ who enjoy social media, most likely loves being able to connect with others. They will keep in touch with their loved ones, and even make a few new friends. Being able to find people who share their interests and passions- and post things about their lives- is truly enjoyable for the ESFJ. They might even find that social media is a great platform to share their ideas, and help others to feel good about themselves. Being able to openly compliment and lift others up, is something that they enjoy doing- and social media makes this very easy to do.


ISTPs are more present in the physical world, and because of this they might not enjoy social media accounts all that much. When they do use them, it is likely to connect with a few people who they don’t get to see all that much. They might enjoy searching through funny videos, and collecting different memes. Other than that though, ISTPs are highly unlikely to enjoy social media. If they do keep their accounts, it is likely because someone they love has convinced them to do so.


ESTPs probably use social media to connect with friends, and to post pictures and videos. They enjoy being able to share parts of their life and their day with the people they care for. They are likely to only add their loved ones on these accounts, and won’t use to add people they do not know. ESTPs aren’t the type to make various accounts, but will probably enjoy having a Facebook to keep in contact with people. They also enjoy being able to watch videos that make them laugh- and share funny or sarcastic memes.


ISFPs might be the lurkers of the social media world, and will be hesitant to post too much about themselves. They might enjoy being able to observe their loved ones, and read about different topics. Just scrolling through their accounts and reading about others is all the ISFP really wants to do. They likely won’t enjoy posting too much themselves, even if they use their accounts often. They are also very visually oriented people, so being able to look at different artwork and photos that people share, is usually enjoyable for them.


ESFPs will find that social media is a great way to remain connected to their loved ones. If they live far away from certain family or friends, they ESFP will want to keep in touch with them. Being able to post photos, and comment on their loved ones posts- is a great way for them to feel close to those people. They might also find that social media is a good way to show their artwork, photos and different parts of their lives with others.

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